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Avatar m tn Ok i am a 29 year old male i used to smoke marijuana in cigar paper everyday but stopped several days ago before I became sick for several days coughing, body aches the chills head and sinus pains wheezing and no appetite while most of those symptoms stopped after several days the coughing and wheezing has stayed what concerns me is that I am wheezing still and sometimes coughing up a clearer phlegm (the phlegm 3days prior was dark green to yellow but is now more clear yellowish) with slight tra
Avatar n tn scratcy throat- this continued for 2 weeks Day 5-dry cough-continued for ten days day 20- Constant cough (much worse at night) coughing up maninly clear phlegm, but did notice some yellow phelgm in small quantity. Day 21-stiff neck and tender neck (this could be lymph nodes?
Avatar m tn Ok i am a 29 year old male i used to smoke marijuana in cigar paper everyday but stopped several days ago before I became sick for several days coughing, body aches the chills head and sinus pains wheezing and no appetite while most of those symptoms stopped after several days the coughing and wheezing has stayed what concerns me is that I am wheezing still and sometimes coughing up a clearer phlegm (the phlegm 3days prior was dark green to yellow but is now more clear yellowish) with slight tra
Avatar f tn Don't discount acid reflux as the culprit, or underlying problem. I have acid reflux and if it goes untreated, or gets out of control, I have allot coughing and cough up phlegm. It's usually milky, to yellow in color and it can be thick. It wouldn't hurt to try an over the counter drug, like . You don't have to have heartburn symptoms, to be suffering from acid reflux. Good luck and hope all is going well.
Avatar f tn I cough up thick yellow phlegm and wheeze terribly every day from about 10 AM until 1 PM. By late afternoon I am absolutely fine. At night when I go to sleep I feel something (phlegm?) deep in my throat. However, I do NOT feel anything draining from my sinuses any more (as I did at the very beginning of all of this), nor is my nose runny, nor do I feel any sinus pressure. Allergy medicine has had no affect. Should I be worried? What could this be? Allergies? Infection? Please help.
Avatar m tn Okay so it started almost half a week ago I'd say.. I wasn't feeling sick at all, but for some reason I just started coughing up a lot of phlegm.. clearish to yellow colored. I don't smoke cigarettes, only on the occassional weekend. I do smoke pot. Anyways I thought the phelgm coughing up mighta been caused by some resin I was smoking, but they said that was black phlegm, not clearish yellow... So a few days pass of coughing up phlegm, and now I'm sitting here.. irritated...
Avatar f tn Ill have an itch in a random place on my body and it will go away right away. I am also beginning to get stuffed up and have been coughing up yellow phlegm. I can tell its been somewhat hard for me to think. I have a feeling it has to do with a virus but do the symptoms sound at all like ms?
Avatar f tn I have been getting over a recent bout of bronchitis where I was prescribed Augmentin (I am on Day 6) and Prednisone short burst (finished 2 days ago) I am still coughing quite bad but the fever has broke... but as of yesterday the phlegm/mucus I am coughing up tastes extremely salty. I have not been using any type of saline spray, or gargling with salt water, so I know this is not the reason. Is it the antibiotics causing this? Or is there another reason?
Avatar m tn I went to see a Dr as i was bringing up a yellow phlegm and had a very wheezy chest. She ordered a chest x-ray of the front and right side, she also had my blood taken. Anyway about a day after I had the tests taken I started to bring up yellow phlegm that had pin pricks of blood in it. I went back to see her today and she said that my x-ray was clear and look in good nick. she did tell me that i had a virus in my blood.
Avatar f tn Every morning for 3 months, I've to cough up yellow phlegm. I cough very little during the day, but a bit more in the evening. I've had a dry cough for a year before that. I really concerned. A flu or something would go away in 3 weeks. I'm not feeling ill, just coughing. Went to my GP and got trsted for different bacteria and got a chest x-ray. All was normal. So what is it? Going to see my GP again next week, but i really bothers me.
Avatar f tn When I do cough in the MORNING (on purpose), I cough up quite thick chunks of phlegm that are bright yellow, sometimes a greenish color (I cough about 10 chunks up each morning), and then as the day goes on, when I cough up phlegm, it is white and/or clear, less chunky, but still quite thick. I am worried about •Bronchiectasis because 1. It's week #5 and although the cough has gotten MUCH better, I still have phlegm/chest congestion daily and 2.
Avatar n tn If you are coughing up yellow phlegm you have developed a drug resistant infection and need to go back to your physician immediately.
Avatar m tn I went to bed last night with a lot of phlegm in my throat and woke up this morning with a lot of soreness and phlegm once again. I tried to hack up the phlegm. Most of it was clear or yellow. Then I managed to get a real good one... I hacked up a real thick sample that was directly from my throat, and spit it out onto a tissue. I noticed a streak of blood on the tissue mixed with yellow phlegm. I continued to try to bring phlegm up, and didn’t notice the blood anymore.
Avatar m tn I trust her answer but, ive been having weird symptoms since then. The main symptom being that ive been coughing up yellow-greenish phlegm for about 2 years now and I have 0 clue what it is from. While searching about green phlegm Ive seen many things written about HIV with green phlegm and it has been scaring the **** out of me. I had a small lump on my penis and it took a lot of courage to go to the doctors to check it out where she told me everything looked very healthy.
Avatar f tn They gave me prednisone, which I had side effects of tingly numb feeling arms legs and face so I stopped that. Next day I wake up coughing up phlegm. Not just coughing slightly, but full blown gag cough fits that end with me throwing up. I finally get to an allergist two day's later, thank you weekends. He told me he thinks I have a virus but didnt say which.
Avatar f tn Since about the second or third week post quitting I started coughing up this weird white/gray phlegm that has a terrible, bitter acrid taste that coats my mouth and back of my throat almost like an oil. Similar to bronchitis sputum but not green or yellow. There's no tar in it, no black bits, and it's always a small amount but it's once a day, every day. Usually after I eat. I hate it, it's disgusting and I'm not sure why it's still coming up! Anyone else?
Avatar m tn Not long after I developed a productive cough, producing yellow/green phlegm. About 10 days since symptoms first began, I am having serious coughing fits. Taking a deep breath causes significant coughing. I also have a fever for the past 4 days which ranges from 100-103. I've had night sweats, and swollen lymph nodes in neck. By and far, the cough is the predominant symptom however. It ranges from productive to dry, but it's all day/night long.
Avatar f tn My nose is stuffed up on one side and there is clear and yellow phlegm present. I feel like my cough is coming from either my throat or deep in my chest cavity. I can breath fine when I'm not having a coughing fit, never smoked, normal appetite, no pressure or pain in chest, and no sore throat present at the time. If you have any ideas or insight on what may be going on, comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn A friend of mine (who refuses to go to a doctor, no matter how much I nag them) is worried about their symptoms of constant runny nose, wheezing in throat but not in chest, breathlessness, and coughing up white phlegm. My friend IS a smoker, and is going through a lot of stress currently.
Avatar f tn In January 2008 is when I noticed I was coughing a lot. It keeps me up at night and I have thick white sometimes yellow phlegm that I cough up daily. It is very hard to cough up and I cough extremely harsh. It seems like it is all upper respitory to me. In April 2008, I had my first mini sinus surgery which did not help any of my symptoms. They did find MRSA in the sinuses.
Avatar m tn 1. my first encounter was on december 2011. condom protected(vaginal). but it broke and we immediately changed it right away. i perform oral sex with her and vice versa. i took hiv elisa test(philippines, don't know if it 4th generation) 1month post exposure on january2012. and it is negative. again i took rapid test at 2month post exposure. negative. i know i need a retest at 3month and 6month. but what are my chances that i'm negative? 2.
Avatar m tn t know how to explain this process, but when I hack up my phlegm its not by coughing, its by breathing in and clearing my throat (It sounds nasty and ugly) and bringing out of my nose sort of. It was strings of blood. And every since then I have been having when I blow my nose blood. And now I'm hacking up strings of blood. Sometimes its blood strings, and others are just yellow or clear mucus. But its not like I cough up really bad and blood comes out.
Avatar f tn Because my dog interacts with other dogs a lot, when he developed a "cough" I immediately took him to the vet. He had no fever, is eating and drinking normally and his activity level is normal - he doesn't at all act like a sick dog. I have kept him away from other dogs to avoid getting them sick. The vet diagnosed him with kennel cough and put him on Doxycycline 100 mg - he takes 1 1/2 pills twice a day. He started them on Tuesday.He has also had a Bordetella vaccine.
Avatar f tn What started as a sore throat has affected my lungs, difficulty breathing,(mainly exhaling)(raspy sound in throat when exhaling) coughing up rust, white and yellow mucus. I start to feel better, and then bam it gets worse. now it feels like there is gross mucus trapped in my lungs, & i dont know how to get it out. Sometimes after i cough, the phlegm is so bad it makes me sick to my stomach. I dont want to go to Dr. to be told its just a virus.
Avatar f tn Yellow phlegm usually indicates an infection, and all the other symptoms are also infection-like, but only a doctor can officially diagnose it. The meds you are using won't work well, and it's best to avoid afrin altogether. The ear thing is probably an infection of the eustachian tubes, so getting your ears wet probably won't matter, but like I said, only a doctor can say for sure. If a doctor does diagnose infection, a Neilmed Sinus Rinse is the best treatment, not antibiotics.