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Avatar f tn I have acid reflux and if it goes untreated, or gets out of control, I have allot coughing and cough up phlegm. It's usually milky, to yellow in color and it can be thick. It wouldn't hurt to try an over the counter drug, like . You don't have to have heartburn symptoms, to be suffering from acid reflux. Good luck and hope all is going well.
Avatar n tn Hi, welcome to the forum, your symptoms are suggestive of acute exacerbation of chronic bronchitis. As you have continued production of sputum, and also has past history of smoking. The yellowish sputum is suggestive of bacterial infection. Sputum should be subjected to gram stain and culture and even pseudomonas spp. should be ruled out. Antibiotic therapy is very effective in improving clinical outcome.
Avatar n tn But for the last two weeks, I have been coughing up heavy amounts of phlegm, from clear to yellow, to light green and back to yellow. The cough is hard and uncontrollable and I thought it was a bronchial infection. When I laugh, I hear (and feel) a wheezing that instantly produces coughing and phlegm. My doctor can't see me until next week and people have told me it could be anything from pneumonia to tuberculosis.
Avatar n tn I have been having a rusty or blood associated phlegm (sputum) for about 8 months. I don't cough at all. Such phlegm easily comes out after I wake up from sleeping. At other times, I have to summon (pull out phlegm) repeatedly and the blood assocoated or the rusty would show up in the fourth or fifth call. I have burning pain on my ribs to the right and left of what is called "infrasternal notch" (where gastritis pain is usually felt).
Avatar f tn My nose is stuffed up on one side and there is clear and yellow phlegm present. I feel like my cough is coming from either my throat or deep in my chest cavity. I can breath fine when I'm not having a coughing fit, never smoked, normal appetite, no pressure or pain in chest, and no sore throat present at the time. If you have any ideas or insight on what may be going on, comments would be appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn By the end of it, she was coughing up phlegm 1-2 times for day. This may be a lung issue and not an allergy issue. Before I expose her to tons of radiation from a CT scan, I am exploring all other options. Has anyone experienced over production of phlegm white or yellow in color on a daily basis because of food allergies or other allergies? She sounds raspy and can feel it in her throat. She only gives one llittle cough and out it comes. She never has coughed at night.
Avatar m tn Hello, Firstly the yellow phlegm that you were having was due to a bacterial infection which the 2 wks course of antibiotics has taken care of.Secondly,as all other pulmonary causes of cough and phlegm have been ruled out by the investigations ;so only GERD and allergy(sinusitis/cough variant asthama) which are other important causes of cough and phlegm, are left.
Avatar m tn I went to bed last night with a lot of phlegm in my throat and woke up this morning with a lot of soreness and phlegm once again. I tried to hack up the phlegm. Most of it was clear or yellow. Then I managed to get a real good one... I hacked up a real thick sample that was directly from my throat, and spit it out onto a tissue. I noticed a streak of blood on the tissue mixed with yellow phlegm. I continued to try to bring phlegm up, and didn’t notice the blood anymore.
Avatar n tn I tried running one lap of the track and shortly there after I started coughing. Throughout that night and that next day I was coughing up yellow phlegm. I'm not sure what this means, but I really don't want to go to the doctors and waste my money. They'll just give me some nose spray, inhalers and send me on my way. If anyone can help please feel free to email me at tes_scott***@**** Thank you. Good Luck Everyone!
Avatar n tn scratcy throat- this continued for 2 weeks Day 5-dry cough-continued for ten days day 20- Constant cough (much worse at night) coughing up maninly clear phlegm, but did notice some yellow phelgm in small quantity. Day 21-stiff neck and tender neck (this could be lymph nodes?
192055 tn?1263559137 Hi guys, I have same problem phlegm in my throat for over 7 months, I cough to clear it out, MY GP said it is from stress since it is white/clear phlegm. On saturday I got yellow mucus from one nosstril and gP gave me steroid nasal spray, not sure it is working, the thing is the smell taste and with tegh original phlegm is awful and my throat is irritated. I hate my life now, I thought it is sexual and got tested for everything....
Avatar n tn Hey :) I've been reading a number of posts here, in the archives, about phlegm in the throat. I have phlegm in the back of my throat all the time. I'm certain this is contributing to my snoring. One extremely helpful post said that constant phlegm in the throat is comes from congestion that is above or below your throat. If the congestion is in the chest this could be due to asthma. I'm not asthmatic, I don't smoke or live with a smoker, so that's out.
Avatar n tn Every single day, from when I wake up to the time I go to bed (if I can get sleep), I am constantly coughing or clearing my throat. The phlegm is usually white, sometimes with a bit of yellow. It is almost always extremely thick and a large amount. Sometimes in the afternoon or night, the phlegm is stringy and chokes me. There are some days that I cough up phlegm about every 5 minutes.
Avatar f tn I cough up thick yellow phlegm and wheeze terribly every day from about 10 AM until 1 PM. By late afternoon I am absolutely fine. At night when I go to sleep I feel something (phlegm?) deep in my throat. However, I do NOT feel anything draining from my sinuses any more (as I did at the very beginning of all of this), nor is my nose runny, nor do I feel any sinus pressure. Allergy medicine has had no affect. Should I be worried? What could this be? Allergies? Infection? Please help.
Avatar n tn Hi there, I have a question... I am 26 years old and have smoked for 10 years. I quit smoking 2 weeks ago, and dont plan on going back to it ever! The problem I am having is, every morning when I wake up, I still feel a clogged up in my throat (Like I have been smoking) and this forces me to "hork". It's always green, brown, or yellow, and there is always a little bit of blood in it.
Avatar n tn I quit smoking Feb. 2007, had never coughed or wheezed, the following summer we put in a pool, within six weeks, I was having trouble breathing, with heavy wheezing, and had to cough constantly. The doctor diagnosed me with asthma. Since August, 2007, I have been on Augmentin XR 1,000 with a ten day prednisone treatment, Levaquin with prednisone, 6 months of last year I was on antibiotics with prednisone, and this fall, I have been on the same treatment for 6 weeks running.
5068867 tn?1363127855 Then the cough doesn't stop for 15-20 minutes after which i start coughing out fluid yellow/orange phlegm. It's been getting more in volume lately, especially after I go running (it's been cold air few times). When I go running I manage to make some distance and just about when I get myself warmed up and breathing (after 5-10min) the wheezing and heavy breathing starts and then after 15 min of coughing phlegm starts coming out.
Avatar m tn My father has been suffering with the effects of Yellow Nail Syndrom for several years now. He's had pleurodesis on both lungs and is currently suffering with very profound lower extremity edema. Does anybody know of any way to find a physician in the Carolinas who have experience dealing with this disorder? His local physicians are stumped.
Avatar m tn over the past few weeks I've been coughing up a lot of phlegm which is multi-coloured (clear, yellow, orange and green) and I went to see my doctor who diagnosed me with bronchitis, and prescribed me anti-biotics, which it turns out I'm allergic to, so I've stopped them. the phlegm occasionally contains streaks of blood through it, varying in quantity from the tiniest speck to quite thick streaks. I'm an 18 year old smoker by the way.
Avatar n tn No fever no aches or pain, just a bad head cold, with coughing. My snot was very bright yellow throughout the entire cold. Now that my nose isnt congested anymore and I can finally breathe normally, I now have this yellow nose bleed. I am going to be calling my ENT tomorrow to see what he says since I have already seen him. Maybe my throat infection turned into a sinus infection.
Avatar f tn I suffered from the symptoms of coughing/spitting mucus after eating and a froggy voice for a few years after turning 14. It then intensified and encompassed chronic nasal congestion/sinus pressure and painful coughing. I acquired horrible "asthma." This continued for six months until I went on an elimination diet. While I could discriminate no offending foods before the elimination diet, it quickly became apparent that processed commercial sweets evoked nasty episodes.
Avatar n tn This then eased a little however I still had a very irritable throat and incredible coughing and yellow phlegm, very little sneezing, which has now lasted for about two-and-a-half weeks. My sore throat and coughing have now eased almost two months after the first visit, but I still have stuffy sinuses. However for the last five days I am now having very loose stools/diarrhea. I also think I may be having a loss of appetite and may have had some weight loss.
Avatar n tn Hi your mum could also be allergic to something she has eaten, as normally it can take from instantly eating to up to 4 hrs to see the symptoms, ie coughing, nose running, wheezing and many more symptoms does your mum have any more symptoms ie like aches, pains in joints, any skin problems? Allergies can cause all sorts of things, my daughter 17mths as reflux which can be aggrivated or caused by allergies. I suggest she gets some allergy tests done on everything.
Avatar f tn Also, viral infection symptoms usually go away after 4- 5 days of rest and symptomatic relief. If these symptoms persist, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Would see an ENT specialist to discuss the throat symptoms - phlegm is likely unrelated to the thyroid.
Avatar n tn But after many tests my symptoms persisted due to being an overweight smoker. Once you have an attack (coughing fit) of coughing and are unable to breathe you will feel a vibrating buzz in your body, you will by reflex lay or stretch backwards, and unless you can mentally tell yourself to relax and breathe you will black out.
Avatar n tn Starting with a generally dumpy feeling, I then began seeing excessive mucous being produced. The phlegm ran the gamut of colors from yellow to green to brown over the course of a week and a half. During this week +, I had that "dumpy" feeling and developed a cough (particularly bad at night) trying to expel all the mucous. There was no sore throat at all and I didn't seem to be feverish.
Avatar n tn This soreness was accompanied by a few productive coughs, which brought up yellow-green phlegm. After I finished the Zepac, the phlegm resumed being clear/white. It is now two weeks after I finished the Zepac, the cough continues and so does the phlegm. So I go and see an ENT, who does a laryngoscopy, throat culture and chest X-ray. All normal he said, although the laryngoscopy revealed "a little redness in the throa.
Avatar f tn Ill have an itch in a random place on my body and it will go away right away. I am also beginning to get stuffed up and have been coughing up yellow phlegm. I can tell its been somewhat hard for me to think. I have a feeling it has to do with a virus but do the symptoms sound at all like ms?