Coughing when taking a deep breath

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Avatar n tn thought i had what they call plearisy ( not sure about the spelling) It is when you have a friction rub in your your lungs upon deep breath, he said it usually happens prior to pneumonia or tb or some sort of lung infection, and said it usually last a few days to a few weeks...but mine was about 3 months, and ended up just being a pulled muscle and was location in my upper back and had to have a trigger point injection, (it also hurt some in the front too, but you may check it out for both.
Avatar n tn I try can only breathe minimal air because if I breath normally I get into a coughing spell that prevents my breathing. My whole chest cavity hurts and the pain runs down my left shoulder as I breathe. I put Bengay on and it somewhat helped with my shoulder pain. Is it necessary to seek medical attention or should I wait a week to see if it worsens? Is it just my cold or my asthma causing this?
Avatar f tn I got over the bouts of coughing and not being able to breathe however now I get palpitations sometimes and the need for a deep breath most of the time. I am coming into the busy exam period and I am stressed however it started well before the exams so I don't think it is stress related. I feel tired most of the time and when I had a peak flow test it was 360 but it should be around 480. I'm quite worried and need to know if it is serious. Please help!!
Avatar n tn 46 yrs old - very healthy - slim build - hard worker - raised with good value system. I'm sitting here at work trying to sit straighter or taller or forward... something that would allow me to get that full breath with a deep yawn... when I decided to run a search on "can't get a deep breath". I was directed to this site. Amazing. I wouldn't have believed it myself... but...
Avatar n tn When I take a deep breathe I feel an achy pain in the middle of my upper back, or sometimes it can be too the left side. It is only when i take a deep breathe or when i twist or turn a certain way. Also, I seem to get out of breathe easily...when walking up stairs or when cleaning the house. Does anyone know what that is?? Im afraid of lung problems..or course lung cancer. also, i may have an auto-immune or lupus...not really sure, ive had symptoms for years, but nothing severe.
Avatar n tn It has not ever been severe, but has fluctuated from almost not there to mild, and again only when taking a deep breath. No other symptoms. Could I have strained my chest muscles? If so, how long do I give to heal. I wonder if lifting my four year old may slow the healing, if in fact that is the problem.
Avatar m tn and it's not so much trouble breathing, it's just that when I take a deep breath or a regular full breath I begin to cough and it seems to put pressure on temples. I suppose the other symptom would be this feeling of also feels like there is a slight itch down in my thought and when I move around a lot my stomach gruels like as if i where hungry but I feel full. thanks Melissa for anything else you can suggest.
Avatar m tn The pain is very sharp and stabbing in nature, has a sudden onset, and is worse when taking a deep breath (referred to as pleuritic chest pain). Another possibility is having a clot in the pulmonary vessel. You should see a doctor is elminate those serious condition. Or it could be costchondritis. That is inflammation of the cartilage related to the skeletal rib cage. Usually as a result of an injury.
Avatar n tn It hurts when taking a deep breath at the end of the inhalation and when exhaling at the end of the exhale and also when coughing deeply. For the last week, this pain radiates through to my back in the corresponding spot. --It feels like the only mucus being coughed up comes from the left side of my chest. In morning it feels as though there is fluid in the exact spot of the pain, and it crackles when I breath.
Avatar n tn My partner (58 y.o.) has attacks of coughing that last for literally hours-- very deep unproductive coughs. He has no trouble breathing except that it is hard to catch a breath between coughs, though he does have a very small amount of wheezing after a while. He will be perfectly OK, then his head will suddenly fill with fluid, it runs down his throat, and the tickling of his throat by the fluid is what causes the coughing, which goes then nonstop for 2-3 hours.
Avatar n tn I have a deep, productive cough. It takes a lot of coughing but usually I can get some phlegm to dislodge. My concern is that I don't seem to have any concerns with shortness of breath. When I go to the doctors my oxygen is always in the 98% range. Yet I always seem to have a crud in the middle of my chest... and worsens, say maybe 1-2 times per year. I have tried to take up running. The most is 3 miles.. so nothing big.
Avatar f tn I'm concerned because I have noticed that I tend to cough more these days. When I take in a deep breath thru my mouth--it triggers a dry cough. If I take in a deep breath thru my nose--then there is no trigger to cough. It's just breathing via my mouth that does it--mainly on deep breaths. Sometimes, I'll just cough periodically though through-out the day due to a sense of tickle in my chest/throat area that kinda forces me to cough.
Avatar n tn It started by constantly sighing, taking a deep breath and not feeling relieved or only for a minute or so. I have breathed through my mouth my whole life, i dont know why but i'd say i breath 90% through my mouth. My symptons are getting worse the more i think about it and especially on sundays when i'm not doing much.
Avatar n tn m 17 and I started to have the same symptoms of not being able to get a satisfying breath and yawning a lot and only occasionally getting a good breath when this first started it happened only occasionally now it's happening 24/7 no matter what I'm doing or where I'm at I haven't talked to a doctor yet because I'm afraid if the doctor tells me there's nothing wrong and there's nothing they can do then I'm gonna be stuck dealing with
Avatar n tn Or pleurisy. Taking a deep breath or moving around causes the rubbing which can cause quite a bit of discomfort. I had it once and it wasn't fun.
Avatar m tn Her appetite is back and she is able to take a deep breathe again. She still is coughing up gunk but its less now than previously.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I coughed and was unable to breath in at all for around 30 secs to a minute, I was on the verge of passing out and was extremely frightened when I managed to draw breath. In minutes I was generally Ok but extremely aprehensive about coughing. A visit to the hospital was pointless - the Health Care worker said don't worry I would breath eventually - did not look in my throat but took a chest x-ray that was clear told me to get cough syrup.
Avatar m tn It began in 1976 and re occurs every 5 to 6 years. I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out.
Avatar m tn When sinus went down and mucus decreased to produce, coughing become lesser, but not totally stopped, and it starts suddenly with continuous coughing. Now again I have a sinus attack and the coughing has been increased. A continuous prolonged coughing and taking out thick saliva type mucus, even some food with it if I have taken something. Pl. advice me what to do?
Avatar n tn Is it true that Toprol XL can cause shortness of breat, anxiety- like symptons, mild depression and a cough (not a deep cough just like when you swallow air wrong? My symptons occurred only after I started taking the Toprol XL 50 mg. that my cardiologist prescribed for angina pectoris (chest pains) and rapid heart beat. I am now on Celexa low dosage 10 mg. for anxiety and mild depression.
634733 tn?1316629592 My granddaughter had a persistent cough that disrupted her sleep and classroom activities frequently without other signs of illness. Sometimes as she was coughing I would hear a wheeze as she took a deep breath between long runs of coughs. Other times it was a single cough every few minutes. I kept after my daughter to investigate the cause as I knew that this type of cough is sometimes the only sign of asthma in children. It was a pediatric allergist that finally diagnosed her.
Avatar n tn She is much better, sleeping through the night, but coughing sporadically through the day and occasionally at night. She still coughs when she laughs or drinks something cold. It is a very deep, chesty cough that sounds as though she has TB! The doctor said she would cough for awhile in order to bring up the mucous plugs. We are quite concerned about her well-being and further incidences of this sort. How long should this go on, and should she be using inhalers instead of Seretide?
Avatar m tn Hi, i am a teenager and i have a quite serious problem. I have a shortness of breath, it seems like there is something pushing my chest slightly. I can't take a deep breath. Sometimes, it seems like I can't breath at all. When that happens, i have a tingling sensation in my hands and chest. A few days before, the area around my eyes is a bit uncomfortable and a bit nausea. Then two days later, I had a sudden short of breath and i was admitted to hospital.
Avatar f tn I cannot takea deep breath because it hurts and it also hurts if I sneeze, cough, laugh and sometimes not even that, taking a breath to speak causes a short sharp pain or just a movement causes it too. It feels deep I cannot touch where it hurts unless I am lying down. Any thoughts? I am a dancer and I need to get back to work. This happened during the christmas break when I was not dancing though.
Avatar f tn My throat still makes a weird gurgling noise sometimes and I still feel the need to burp. For the past month I have also been expieriencing trouble with taking a deep breath. Whenever I breathe I feel restricted: like I can’t get enough air. It seems to be worse in the morning and at night. Even going up the stairs I have to pause and catch my breath. I am also coughing a little and constantly feel the need to clear my throat.
Avatar n tn I have had an ongoing problem with shortness of breathe and sometimes a cough when taking a deep breath. Though I have had this problem for sometime it has become increasingly bothersome since I began singing in a comtemporary christian band. I have had Bronchitis more in the last year and sinus problems. I hate to run to the doctors for nothing. I am not coughing anything up it's just bothersome to breath and cough...
Avatar n tn Am breathing mostly through my mouth,labored breathing (especially during exhale) and often take a deep breath in middle of a sentence. BP and pulse have increased. (Resting pulse is 95-105). Not sure if this is due to anxiety or something else. BP med was just increased to 40 mg. Peak flows are normal, chest sounds clear and spirometry is normal. Had recent chest x-ray, blood work, EKG and CAT scan to rule out blood clot in lungs. All were normal. Pulse Ox was 99%.
Avatar n tn Viral infections like bronchitis can cause inflammation of the airways of the lungs. When this occurs you may cough, especially when you take a deep breath or yawn. If a virus were the cause the antibiotic you took would not be effective in getting rid of the infection. If bacteria were the cause a culture of the mucus that you are coughing up would identify the specific bacteria and the most effective antibiotic to get rid of the infection.
Avatar n tn Since this all began I have taken xanax and am currently only taking .25 mg a day because I would like to discontinue it. It never seemed to help with the shortness of breath. This is hampering my daily life and I am not sure what to do. Is this a mental or physical ailment and how should i go about finding out?