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Avatar n tn For the past 4 years I have been coughing up clear jelly like Mucus Balls. I have been a smoker for 8 years, and I have Asthma. I wake up in the morning and in the middle of the night coughing up a lot of the little mucus balls. It happens a little bit through out the day. Sometimes they are balls and sometimes they are like a hair, but made of mucus. I am very scared and do not have health insurance. I am 25, and thought I was pretty healthy. Please someone, HELP!
Avatar n tn All pet scans are clear and x-rays clear still I have a cough that sometimes is that of a heavy smoker. Coughing brings up clear mucus. Other than this cough I feel great. Any suggestions on how to take care of the cough?
1061329 tn?1261717514 I have a nebulizer and it helps a bunch with coughing up mucus, but too much makes me dizzy. I don't have health insurance, so I go to county hospital usually. But all they do is give me breathing treatments and a shot of prednisone and send me home. Now, I have a few prednisone pills left over from last time I was sick. Can taking these help? Some cold medicines that I've tried in the past (Nyquil, Sudifed, Robitussen, etc) seem to make my asthma worse.
Avatar n tn Nine months after recovering from terrible acute bronchitis, I am still coughing up small blobs of thick sticky, pale yellow mucus all day. My allergist says my asthma is under control, my sinuses are more or less clear, and I recently went to the cardiologist for a full workup. All that's left is GERD, but I'm unsure how to proceed because I hardly have any other symptoms.
Avatar n tn However, I continue to have a harsh cough that gets worse at night, and brings up thick, clear mucus CONSTANTLY. I'm always needing to spit out large wads of mucus minute to minute and frankly it's annoying. I can't lay in bed because the mucus just seems to pool in my throat and I feel like I can't breathe. Sometimes I have chest congestion and it can be scary when I'm gasping for air.
Avatar f tn When I get up in the mornings I always cough up a ball of hardened mucus that sometimes looks spaghetti-like. It's simply old mucus that's been sitting in my throat all night that I cough up in the morning. Mucinex taken with a whole cup of water helps me clear the nasty balls of mucus right up. Also, fatigue is a super common symptom of Bronchitis. As for the fullness: with Bronchitis you get dried-up and dehydrated which, for me, can cause water retention (a.k.a., bloating).
Avatar m tn Cough much better but still producing some thick clear mucus every day or so. A week ago, I coughed up some bloody mucus for the first time. The first episode was a small amount of bright fresh blood with some phlegm and on two subsequent occasions,the same day, the blood was darker and more integral with the phlegm. They were very small amounts each time. Today, a week later, there was again some phlegm which seemed to come from deep down and it had brown mucus with it.
Avatar n tn i have been coughing up yellow thick mucus mostly every mornig for years but every time i get a x-ray of my lungs it always come normal can you tell what can i do
Avatar n tn It feels like it is in the back of my throat and I can't get it all up. It is thick and I spit it up and there is always more and I cough very hard, sometimes I throw up I cough so hard and then more mucus comes up. I can't sleep because when I lay down I cough. I take cough syrup to try to sleep. I sleep maybe 20 to 30 minutes and then I have mucus coming up again. I'm up and down all night long and always tired because I can't get a good night sleep.
Avatar m tn I also had a sore throat in the upper area, maybe tonsil area, which I never had before. I also had thick discolored mucus, started out orange, to yellow, to green. I never had this as well. After, 6 days it wasn't getting better with home remedies so I called my PCP, he said it was just a cold/flu and to give it time. Well, the next day I couldn't stand it anymore and went to a different PCP and he said I had a throat infection and prescribed me Augmentin 875 mg.
Avatar n tn Hi, I used to have the problem of coughing and lot's of mucus after eating. If I laid down right afterward, the mucus would come up in my throat and it would feel as though I couldn't breathe. None of the over-the-counter antiacids helped me. It wasn't until I started taking Nexium that I got any relief at all. I also have post-nasal drip, so it was a combination of things that was causing the cough, but once I got those things treated, the cough and the mucus went away.
Avatar f tn My morning are the worst I wake up with coughing and spitting and clearing of my throat and as the day wears on some times the mucus will stuck in my throat and I feel as if I may be choking what could this be.
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Avatar m tn I was given a pump by my doctor but this didn't help me at all and tonight, I litterally feel like I'm drowning and coughing up a lung... I quit smoking over 10 years ago (in 1998), I have no known allergies, I have severe bad breath (my wife thinks I may have a duodenal ulcer because of this.
Avatar m tn I am having such a pribkem with chronic dry mouth and throat, hacking up, or trying to hack up, thick mucus. I am very hoarse and some days can barely talk. Cannot sing at all, which is very depressing. Cannot count the number of doctors I have seen, even one at Stanford. I was told my vocal cords are inflammed and could possibky try laser surgery. I do take meds, Gabapentin being one, actually for GI issues. I have seen that it can cause hoarseness.
Avatar n tn What should I be doing to stop coughing up thick mucus on a daily basis?
Avatar f tn I can constantly feel the huge ball of mucus going up and down as I breathe through my left nostril. It is super thick and sticky! But it is a darker yellowish color . It almost looks like a big scab around sticky mucus. I currently have been on 4 antibiotics for the past 8 weeks. On my third round, not only did I still have the sinus infection, but I also have a new ear infection!
Avatar m tn Upon waking in the morning I am completely clogged up and within 30mins of standing I am coughing/hawking up the thick clear mucus. Lately, I have also developed a strange heavy (I'm hesitant to say tingling because it is not quite that) sensation on the bridge of my nose. These seems to come and go throughout the day. I have another appointment with another ENT to get a second opinion on 24th (these guys are hard to catch).
Avatar f tn I have to let myself cough when it gets stirred up to try to bring up the brown mucus.
390388 tn?1279639813 I have the symptoms of coughing until vomit and unbelievable amt of mucus, clear, sticky, thick .........endless tests and doctor/specialty, etc........nothing except strictures of the esophagus and wanting to stretch and wrap which I had been told does not end problems......I take Nexium and Ranadine, use Nasonex. The only stopping of the cough has been Ultram or tramadol........
Avatar m tn By night I had a sore throat and was coughing-up mucus. I have been coughing-up THICK mucus ever since then. I tried antihistimines over the counter, gel caps, tylenol, cold remedies...nothing has stemmed this mucus which at one time this week turned bery dark yellow - "yeech!" I feel fine otherwise, but this condition has made me use my Albuterol inhaler more often and now I'm almost out of it and need a refill which I don't have the money for right now (a separate issue).
Avatar m tn This could be due to post nasal drip which is mucus accumulation in the back of the nose and throat, excessive or thick secretions, or impairment in the normal clearance of mucus from the nose and throat. Try to avoid the nasal irritants such as cigarette smoke, perfume, aerosol sprays, smoke, smog and car exhaust. If it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Now I have a thick drainage in my throat and I just woke up at 3am coughing and practically choked. The drainage seems to always be there but much worse at night. Is Mucinex expectorant good for sinus drainage. My mouth is so dry.