Coughing up neon green mucus

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Avatar n tn Hey I'm five months pregnant, nd I was wondering can you cough up yo mucus plug. Dis afternoon I woke up coughing and a big piece of mucus came out wit blood in it wht should I do.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I can cough hard enough to get it up and other times it takes hours to finally get it up. It is thick and sticky,dark green sometimes mixed with neon green with dark brown center that is hard. I am a nurse so I had it cultured while I was at work one day and it was staph. Still didn't answer anything for me though. I don't know where it comes from. It is so annoying and grosses everyone out when I am constantly hacking and spitting in a tissue.
Avatar m tn I've heard that bright yellow or green mucus can indicate the presence of bacterial infection, but of course, this isn't a definitive test. Also, I've only had the congestion for about six full days, and I know it may be hard to tell this early on if I'm dealing with just the cold or a secondary infection. The second is the leaking of cerebrospinal fluid.
Avatar n tn Then i coughed up blood for two days in my flem. After that the flem changed color to neon green to now where it is grey colored green and sometimes brown. I have lost my voice completley. I am not too tired I can still walk around fine. I am just worried because I am away at college and haven't been able to get an appointment and I am wondering at this point should I go to the emergancy room or just wait till monday to go to my college health center.
Avatar f tn For a couple of days I was blowing my nose and the mucus was stick neon yellow. Now that it's mostly clear again, the mucus is stick or gel like. There is a little blood, now. I thought the sinus infect may have spread into my chest. Is that possible? Dumb question, but could it cause Lung Cancer if it's not treated? I'm more worried about my lungs than my heart, really. I have short live low grade fevers. I get fevers that only last for a few minutes.
Avatar n tn Then, as though it were ready to reproduce, it moved into my upper chest, and I was coughing it up all over the place. That, though, was normal mucus and snot... This is totally different - WATERY and YELLOW AS A CRAYON! It got onto my white business shirt, and I had to bleach it! Could this just be the final-letting-loose of my infection from earlier? Or is it something more serious coming on??
Avatar n tn Had the same thing happening to me today, had what i can only describe as a nasty chesty cough (probably infected from the bright green and yellow mucus) all last week, I had thought i was recovered then lo and behold had a large quantities of yellow tinted discharge from my right nostrel. I am also a student and have not had the time to go see the doctor, so hope I am not in any danger. Was the general consensus to leave it and wait or go to the emergency room/ emergency doctors?
Avatar n tn I have recently had a chest/sinus infection for the last 2 months - lots of sinus pain and some serious coughing up of yucky stuff, my doc gave me antibiotics co-amoxycill or something simillar which was useless then followed up with a course of doxycycline which it seems have helped cos although still bringing up phlegm the cough isn't killing me anymore (somtetimes cough so hard i was retching). finished course yesterday and today i have o/t??? conected???