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Avatar n tn Two years ago I was admitted to the hospital to the hospital for coughing up blood . Being that my mother had TB. I told them I would come up positive every time I had the test . Prior to being admitted I had a significant amount of blood I was given IVs and started treatment for TB Now again I was at work and started coughing up blood .
Avatar n tn so yesterday i was eating a bowl of top ramen chicken flavor soup and i was coughing more then usual that day. and about 20 minutes after eating the soup i continue to cough and eventually throw up. i through up all the soup along with this black liquid. ive had no stomach pains or any other symptoms. Whats going on? -my friends told me that i should see a doctor because i may have thrown up blood that was sitting in my stomach for a while.
Avatar f tn benadryl in liquid is the best for my 5 yo boy for coughing u should try it
682098 tn?1236908245 It is available over the counter, and may help your coughing. There is likely to be a liquid version available, but I'd recommend asking your doctor about it first. Good luck! I hope you feel better!
Avatar f tn she brings up some food with clear liquid. It would depend on when she had a coughing fit it could be minutes after or maybe an hour. acid reflux is what im thinking too she had it as a baby. No nausea she only vomits when she coughts. I dont believe any change with bowel habits she wont tell me. She does say the top portion of her stomach hurts (shell point to it) Any insight you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn quit cold turkey 9 + yrs ago, start coughing and knew that it was normal to clear up my lungs. the coughing went into vomiting and then in to passing out and now i cough so hard that i have real sharp pains in my left side some times just my leg or my arm once in a while both. i will cough and see stars and know that i have a second to sit down before i pass out. i have gone to one dr after another be on all types of meds and nothing is helping.
Avatar n tn Is there any possibility she could have tried to eat a mouse, lizard or even a toad and hacked up a piece of it? If she shows any sign of coughing up blood, or acts in any way "off", get to an emergency vet and bring the tissue with you. It may not hurt to give an ER vet a call anyway and get some advice as to what to watch out for tonight, or whether to come in straight away.
Avatar m tn When I woke up this morning, I suddenly got the feeling like there is some liquid built up in my chest (the feeling is right on the top of the chest, where the neck begins). As I am very wary of coughing (I sometimes have a cough that I can't stop and it makes me short of breath, so I avoid it) I didn't try to see if I can expel whatever it is. I wonder could this be an allergy, or could it be something else? I googled my symptom but I found nothing.
Avatar n tn My 8 year old cat recently started coughing, not the ususal hair ball stuff, and I can hear him breath. His lung sound "wet" . I started giving him some over the counter hairball remedy and think he may have aspirated some liquid. Today is Sunday. My vet is not open today but will take him to emergency if I have to. He is drinking and eating, his gums are pink. Should I go to emergency?
Avatar f tn she did not eat anything green, she did settle down after she puked the green liquid up. so hopefully she just had a very upset tummy, all the other dogs seem fine also.
Avatar f tn I went to the E.R a couple of days ago,i was diagnosed with the flu & a stomach virus, was given antibiotics and since i've been coughing up rust colored phlegm.Am i coughing up my lung or maybe this is a result of the Meds i was prescribed have Any clue as to why rust colored phlegm possible Dark blood would be evident when i cough?
1672242 tn?1303869489 what could be the reason a person throws up there liquid.... they pretty well hold down there food, but throws or should i say "spits' up all of the liquid that is being intaked...
Avatar f tn I'm 16 years old and for about more than a week I have been coughing until I cannot breath but I've also have taken some chesty cough liquid medicine and it still hasnt stopped this morning I woke up and felt like the whole room was spinning as I stretched.. Can you please help me figure out what this might be, so I can get it treated?
Avatar f tn I work 8 hrs per day in a closed room, same people everyday, and the one right next to me was everyday sniffing, coughing, constantly sick, you know. In September I was on vacation for two weeks and I was overconfident, so I quit suplements. When I got back to work it was the worst day I can remember: everybody in the room started coughing hard all day long, except me of course. That day I read this post about Liquid Clorophyl and I decided to give it a try.
937826 tn?1261333879 I have another questions I have been doing alot of coughing been coughing up alot of plehm but for the past half hour I have been coughing up blood not a smear of blood but a half dollar size amount of blood each time should I worry about this.
Avatar n tn They did manage to bring her back and no sooner did they kick us out of there! The doctor sure had a scared look on his face too. Lately she has been coughing up blood and her hand gets to tingling from time to time. She also gets short of breath pretty often. Without any insurance, where do we turn from here? Are there any places that do body scans at reasonable prices as we are not made of money.
Avatar n tn I usually never take the liquid cough medicine, as it makes me sick, but I had been coughing so much, that I thought it would be faster to slow down the coughing.
Avatar n tn I aspirated liquid into my lungs last night almost came out my nose, started coughing. Almost immediatly my rt. ear felt uncomfortable, now it is turning into an earache. Can this be caused from the aspirated liquid(diet coke). I am a healthy 56 year old.
Avatar n tn Cannot avoid coughing up sputum after drinking anything hot/cold. Used a prescription spray nightly for a year but with no change. Should I seek a Scan of the Lung/throat?
Avatar f tn It could really just be a little trickle. When you're laying down, try coughing. If liquid comes out, it's likely your water. If it is clear and has no smell it's definitely water and not urine. You are more prone to infection after your water breaks, even if it doesn't come in a big gush. You should probably call your doctor anyway to let them know it see if they want you to come in, especially since you're so close to your due date.
Avatar n tn When you start coughing take a big enough sip to wet your throat (no need to measure). If the coughing stops you have an allergy to something you eat or drink.
Avatar n tn my 12 year old child has diarea, is throwing up,sneezing,coughing,and has headaches,fever, stomach pain. Does she have the swine flu?
Avatar n tn been coughing for a couple of weeks little bit of fever very tired went to a walk in clinic a couple of days ago and the Doctor said it was mostly allergies gave me antibotics,congestion,cough syurp,nasal spray....this morning when I woke up I was coughing up blood in my phlegm the first 3 times then it cleared up....