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Avatar f tn What you describe suggests that you may have a swallowing disorder that is allowing food or liquid to enter your trachea (windpipe) when you swallow. As this problem has persisted for years it is very unlikely that the cause in your case would be some type of tumor or growth. It could be anatomical ( for example a diverticulum, an out-pouching of your esophagus) or a functional disorder.
Avatar n tn Two years ago I was admitted to the hospital to the hospital for coughing up blood . Being that my mother had TB. I told them I would come up positive every time I had the test . Prior to being admitted I had a significant amount of blood I was given IVs and started treatment for TB Now again I was at work and started coughing up blood .
Avatar n tn so yesterday i was eating a bowl of top ramen chicken flavor soup and i was coughing more then usual that day. and about 20 minutes after eating the soup i continue to cough and eventually throw up. i through up all the soup along with this black liquid. ive had no stomach pains or any other symptoms. Whats going on? -my friends told me that i should see a doctor because i may have thrown up blood that was sitting in my stomach for a while.
Avatar n tn My doctor got us a nebulizer to use and we keep using it sometimes up to 5 times a day. But he still coughs. Sometimes it gets so bad that the veins in his face look like they are gonna bust and he turns bright red. I have to blow in his face before he will take a breath. My doctor has listened to his lungs and chest over and over agagin and they are clear. We have has x rays done and nothing has shown up. He sounds like a cat when he breathes. it rattles in his throat.
Avatar n tn My partner (58 y.o.) has attacks of coughing that last for literally hours-- very deep unproductive coughs. He has no trouble breathing except that it is hard to catch a breath between coughs, though he does have a very small amount of wheezing after a while. He will be perfectly OK, then his head will suddenly fill with fluid, it runs down his throat, and the tickling of his throat by the fluid is what causes the coughing, which goes then nonstop for 2-3 hours.
Avatar m tn She doesn't heave and pulse to though up. Most of the time its a cough then clear slimy goo, or sometimes she just opens up and some goo comes out without coughing.
Avatar f tn I have severe coughing along with the clear thick liquid coming up during dinner if I eat normal speed, If I lay flat, no matter what I eat. I have tried an all liquid diet, Baby food type diet, and eat everything I used to eat diet. I had a lap band put on 4 years ago and this started shortly after. I can be asleep and cough and the fluid shoots out of my nose and fills my mouth. There is never food just clear thick fluid.
Avatar n tn I aspirated liquid into my lungs last night almost came out my nose, started coughing. Almost immediatly my rt. ear felt uncomfortable, now it is turning into an earache. Can this be caused from the aspirated liquid(diet coke). I am a healthy 56 year old.
Avatar n tn It was awful, but I was feeling better and cleaning up and when I bent over this yellow liquid poured out of my nose! Surprised, I stood up and blew my nose, nothing but a little clear mucus. So I bent over to see and again the pale yellow liquid just gushed out. This really freaked me out. I've never had this happen before. Maybe just some sinuses draining? It was a few tablespoons worth of liquid. Any ideas?
Avatar m tn it is a wet cough and is worse when I eat, sometimes cough up clear liquid... still short of breath and have chest pains. I think I'll make an appointment to see my dr... it's difficult for you with a young child as he can't really explain all his symptoms. I think you should take him back to the dr or at least phone and ask their advice.
Avatar f tn I hope someone can come up with some answer for my peace of mind. My back aches constantly from the violent coughing and I have often thought a rib was broken it hurt so bad. Any ideas would be appreciated.
Avatar n tn This means fainting while coughing. It is not unusual, especially with harsh and/or sustained coughing. There is no cure for it. His doctor is right about the sudden drop in blood pressure. The cough interferes with the return of blood to the heart. Most people have some, although incomplete, control of cough. To the extent that your husband has control, he should try to cough more gently.
Avatar f tn My only other suggestion would be to ask your doctor about a course of steroids. They could help open up your airway a bit and calm down your cough if indicated. Also, a nebulizer treatment could help. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn today, though, all of a sudden out of the right nostril, a yellow waterly liquid (not mucus) came pouring out just as a bloody nose would. in all my years of sinus infections and uri's i have never encountered that and it has scared the daylights out of me. now my nostril is burning. of course this is a sunday and we are in a rural area, very rural. so my concern was about this being an okay thing. so i got dressed and sat there for a bit and it stopped.
Avatar n tn THIS IS DONE WITHOUT ANY CHOKING, AND WITHOUT SNIFFING THE LIQUID UP THE NOSE! My husband does these once a day. I do them 2x a day. When I first did them, I needed to do them 4x/day. We try to avoid doing them within 1 hour of bedtime (or lying down), because some of the irrigation fluid drains out later on, and we prefer to be awake and not lying down (when possible), to gently blow the residual warm salt-water out of each nostril. Keep tissues (unscented) handy.
Avatar m tn When I woke up this morning, I suddenly got the feeling like there is some liquid built up in my chest (the feeling is right on the top of the chest, where the neck begins). As I am very wary of coughing (I sometimes have a cough that I can't stop and it makes me short of breath, so I avoid it) I didn't try to see if I can expel whatever it is. I wonder could this be an allergy, or could it be something else? I googled my symptom but I found nothing. I am a hypochondriac, so that got me scared.
389732 tn?1212523593 I've never had this happen before, but just couple days ago I blew my nose and liquid came out of my left eye. First time it was like a big tear just pop out of my eyes than later I tried testing by blowing my nose and I can feel the like coming out from the inside. Is this normal? What is causing that? Is my eye going to be okay?
Avatar f tn He injects himself on Friday nights and Saturday nights he has coughed all night and the next day. For the past 3 weeks on Saturday night (when his coughing starts up) he takes a half of a vicodin. (He's not one to medicate, and hates the idea but it beats coughing for two days) He only does this once per week. While I'm not advocating abuse of perscriptions drugs, this has been an amazing solution. just thought I would share. Has anyone heard of this before?
Avatar m tn 4 degree temperature, migraines that wouldn't go away with pain meds, and the coughing/gagging). The other two symptoms have gone away, but I still cough and gag after eating. I have had episodes recently after eating at Chipotle (white rice, pinto beans, pico de gallo, sour cream, cheese, guacamole, corn), having 1/4 muffin with orange juice, and, on a separate occasion having baked beans with cheese and a hotdog. I saw my primary doctor yesterday.
Avatar n tn She did fine for a few months, but now seems to again experiencing the food or liquid coming back up causing her to either vomit or gag and cough. Is she still developing her digestive system or are we dealing with something permanent?
209384 tn?1231171906 Went on 1000mg/day Ceftin last Wednesday. Then spent all night Thursday night in the ER hooked up to an IV getting 3 different antibiotics pumped into me along with large dose of steroids. At the time my right bronchial tube was completely full as was my right middle lobe. Oh, did I mention I ended up there b/c my hands and feet turned purple? Was sitting in a dark living room watching TV and decided to get in a hot shower to try and break up the cr@p in my chest.
Avatar n tn I tried to ignore it until the day I passed out from the coughing. Shortly after I threw up while coughing and aspirated it back in a failed attempt to catch a breath. Off to the doctor I went and he knew immediately that I had Pertussis (or whooping cough). He explained that you usually get it after another illness and their is NO TREATMENT. Again, no treatment. Cough medicines with suppressants-expectorants-codeine do nothing and may even make the cough worse.
Avatar n tn quit cold turkey 9 + yrs ago, start coughing and knew that it was normal to clear up my lungs. the coughing went into vomiting and then in to passing out and now i cough so hard that i have real sharp pains in my left side some times just my leg or my arm once in a while both. i will cough and see stars and know that i have a second to sit down before i pass out. i have gone to one dr after another be on all types of meds and nothing is helping.
Avatar n tn Most time It happens in the midnight. I woke up by the severe coughing for no reason. When I had a flu any coughing would trig this type of bad coughing ( I called it creapming coughing). Inhalar doesn't help a lot. I would like to know what other doctor should I visit except the asthma specilist. Thanks.
Avatar m tn The cough has changed a lot since it started, and now It seems to be entirely due to to mucus build up around my lungs. The cough is stronger before I sleep through when I wake up or when it wakes me up (when it is the worst). At times, the mucus coughed out is either thick and yellow (but not much is coughed out) or it is clear and runny but is coughed out in half a mouthfuls. So far there is no blood in it.
Avatar m tn I end up feeling something stuck in my throat after I eat (possibly slight swallowing issue because of my tight jaw muscles though), end up coughing a couple times which brings up some sort of liquid with white muscous. Mine is much worse when my meal consists of high sugar, salt or dairy products. Tums doesn't help at all though so I'm still iffy on the reflux self-diagnosis.
1416390 tn?1333905204 I have a 16 year old picapoo and she has been coughing and sounds like she has a hairball but she cant get it up but she only does it during the morning and in the evening Can you give me some pointer to what it might be
Avatar f tn As previously mentioned, pugs have an elongated soft pallet to the rear of their mouths, which can cause bouts of coughing, particularly if an infection or virus causes a flare-up of inflamation or irritation. Surgery can help (if this becomes a frequent problem for the dog), as it is possible to remove part of the soft pallet. For periods of coughing or laboured breathing (when no other reason can be identified), it is recommended to give a short course of corticosteroid and antibiotic.
Avatar m tn Any advice about how to ease the pains of withdraw would be greatly appreciated. I was also wondering if I should just man up and go to my doctor to tell him what I've gotten myself into to see if he can help me out in some way. Thanks.