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Avatar m tn Hi not sure if anyone will know this but worth a try, i have smoked for 41 years mostly roll ups with no filters or anything, but about 3 plus years ago i started putting filters in and after a few months started coughing up green phlegm i asked the doctor he just said getting older and smoking, Some days it seems worse than others its really strange, i don't smoke load about 15 a day but there dead thin and i only smoke half at a time.
Avatar f tn However, if the cough is severe and very forceful, there's a slight risk of pulling or loosening stitches that have been used during the surgery, which may or may not be a problem. Also, if you are coughing up colored phlegm (yellow, brown, green, etc) then you most definitely need to be seen by your doctor - it could mean an infection. I've also had a hysterectomy several years ago and I know how painful it can be to cough after an abdominal surgery.
Avatar n tn But for the last two weeks, I have been coughing up heavy amounts of phlegm, from clear to yellow, to light green and back to yellow. The cough is hard and uncontrollable and I thought it was a bronchial infection. When I laugh, I hear (and feel) a wheezing that instantly produces coughing and phlegm. My doctor can't see me until next week and people have told me it could be anything from pneumonia to tuberculosis.
Avatar f tn I have been getting over a recent bout of bronchitis where I was prescribed Augmentin (I am on Day 6) and Prednisone short burst (finished 2 days ago) I am still coughing quite bad but the fever has broke... but as of yesterday the phlegm/mucus I am coughing up tastes extremely salty. I have not been using any type of saline spray, or gargling with salt water, so I know this is not the reason. Is it the antibiotics causing this? Or is there another reason?
Avatar n tn I'm 34 years old. A few months ago I had a bout of bronchitis. Green phlegm, low fever. one day only, general malaise, cough etc..I called my doc and they said it was most likely viral to wait and see if it got better. It did get better then seemed to come back but only slightly. I am a light smoker. five or so in the evening for about 8 years sometimes more, sometimes less. Pot as well.
Avatar n tn Apparently fluid can seep from the back of the nose and go down the throat the brain reacts to stop the fluid going into the lungs which closes the voice box, this then stops you breathing, the brain then realises that the lungs arent working so wakes you up and that is why you wake up coughing and trying to get your breath, this is how it was explained to me. I have been told that it is not dangerous and that I will always wake up, it is just very stressfull.
Avatar m tn I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it.
Avatar n tn But, a year or 2 ago tops, I started coughing up what seriously puzzled is talking about. I guess it is phlegm but it is an entirely different consistency from "regular phlegm." Yes, more like pellets or small more firm balls kind of, but they smell so incredibly foul it's absolutely disgusting. I usually examine them whenever they come up which has been kind of a lot lately, and it is just one of the most wrong smells ever.
Avatar n tn every morning I wake to cough green sometimes brown phlegm and sneeze out green snot.
Avatar n tn the phlegm im coughing up in the morning is the normality of phlegm coughed up by a normal smoker.
Avatar n tn What color is the phlegm you are coughing up? Green is infection. White or clear would not be infection. It could be allergies. Do you have trouble swallowing food and is food getting stuck? If so, it could be something more serious like a tumor. It also could be your thyroid. I would get a second opionion.
667049 tn?1225378752 Same as you, it started dry and then progressed to bringing up phlegm. The phlegm is yellowish-green. I went to see my doctor about 2 weeks ago. He gave me an anti-biotic for a sinus infection (which is what almost everyone I know is being diagnosed with). Needless to say, I have finished my 10 day track of anti-biotics and I am still coughing! Guess that wasn't the right diagnosis. Anyways, just watch out for Pneumonia.
1840058 tn?1318583507 6 courses of antibiotics has failed to remove her runny nose and spitting up phlegm when coughing. a chest xray shows no congestion, but this will not go away. What is wrong with my little girl, why has this suddenly happened and why are these symptoms getting worse?
Avatar n tn coughs were dry and caused chest pains and breathing difficulties. Eventually would produce slight phlegm, but was always be unable to cough it up. After going to the emergency after a coughing fit, I was told my lungs were fine, however, I could have whooping cough with an asthmatic component. Given a puffer, prescribed an antibiotic, and told me that if the coughing persisted after 3 days of taking the antiobiotic, to see my family doctor.
Avatar f tn My colds consist of nasal congestion and a flem (phlegm) cough. Usually the stuff coming out of my nose is yellowish green and I've been coughing up green. I know green usually indicates an infection, but it usually clears up within a week and a half. Any suggestions??
Avatar dr m tn Every time you get a cold, notice how it usually starts in the throat with a tickle, a scratch, or a slight cough. It then progresses into chest congestion or travels up into the ears and the sinuses. You’ll have a low grade fever, mild chills, and a runny nose. Even if you start out with a runny nose, eventually, you’ll have throat symptoms later on. Sounds like a classic cold, right?
1305767 tn?1361196276 Yes it is that what the doctor does using the "doohicky", I can't remember the name for it either! There is also a lung function test done at the hospital which is more advanced. With your chest feeling tight and you are now coughing up phlegm, if this is green, yellow or blood stained, then you need to get back to your doctor as you may now have a chest infection and will need a course of antibiotics.
878090 tn?1240278530 Sometimes my feet, but mostly, I have numbness/pain that jumps from one side of my lungs, to the other, and sometimes centers in my chest, and it feels numb, like I don't have a heartbeat. I'm coughing heavily, and sometimes they're rough. I cough up a lot of phlegm that's usually green, yellowish, sometimes white with specks, and only once after having a tooth pulled have I ever coughed up blood, so I highly doubt, at least for now, that anything serious is going on.
242516 tn?1368227505 Doc, I can't stop coughing and am bringing up pus. Well, you're not alone. Millions of other people are in your shoes right now, and over 90 per cent of them have viral infections with coughs productive of colored phlegm. You should watch out for symptoms of pneumonia but if you have a fever under 100 degrees, pulse rate less than 100, less than 24 breaths per minute, and your doctor doesn't hear anything in your lungs, you can be reassured that pneumonia is unlikely.
Avatar n tn After awhile I will then have phlem coughing up after coughing for a few hours. That does seem to help with it if there is a coating of phlem coating what ever it is in there, it seems to give what ever it is some comfort and doesnt make it "tickle" as bad. I hate to use the word tickle because its not a tickle, and its hard to come up with the right word for what it does to make me start to cough.
Avatar n tn I did have a culture but nothing showed up. Never had yellow or green phlegm. It is impossible to deal with and antibiotics (probably not strong enough) have not cleared it up. Hope you have better luck. Is it possible I have a staph infection and they missed it? Maybe I should bring in a sample of the green phlegm. I felt all but dismissed when I went to the hospital. Told me to take allergy meds.
Avatar m tn The next day after this happens I will almost certainly get ill with what seems like a chest/throat infection and I cough up green phlegm all pain and phlegm comes from the same throat area described before. This illness can spread out to my chest and become quite bad before eventually going after a few days and just the sticky substance remains described in the first paragraph and the cycle starts again. What has been done?
Avatar f tn I'm just starting my second Sterimar nasal spray which does help with the phlegm, congestion and post nasal drip but doesn't clear it up completely. My doc is about as much use as a chocolate tea pot. He means well, and he is trying his best, but with all the advances in medicine he just doesn't seem to have an answer to this. The non medicine methods I have been using ie: steam inhalation, saline nasal spray and sleeping propped up have all come by searching the internet.
Avatar n tn I've been suffering for about a week but several months ago it was for almost an entire month Wake up inthe morning coughing up yellow / green mucus and then it goes clear but it's constant and so sticky - it won't even easily wash off the sides of the basin. Last time I used to wake up inthe middle of the night choking - really horrid problem and the lack f sleep only makes things worse.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I can cough hard enough to get it up and other times it takes hours to finally get it up. It is thick and sticky,dark green sometimes mixed with neon green with dark brown center that is hard. I am a nurse so I had it cultured while I was at work one day and it was staph. Still didn't answer anything for me though. I don't know where it comes from. It is so annoying and grosses everyone out when I am constantly hacking and spitting in a tissue.
Avatar m tn I am now over the month point and have some advice for anyone that is struggling with coughing up that speckled black gross tar phlegm. I have began a exercise regiment that has seemed to really help me get rid of this phlegm quicker... I find the more I work my lungs the less of that I'm coughing up. Another thing that has helped me is having hot baths (maybe a humidifier would also suffice) really finding that this also helps get rid of that phlegm faster.
Avatar m tn Hello again Tom, Coughing up "red mucous" could be due to a variety of causes--too many to list here without more information from you (other symptoms such as cough, fever, shortness of breath, etc). You might consider seeing your health care provider and telling them about your symptoms--and, they could perform a proper physical examination and order any indicated diagnostic tests. ~•~ Dr. Parks This answer is not intended as and does not substitute for medical or legal advice.
Avatar f tn Before that, I would wake up coughing after less than an hour on my side. Then I spent the night sitting up and sleeping. It was better than no sleep. It seems we caught it on Christmas Eve in a crowded church. Near the end of the service, a little girl turned towards us and let loose with one horrendous cough. That is about it. I look forward to Spring and sunshine.
Avatar n tn two yrs ago i developed a productive cough (non smoker for several years). I had had several sinus infections before this cough developed. my primary doctor told i had bronchitis, gave me meds, but it never got better and went months coughing up yellow & green sputum and having a general feeling of fatigue. At the same time i had been seeing different doctors for left upper leg pain. I had different test run. one be an RA Factor test. it came back high.
Avatar m tn It gently pumps the saline solution into your sinuses, and I don’t know if it pumps saline all the way up into the far reaches of your sinuses, because of gravity, but it follows the same line of treatment expressed here. Neilmed Sinus Rinses squirt saline into the maxillary and ethmoid sinuses. It does not work for infections in the upper sinuses, says so right on the box. It only costs $13 at any local pharmacy. There is also a neti pot, which was demonstrated by Dr.