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Avatar f tn Over the past couple of days the runny and stuffy nose symptoms have continued and the coughing is getting worse. The coughing is especially worse during the night. His stools don't look exactly normal either. They have been darkened and sometimes have a really dark reddish tint to them. He also has not been eating as much and as well as he normally was, but he is still drinking as much as usual. I am starting to feel that there might be something a little more serious going on here.
Avatar f tn Have you checked to see if your toddler is teething or anything like that? We have no way of knowing what is wrong with your child.
377493 tn?1356502149 Ok, I am stressing again..sorry. I think Ryder (6 months old now) may either be teething again or perhaps have the beginning of a cold. He is drooling like crazy the last few weeks, and even more of an increase the last day or two. His hands are constantly in his mouth (he has also begun sucking his thumb.) He is coughing and sounds a big gurgley, almost like he is choking (but mildly, no color change or labored breathing or anything like that).
Avatar f tn she is teething but can the temp go up to 40 when they are teething there are no other symptons are thats whats worrying me
Avatar f tn The thing that worries me is that it is still spreading, It does not seem to bother her at all, she is alittle cranky at night but she is also teething. We are going back tomorrow to see our doctor because this morning she woke up with a fever. Wondering if any other parents have any experience or even pictures. I have been looking online to compare to pictures but none look like hers. Thanks!!
338830 tn?1229999478 I know this is a toddler group, but I wanted some input from experienced moms who have dealt with teething before! My LO is 6 months and teething. When I feel her gums, I can feel bumps under them. Then at other times of the day, I can't feel them as much. What is that about? Is it swelling? Or is the tooth moving around under her gums? For your little ones, did they all have bumps in thier gums before thier teeth came in? Or can they just come in with no bumps first?
Avatar f tn t seem affected by the eye at all ... pain on right teeth molars from teething but no direct pain seemingly to eye. Very active toddler ... no problems noted with walking, etc. I would rather not pay to bring him into opthamologist, but will if warranted. We have just moved to MI and are in-between jobs (so no health care insurance currently, can't afford cobra rates). Any ideas on what this could be?
Avatar f tn Teething? My little one does this when he starts teething.
172826 tn?1423422956 aggressive with the other children...he is bad for that but he was doing MUUUUCH better...he was supposed to move into the toddler room at 16 months but there is no room so he is 20months and supposed to move over in a month.. anyways...i think he is aggressive because he is bored and they have all younger children in there.. all his lil friends have moved up... anyways a few questions.. he had a fever of 102.9 thursday night.. friday he coughed up mucous...made it seem as throwing up...
Avatar m tn I am not a dr but is it possible your toddler is teething. I just had custody of a toddler and when his back teeth were coming in he would start rubbing his cheeks against stuff, had a loss of appetite, cranky, had a high fever and clingy then started rubbing and pulling his ears. When I took him to the dr he had a double ear infection plus a sore throat. He was put on antibiotics but it still took about a week for him to get back to being into everything. He also cut 5 teeth.
11248659 tn?1469915817 Dont worry im also having this problem i fall asleep and then im up anywhere from 5 to 12 times a night it doesnt help that i also share a bed with a 2 year old and i also have a teething 14 month old april 11th cant come fast enough
Avatar n tn My 20 month old son has been sleeping in his own room since he was 4 months old with no problems. It is rare for him to even fuss about teething. The last 5 days he refuses to lay in his crib and cries hysterically when I try and lay him down. Is it a coincidence that this is happening now that I am pregnant with baby number two!? Is anyone else going through this or has anyone experienced this in the past? It's breaking my heart!
671285 tn?1292660161 ve been up every night and all night with my baby who is teething. Then, in the early morning hours I make my husband breakfast and prepare his lunch (he starts work at 5AM) and around 7AM my toddler wants to play and eat breakfst. I am constantly up around the clock and barely get any rest. Needless to say that I have personal stressful issues (ie, a wedding coming up, work, bills, etc).
7732297 tn?1397446837 So my 4yr old has a cold:( she is so congested and coughing and getting the sweats. Ive been giving her cold & flu medicine for the cough & runny nose then tylenol for the fever/sweats but i wanted to know if there were any home remedies that you mamas used to help your babies feel better?
2061712 tn?1355244263 She had a fever her mother at first had claimed was because of teething, later she said it was due to allergies. Her mother who had pneumonia just days earlier was also there. The next day I woke up flemmy and I had s sore throat. I keep coughing . Should I be concerned about pneumonia or I'd it just a cold?
Avatar n tn Burp rags, wiping babys butt (warmed water to get caked on poop off), when teething freeze a wet one and let baby suck on it, I guess you really don't need that many but it's good to have extras.
Avatar n tn Yes I agree with your grandson's pediatrician,there has been a lot of stomach bugs going round amongs't children this year .Keep him hydrated with water and pedialite is he coughing ?
Avatar f tn I am 32+5 and I just came down with a horrible cold from my 3 year old toddler..what is something I can do to get rid of this cold baby shower is in 2 weeks and I hate being sick..seems like this cold will never nose is runny, I keep coughing, and my throat is starting to hurt from coughing..please help.!!
Avatar n tn Portable did player. Coloring book. Snacks. Juice. If it's at night dramamean (idk how to spell it).
Avatar n tn s taking?? Has the doctor ruled out RSV?? My daughters never had it but, his symptoms (coughing for 4 weeks) sounds alot like it. If that's the case he really should be getting breathing treatments, they're much more effective. Were you given med for the cough the first time you took him in?? Could it be an allergic reaction to the meds?? It does take their little bodies to work through viruses longer than us. Ask to make sure your son isn't getting dehydrated.
Avatar n tn My son is 17 months old and I think he is having night seizures. In the last two weeks this has happened twice. He will be sleeping soundly and he will suddenly wake up screaming and crying. Tonight when I went in his room, which was about five to ten seconds after he started to cry, he was squatting in his crib crying. When I picked him up he was shaking from side to side.