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7732297 tn?1397446837 So my 4yr old has a cold:( she is so congested and coughing and getting the sweats. Ive been giving her cold & flu medicine for the cough & runny nose then tylenol for the fever/sweats but i wanted to know if there were any home remedies that you mamas used to help your babies feel better?
Avatar n tn Yes I agree with your grandson's pediatrician,there has been a lot of stomach bugs going round amongs't children this year .Keep him hydrated with water and pedialite is he coughing ?
Avatar f tn I am 32+5 and I just came down with a horrible cold from my 3 year old toddler..what is something I can do to get rid of this cold baby shower is in 2 weeks and I hate being sick..seems like this cold will never nose is runny, I keep coughing, and my throat is starting to hurt from coughing..please help.!!
Avatar n tn s taking?? Has the doctor ruled out RSV?? My daughters never had it but, his symptoms (coughing for 4 weeks) sounds alot like it. If that's the case he really should be getting breathing treatments, they're much more effective. Were you given med for the cough the first time you took him in?? Could it be an allergic reaction to the meds?? It does take their little bodies to work through viruses longer than us. Ask to make sure your son isn't getting dehydrated.
Avatar f tn Over the past couple of days the runny and stuffy nose symptoms have continued and the coughing is getting worse. The coughing is especially worse during the night. His stools don't look exactly normal either. They have been darkened and sometimes have a really dark reddish tint to them. He also has not been eating as much and as well as he normally was, but he is still drinking as much as usual. I am starting to feel that there might be something a little more serious going on here.
Avatar f tn Hello , my daughter we t to the er today for coughing and trouble breathing... They ended up putting her on oxygen ... Levels ranging from 88-92 is this normal!? What could cause this? Also we got sent to a permanent room and now her oxygen is 87 and they don't hVe the oxygen on ??!! ?? Is thus bad?? Her heart rate is 155 is that normal?
Avatar f tn So my daughter has had trouble with vomiting 3-5 nights a week since she was a toddler (she is almost 11). She has been diagnosed with Asthma and a few environmental allergies. Her allergist stated that the vomiting is due to the asthma. However, I am starting to suspect the opposite may be true. I know vomiting is not good for her esophagus. She does not experience pain before vomiting.
Avatar n tn My 2 year old had pneumonia 3 months ago and made a full recovery after heavy duty antibiotics... a week ago he developed a cough that had him coughing about three times in a row every 4 or 5 hours. About 3 days ago he started coughing at night. He would wake up about midnight cough 3 or 4 times hard and repeat about every three hours. Last night he coughed about every 1 to 2 hours and coughed so hard he almost threw up several times.
Avatar f tn I have a 3 yr old toddler who for 3 nights in a row is waking up crying..she doesn't seem coherent..but she is swallowing and swallowing quite a bit more than normal...and she coughs..a bit but not I just happened to check her pulse and it seemed high to me...when you check it you should count until the time has reached 15 seconds? Well is that the correct way to check it because if it's 30 seconds it's way too high...something like 400bpm..I need help!!
Avatar n tn My poor baby is tired and fussy every time he tries to fall asleep he will start coughing up all the phlegm and eventually throw up i tried letting him fall asleep in my arms that way his head will be raised so when he coughs he wont choke or something..
Avatar f tn In the hospitals they changed antibiotics 5 times and did 5 xrays. After 2 weeks she has started coughing and wheezing after running and playing. This has occurred 4 times both indoors and outside. Could she have gotten asthma due to the prolonged lung condition? Is it possible that with all of the antibiotics her lungs were damaged? Should I keep her from getting too worked up and running around for a while in hopes that perhaps her lungs just need some rest?
1042423 tn?1260994959 Hi. I recently tripped and fell last Saturday. I was a little sore, but didn't think too much about it. Apparently, it was much worse than I thought because I went and got an xray today and found out that I broke a rib. I'm pretty clumsy and have had some pretty hard falls before, but never broken a bone in my life. Anyways, the Dr just gave me some pain meds and put a brace around my ribcage, and then sent me on my way. He said there really wasn't anything else that could be done.
287071 tn?1365192513 His runny nose turned to coughing and has turned to wheezing today. We have a humidifier going in his room but what else can we do to help out? When he was eating dinner he was stopping to cough and his little face was turning red b/c he was coughing so hard. How do we know when he has RSV? I just put him to bed for the night and his respiration rate is about 54 breaths per minute. It seemed his breathing was quicker than I thought it should have been.
Avatar n tn my 3 year old toddler keeps vomiting, no temperature, no other symptoms other then a runny nose, clear. and a little cough. he isn't coughing when vomiting occurs. when he vomits, he screams then sounds like he is choking. should i call the doctor?
Avatar n tn My 3 year old has a fever of 102, is vomiting, shaking, coughing, and has a runny nose. Should I take her to the ER at this point?
Avatar n tn hello my two years old son has an anemia and now is taking ferrous sulfide 3 bottles he took the first bottle already so befor e the 2 blood test due date he had an allergy asme coughing so his taking liquid ventolin albuterol,and ceron for cough and prednisolone orapred, its ben already 4 days and now i can see under his eyes bruises like sometimes reddish sometimes blue and dark specially at nights.
Avatar f tn I will say depending on how well you take pain you should be able to move around after a few hours although you will not be able to move very fast. Coughing an sneezing is the part that ***** you have to press a pillow or ever your hand to push on the site to keep from it reopening. Other than that you will be fine hun. Dont over think it or you are bound to frighten yourself.
Avatar n tn My toddler is 17 months old 2 month premmature. She has acid reflux and asmtha. She goes through spurts of throwing up. Today she threw up 5 times in 1 hour. Please help!! Is there anything i can give her. Do for her?? I do not want her getting dehydrated!!
Avatar f tn Some people dont like the idea of the baby being tucked down underneath. I like this because people wont be sneezing and coughing all over bub when they want a peek.
Avatar n tn I have been living with high sputum production since I was a toddler... So much so I would eat certain things and gag, repelling whatever I'd eaten... As I got older, I learned how to expell it by clearing my throat and spitting.... I still need to do this, and recently (the past 7 years), it feels as though there's something lodged in my esophagus that seems to trap mucus, causing sudden fits of violent coughing preceded by a burning itch...
Avatar n tn My 16 month old son has had cold purple hands, feet and lips off and on for the past few days. He does have a cold, and has been raspy/wheezy at times, and coughing only a bit. His classroom at daycare is somewhat cool, but usually kept at around 70 degrees. (I work at the Childcare center, so I know the regulation of the heat around the building throughout the day.) None of the other children are experiencing this phenomenon, so therefore I am a bit worried.
Avatar f tn Our son is a bottemless pit when it comes to eating. Last weekend he was coughing violently and was put on zithromax thinking it was a sinus infection. However, how his cough, while subsided, sounds horrible. I heard a commercial for pertussis and that's how his cough sounds! Would whooping cough make him not want to eat? He takes two bites of something and that's it. No fever, very active, some diarrhea, and this 'cough'.