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Avatar f tn Hey ladies just curious what you all are doing to relieve your colds I am coughing so much and my daughter keeps moving around and I feel guilty like I'm keeping her up by coughing so much.
Avatar m tn headache ,i took medicine and fever went away , but but headache and cough was present ,after 3-4 day of coughing in morning coughing up blood then went to doctor and dignosed with chest cold ,it was rainy day and also temprature was low , then took medicine and cough went away. now today after 3 months of exposure feel two swollen lymph nodes in neck behind the ear , I have hiv symptoms ????????
Avatar n tn Cough, chest tightness and breathlessness the three symptoms are the triad of symptoms for Asthma. It is a disease affecting the lungs causing narrowing of the airways, usually due to an allergic reaction to triggering factors. Therapy is with bronchodilators which cause the airways to dilate. Your symptoms could also be due to COPD or Bronchiectasis. The other causes could be due to Bronchitis or Cystic fibrosis.
1679858 tn?1346765181 I am assuming the coughing has caused the headaches/symptoms to flare. Does this mean they will flare temporarily, due to the coughing, or does it mean that I will be living with this increased number of headaches from now on. What has been your experience?
Avatar f tn Last Friday I got bad nasal congestion, stopped and runny nose, and sinus pressure and some sneezing and coughing. Sunday I developed a mild fever off and on not going over 99.7. Then I began coughing up some yellow mucus and have had pressure in my ears making it difficult for me to hear.i don't have any swollen glands or anything.. just worried about the mild fever. I know things are going around due to season change, but I have herpes and I'm terrified of hiv.. any help please?
7596124 tn?1394671431 I've been coughing every night for about a week now and it's causing me to lose sleep and puke. DoCtor said it's allergies but it's ONLY when I laydown. What can I do oor take?
Avatar f tn For the past 9 months I have been coughing when I talk and breathe I have a coughing fit my Dr sending me to have a breathing test I told my Dr it's my throat when I swallow I can feel something.
Avatar f tn Last Friday I got bad nasal congestion, stopped and runny nose, and sinus pressure and some sneezing and coughing. Sunday I developed a mild fever off and on not going over 99.7. Then I began coughing up some yellow mucus and have had pressure in my ears making it difficult for me to hear.i don't have any swollen glands or anything.. just worried about the mild fever. I dont have aches or pains.
Avatar n tn It started since February . End of february they stopped to coughing and it gone away. But after one week since they were better, it started sudenly. I am worring why it hapening again in short period of time. My 3 age son coughs at night a lot and during day same.
Avatar n tn Started in cold weather (travelling outside of Florida in cold climate). No other symptoms. Seemed to be only chest tightness, and an almost constant dry cough- rarely productive. I was already taking antihistamine daily for allergies. Went to the doctor after about 30 days. He gave Asmanex, a Medrol 6 day dose pack, Nexium, and upped to an ant-histamine with decongestant (Claritin-D generic equivalent.
Avatar f tn does asthma cause any other symptoms besides the coughing and wheezing ,chest tightening .
Avatar f tn A couple of days after he started coughing heavily and hacking up phlegm, I began to show similiar symptoms. However, mine seem to be steadily getting worse as the days go by. I experience several bouts of heavy coughing that can last anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes while coughing up mostly clear phlegm with some of it a sea green color and at other times tinged pink - though this is rare. One out of ten coughing fits ends with me vomiting ....
Avatar n tn )- the cough and phelgm still continue today day 24- still have the hacking cough with clear phelgm and tender around the neck area ( I dont think I have swolen glands but I really couldnt be sure) I cant find any info on the web that puts coughing and runny nose as ars symptoms but it is definately clear that the sore throat and stiff neck are symtoms of ars, but diferent sites say different things, the yellow phelgm worries me as I read on one web site that this is a sign of an immune syste
Avatar f tn I was in the same boat a week ago. I ended up going to a cvs care clinic once the coughing hit and she said robittussein dm for the coughing, tylenol for the headache and benadryl if i felt stuffy and sleep. It helped until the cough got bad and then she prescribed me tesalon perles? She was pregnant and said she has used them to help with the coughing too.
Avatar m tn In addition to the fever I had a headache, coughing, sneezing, sore throat (but it seemed due to heavy coughing as it only really hurt when I coughed) and I felt as if I would vomit. The fever never returned but up to three nights after this initial occurrence I would sweat at night and I could not attribute it to any fever or anything else at this juncture. I test regularly but with my last high risk incident being so close to now, it is too early to have any definitive results.
7169697 tn?1389437534 It dosent hurt the baby,i had a bad cold early in my second trimester and my throat was so sore,my cough was bad,i took Tylenol cold n flu which hepled the symptoms a little but what helped me was drinking warm tea in the mornings and right before bed
Avatar f tn Do my symptoms sound like I should be worried? The coughing and sore throat came around 6 weeks post possible exposure...
Avatar f tn My 3 year old son coughing since beginning of june. Then around july he cough more usualy in the morning time when we home. But when we go to the store he didnt cough at all. I got allregies medison but he still coughing. I dont know qhat to do now. We took him the docter and she tell us to get allragies medison too. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!
Avatar n tn Coughing from heart disease and especially coughing at night is a symptom of Congestive Heart Failure. Congestive Heart Failure can give a dry cough or produce white or clear mucus. Has he been retaining any water around his abdomen? If he is, it would be suspicious for left side congestive heart failure which would be more serious than right side congestive heart failure.
Avatar n tn hi! my fiance has been having the same symptoms as your friend's daughter. sorry to tell you but until now, we are also in limbo. the doctors have suggested and treated him for allergies, asthma and acid reflux but nothing works. good luck on our quest to find the answers!
Avatar n tn I have no other symptoms other than shortness of breath and skin rash or arms/lymph node swollen..etc my weight is pretty consistent.... But I am extremely worried that I may have advanced HIv infection....please give me your opinion...I am afraid to go to doctor for hiv testing...this is something I can't take it if I find out if I have hiv disease...
Avatar f tn I am now in the hospital and have had 2 broncopcopies in 4 days. The dr says I have a very bad infection in my lungs. I am on constant anti drips and solumedral intravenously. The phelgm first started deep in my throat and i would awake with a big lump every morning. i am coughing and my middle back kills me. They don't know how to stop the coughing. Today they did a sonagram on my heart and i am still here in the hospital.
7301641 tn?1391016954 cold symptoms like sore throat don't last that long. Coughing and congestion do. Wouldn't hurt to rule out other stuff.
Avatar m tn I have also been coughing with some congestion. All of this after about seven days ago having received oral sex where blood was present. are these signs of HIV?
Avatar n tn if you were exposed how long before you would show flu like symptoms? 2weeks, 4 weeks, 8 weeks, etc.
Avatar m tn m suffering from HIV anxiety even though I had a protected exposure with little to no risk after reading symptoms I started feeling a tickle in my throat and was coughing.....seems now I am coughing for no reason throughout the day and ending up with a sore throat. I wake up in the morning and my throat is fine....but soon after I think about coughing.....I do and continue to do so through the day and then AGAIN I have a sore throat at the end of the day. Has a anyone else experienced this?