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Avatar m tn tingling in my ears now and then, i had a hiv test post 28-35 days after this with negative result but am still geting all the symtoms am at breaking point she has been having a few headachces also frequent burping ,also coughing . i have had no fever but she had a few bad nights. are young son offten share the bed , the last few weeks his happy mood has changed. i now this all sounds mad . please help.
Avatar f tn Hi i have a 12 year old male staffie who has had 4 seizures over the past 4/5 months other than this and a few fatty lumps he eats well runs around and is very happy but for the past few days has started coughing normally first thing in the morning and when excited cough sounds like he has some thing stuck in his throat any advice ??
230262 tn?1316645934 I don't know exactly how to describe it, sort of demented (oh that sounds like me!) really. I just googled and found "sounds of the fox", it's the first entry that comes up and has some wav files, the "fox calling out" is the one I'm talking about if you want to hear. Spooky when it's nearby because it's really loud.
Avatar f tn It all sounds very normal yes but always run any worries you have by your midwife just to put your mind at rest
Avatar m tn I had a dry and itching throat, so it makes me coughing for about 3 weeks, what should I do?
Avatar m tn My 5 year old miniature schnauzer is 5 years old. She has started coughing and is becoming more frequent. It is almost a panting cough? She also has a bad odor. Which has been going on for a month or two.(odor). I have listened to her chest with a stethescope and she is breathing fast and it sounds thick and dry. I thoguht it was maybe just a case of dust because we mulched leaves (oak and pecan) and we didn't have a bag on the mower and it got pretty dusty.
Avatar m tn I realize all probably low risk.
Avatar n tn Sounds like you might have a mild case of allergy related athsma. Try taking an allergy medicine for a week and see if that helps. It doesn't sound like you have any mucus, so the cold medicines wouldn't work. My children have allergy related athsma. They rattle when they sleep and mostly just when sleeping or exercising. They also have a cough. I even had one child who always sounded like her nose was stuffy and had bad breath, that went away with the allergy medicine.
Avatar n tn If I see someone on the sidewalk a block away, he will be fine until comes next to me and he will start coughing ect.
Avatar f tn Currently, there is only a cough on exertion and I am not coughing anything up (even with taking mucinex as my dr recommended). I does feel like there is something to cough up in my throat, but it doesn't ever seem to come up with throat clearing or coughing. What does come up seems totally clear. I have been feeling very out of breath and have extremely labored breathing at the slightest bit of activity (like walking from my car inside). I also have noticed (possibly related?
Avatar n tn Sounds like you may need to check in with your physician, especially given the wheeze which has developed. Without knowing more about your husband's health (chronic health conditions, smoker, etc), it is hard to say why he is still coughing, though the Riba does list cough as a side effect. Keep in mind that Ribavirin has a long half-live, and it takes up to 6 months to completely eliminate all the drug from the body. Even so, a worsening cough sounds like a reason to call the doc.
Avatar f tn She is eating and drinking without an issues also. It sounds as if she is coughing up phlem but nothing ever comes up. Her breathing is fine, never gasps for air and there has been no voimiting either. She sleeps most of the night with out coughing. It sounds like kennel cough but I am pretty sure it is not! She is an inside dog and we have a fenced in yard. She is only around our other dog who has no coughing issues at all.
254714 tn?1316613355 like my left side so my husband was hearing my heart and says its sounds like a torando in there is that normal....looking for a new cardiologist closer to me..
Avatar f tn I have had a chronic cough for 4 weeks now and still coughing. Just yesterday after I coughed, my right side rib was hurting alot. It hurts to move, breathe, and cough. The pain also goes to my back on the right side and up to my armpit. Is it possible that I have cracked a rib from coughing too hard?
Avatar m tn Cough all the time,and have a rattle in my chest and throat,get winded when I walk ,,,the sounds that my breathing makes wakes me up I have tried allergie meds ,,,doesn't help I do use an inhaler I use a lot ,but they vwas given to me three hrs ago due to a cold
5967085 tn?1377539802 My Chihuahua is 11 years old and she has been coughing for about 5 months now. This is not a reverse sneeze, it is more like a dry hacking cough and then she will wheeze for several minutes (about 10 minutes on average). She sounds like she is in pain and she cannot breath properly during those spells. Her cough is especially prevalent during the night and morning. She will have coughing spells throughout the day as well (around once every two hour).
Avatar n tn For about a year, I have had a continual problem with coughing and clearing my throat that is so bad, that I sometimes cannot speak at public functions (part of my job.) Sometimes I cant even clear my throat no matter how hard I try. Every morning within 1 minute of getting out of bed, I have a coughing fit. However, I never have chest pain associated with heartburn. My doctor says maybe it is post nasal drip but a daily nasal steroid spray and daily Zyrtec didnt help.
Avatar f tn Does coughing make the herniation of the cerebellar tonsils worse? I am have nasal congestion and the drainage is causing me to cough. It is causing me tremendous pain and I feel as if my head is about to burst. I am taking meds and cough drops in order to prevent spells however, they persist. Will this worsen the chiari symptoms and herniation? Thank you for any resoonses I am new to this diagnosis and forum.
1190944 tn?1287628670 i had been coughing for weeks.. docs gave me all kinds meds... but belive this out not i smoke a little of some weed.. i havent coughed all day long...
Avatar f tn t know that coughing is NOT NORMAL till i took him and found out he had pneumonia. What I was told is unless your cat is coughing up a hairball, coughing is not normal; and the impaired breathing definitely sounds like something is not right-please bring your cat to the vet right away.
1232362 tn?1333135406 Please know that coughing (unles it's a hairball) or panting is NOT ok in your cat. We had an upper resp, virus go through our house and 2 cats were fine. The 3rd I thought had mucus in his throat or trouble breathing due to stuffy nose like the rest and didn't realise his distress till he coughed up a frightening gob of green phlegm. Bob spent last night @ the vet w/pneumonia. happily (so far-say prayers for my boy) all signs looking good for him and he's coming home tonight.