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5154295 tn?1372284196 I haven't got the pain from coughing but I've gotten it from sneezing.
Avatar f tn (I feel like i can sneeze or cough out the baby.
Avatar f tn You're going to be sore down there eventually regardless lol. I'm 22 weeks and baby weighs a pound and sometimes it HURTS lol she gets like in my pelvis and OW. Everything is stretching so soreness is normal. And yes, sneezing and coughing can make you sore lol. Even if you don't have coughing fits and pull a muscle, you're already tender so a cough or sneeze can yank a ligament and hurt a bit.
Avatar f tn ve had a cold for the past week and must have pulled a dozen stomach muscles coughing and sneezing. Not sure if it affects going into labour, probably no such luck!
Avatar f tn thank you both !
7131686 tn?1390054441 What ***** even worse is still trying to recover and heal from an 8 inch incision in that area and sneezing and coughing from a head cold lol.
Avatar f tn Does anyone else find sneezing uncomfortable? Does it hurt for anyone?
Avatar f tn I always have awful pain in my back when coughing or sneezing. It drives me nuts! That's why I do everything in my power to stay clear of colds, etc. With me, it has to do with a herniated lumbar disk. Do you have something like that? If not, I wonder if there's something going on in your lungs. I know sometimes the pain in the lungs can feel like its coming from the back. Maybe you should call your Dr and at least tell him the symptoms. Good luck and hope you feel better soon!
Avatar n tn im 19, i have been having issues like coughing and sneezing since i was 6 months. it was on going didnt find the right medicine to cure it. since a year back i have been sneezing every time i wake up in the morning. i always rush to drink a piriton its for allergies. my doctor told to stay away from my dog, but i cant do that. so, anything i could do t get rid of sneezing and coughing? i have allergies for dust and pollen too.
Avatar n tn Thanks! She says she keeps sneezing and coughing is that any sings? I'm sorry I just worry... She is on the pill and I just don't think I'm ready yet... But we just don't want to be scared to have a little fun...
Avatar n tn Hi, I'm 21 years old, male at around 65 kgs. My girlfriend is of the age (more on this later) I just have a few questions regarding pneumonia, and how easily (or difficult) it is transmitted in healthy young adults. Context: My girlfriend's aunt recently got hospitalized due to pneumonia, and my girlfriend has been taking care of her for about 3 days now. Now this may sound stupid and selfish, but my concern is her and me catching pneumonia too.
Avatar n tn i see few rapidly floating floaters and my vitreous keeps sloshing around all the time on eye movement.So can coughing or sneezing cause further complications like retinal tears or pulls????? These sneezes are inevitable during cold or allergies.
Avatar f tn Same here, but add tinkling a little lol. Every since my first child I tinkle when I sneeze...
Avatar f tn This whole sneezing and my muscles getting strained in my stomach HURTS -.- don't last long at all but damn does it hurt. Doesn't happen every time though ive been told from many on here its normal. Any of you experience it?
1909286 tn?1379435137 I know for the 7+ yrs I was on methadone it seems like I never coughed at all. I know sneezing is part of the withdrawal, but coughing? I'm not sick at all, I know it probably sounds strange, but has this happened to any of you?........thanks in advance!...........
Avatar n tn 31 weeks and sneezing is no fun... Makes my belly hurt. It hurts as the sneeze starts and I uncontrollably breath in really deep (sometimes it stops the sneeze), and then after I sneeze my belly tightens up for maybe up to a minute and hurts for just a little while after. A coworker said it was braxton hicks.... Either way I'd just like to stop sneezing but I don't see that before my allergies go away for the summer.
6333619 tn?1386598382 It is to early for round ligament pain.. and it's generally felt on your right side. It's likely just your body going threw chances! My first pregnancy I don't remember ever getting aches or pains.. this pregnancy I have had them from about 6w on.
Avatar f tn Anyway the coughing I do not notice nor do I notice myself sneezing while out and about. I just wondered if it could be that people get allergies from the furnace being turned on and if wheezing comes along with it? Scares me to death the symptoms. The cardiologist noticed my slight wheezing when I was there a week ago. He didn't say much about it though. (I have tachycardia, low blood pressure and the blood is pooling into my legs - in which is why I see a cardiologist).
Avatar f tn Until then try to giving some rest to the neck (?!), and hold your head with both your hands while coughing or sneezing so that it doesn't 'shake-up' your neck. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn When I was around 30 weeks I was sick and sneezing and coughing were so painful to my uterus. It's like every little thing affects your uterus when you're pregnant. Now I'm 37 weeks and if I happen to sneeze, I nearly pee myself.
4234155 tn?1352858962 t go through bad withdrawals at all. But past few daysmy nose running, I sneezing and coughing. I think it feels like I am getting a head cold but thinking maybe just part of the withdrawal process? Or maybe both? Is it normal for this 8 days in?? Pretty annoying anyway. But both my boys have runny noses and sneezing to, thats why I think its just a cold. But other than feel ok, no cravings today :) looking forward to tomorrow, going ice skating!! One day at a time!
Avatar f tn it is normal to have pain when coughing sneezing or stretching in the pelvic region underneath the bellybut if the pain continues I would consult a doctor usually the signs of miscarriage are it's unbearable pain and bleeding so if she doesn't have that I think she should be good
Avatar f tn my baby is 8 months old he has been on soy milk since he was born.... about a week ago he started vomiting everytime i fed him bottle and when i wouldnt give him the milk he wouldnt vomit so i took him to the dr. and they told me to try another milk so i gave him advanced formula and he was drinking it fine but later on in the night he started getting diarreah. And about 2 days later he started coughing and coughing and sneezing ....
Avatar f tn Are you coughing? Sneezing? Throwing up when it happens? Or are you just randomly peeing yourself without knowing you have to pee?