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Avatar f tn I had slight shortness of breath then, not troublesome at all. I was prescribed metroprolol. Shortness of breath was much worse; soon I was in the ER, feeling that I couldn't breathe. In March, I had AVR with a xenograft, no problems. But two weeks later shortness of breath took me to ER again, after which my surgeon Dx orthostatic hypotension and metroprolol was discontinued.
Avatar m tn Here in Florida an ENT dr once gave me a shot (I dont remember what it was) and all the coughing and yawning and shortness of breath went away in just a few days. I am now looking for that doctor .... to help me again because most doctors would think you're crazy and all this is in your head. 30 years ago and ENT rd told me it is all coming from your sinuses being infected. ...
Avatar m tn Here in Florida an ENT dr once gave me a shot (I dont remember what it was) and all the coughing and yawning and shortness of breath went away in just a few days. I am now looking for that doctor .... to help me again because most doctors would think you're crazy and all this is in your head. 30 years ago and ENT rd told me it is all coming from your sinuses being infected. ...
Avatar f tn It's now a week and I'm sill short of breath I was wondering if this is okay, or should I go to the hospital again.
Avatar n tn after 8 days of antibotics, shortness of breath seems to have gotten worse, Friday nite in ER no resolution, gave me an inhaler does not do anything. also had a ct-scan/radio active to rule out a clot, report says I have a right upper lobe nodular opacity.? what is that could not find info >no acute disease in the chest are these all signs of the pneumonia ? coughing has subsided. never had a fever, just felt like a broken rib from all the coughing. little pain now.
Avatar n tn I feel like my head is in a fog sometimes after I take the Toprol, and I still have the shortness of breath sparadically throughout the day. Some days I do not have shortness of breath at all. It is really strange. The coughing just started about a month ago. What is your input or thoughts on this problem. My best friend is also on Toprol and she too has the shortness of breath and the cough.
Avatar n tn I felt fine again after going on the Uniphyl for a couple of days but now I am starting to feel the shortness of breath again and I am getting worried. I am not coughing, not wheezing like I usually do with an attack, and continue to work out on a regular basis. I just have a hard time catching my breath even going up a flight of stairs. It doesn't seem to be going away with medication. I have always had heart palpitations but they usually don't cause me to really even notice them.
Avatar f tn I havent been able to exercise, go for walks, or anthing like that because of this shortness of breath and funny feeling at the top of my chest. Does anyone know what this could be?
454966 tn?1225162361 It feels like my lungs aren't working right and i can't get a good breath and my heart will be beating irregular. Does anyone with sleep apnea get shortness of breath during the day also?
Avatar f tn I would mention it to your OB next time you see them but unless you are dizzy, light headed feeling faint from the shortness of breath I wouldn't worry too much.
Avatar n tn Milk of Magnesia + 1 capful Miralax for constipation)and Florastor. About 5 weeks ago, began having shortness of breath (during cold period). This was not unusual as my asthma has difficulty during cold temps and my allergies have problems due to dust allergies and mold. Was told to increase inhaler to 2 puffs/2x day by general doctor. Did not seem to help. Continued feeling short of breath at rest and when walking around.
Avatar n tn For some their only symptom is a dry cough. What other symptoms do you have outside of shortness of breath? Most people with lung issues often have a cough, chest tightness, and wheezing is certainly common. If you question your asthma diagnosis, then did you did a "methacholine" challenge test? If you tested positive for this one, you have definitely asthma..
Avatar n tn Since the begining of fall I have had the reaccoring cough that would start off like a cold but maybe 3 days later all other symptoms go away and I left coughing for 2 3 4 week at a time. Also i have shortness of breath. Sometimes right out of nowhere. Or with very little action at all. My fMily has started to say I breathe heavily. And it now jus starting to be a little irritating. My cough goes from being 3-10. N range from being a dry cough n and productive cough.
Avatar n tn Some people have chest tightness, shortness of breath, or coughing. With asthma there is swelling along with tightness in the airways of the lungs. Albuterol works on the tightness, but does nothing for the swelling. You may need an inhaled anti-inflammatory medicine that will work on the swelling before you will start to feel better.
Avatar m tn This did help the GERD and stopped the night coughing but it did nothing to cure my shortness of breath after exertion. I complained again to the doctor and was sent to a pulmonologist who also gave me an inhaler. This didn't work (again) and I was sent to a cardiologist who ran me through an EKG, stress test, echocardiogram before and after exertion (I almost felt like passing out during the treadmill test). Everything came back as normal except for PVC heartbearts. Once again, no answers.
Avatar f tn ” It is very possible that you could have yet another reason for shortness of breath, such as the asthma you mention. Before attributing your shortness of breath to an emotional cause, you should have a good examination of your lungs, a chest x-ray and pulmonary function tests (PFTs), to rule out the diagnosis of asthma. This could be done by your primary care physician or by a pulmonologist, commonly called a lung specialist. Good luck.
Avatar m tn is slowly but surely making your world smaller and smaller. Because of your fears of the shortness of breath and possibly the anxiety associated with that, you no longer drive very far from home nor do you drive alone. You have stopped going out, you have stopped flying and even if you do force yourself to go out with friends, you don't enjoy yourself.
Avatar n tn I went to a Cardiologist who diagnosed the pvc's as benign ( I had holter monitor and echo stress test) and as of recently they have subsided. However, the shortness of breath has not, it may actually be worse. It's like I feel like i am constantly not getting good air. I had a pulmonary function test and chest x-ray which were both ok. I think my Doctor is leaning towards this being anxiety related, but would anxiety give you shortness of breath 24/7?
Avatar f tn Hello, It's now been more than three weeks I experience constant (each second of the night and day) shortness of breath. It progressively slipped into my existence in the form of recurring episodes that lasted a few hours, and become more and more frequent with each passing day. Coming along with it was almost constant post-nasal drip, and periodic cough phases (I get an itchy throat once in a few days when the night comes) as well as a stuffy nose (my sense of smell is not affected).
Avatar n tn The overwhelming majority of people with asthma do wheeze. This raises the question of whether there is a cause for your shortness of breath, other than asthma. Pulmonary function tests (PFTs) that include an inspiratory flow volume loop could help answer this question. PFTs done before and after inhaling a bronchodilator drug can identify asthma.
Avatar f tn I also looked up the syptoms of an allergy to the formaldehyde found in carpet and the short term effects are flu like symptoms, and the long term effects are shortness of breath, chest pains or tightness, cough and weezing!! It all fits! I sure hope this is it because I want to get better before allergy season starts back up!!
Avatar f tn My guess is that you probably had some underlying anxiety about the move, and as it started presenting itself in the form of shortness of breath, your anxiety quickly worsened. I think you should seek out some therapy, and start working toward learning how to try to dismiss those "what if" thoughts. Also, distraction is HUGELY helpful in the management of anxiety.
Avatar m tn I have had since cutting down my pills a constant pain in my chest and the constant feeling of shortness of breath is horrible. I know its psychological but that doesnt help whilst in the throes of one of these attacks and if an attack really takes hold of me I get tongue rolling and twitching which can go on for days. Breathing into a paper bag does nothing for me. What a relief to find this forum.
Avatar m tn But there are certain types of congenital heart defects and post-operative changes that could affect the way blood flows and how well blood is oxygenated that could cause shortness of breath or cough.
Avatar f tn Usually patients have symptoms of palpitations or heart racing in the chest, decreased exertional capacity or some shortness of breath. If he had none of these symptoms then when he is having a cold and doesn't feel well he can always get an EKG to check. Finally one can also be a BP ambulatory monitor to see what the pulse is and whether or not it is very irregular either with the cuff or by checking it at the wrist.
Avatar n tn Asthma can present with cough, shortness of breath, wheezing and chest tightness, any of which can be brought on by various triggers, such as exercise, allergies, cold air, strong emotions. Another common cause of cough is GERD. Do you have any symptoms of reflux, such as heart burn? For some individuals their only symptom is a cough, triggered by the stomach contents making it's way into the esophagus.