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Avatar f tn Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, coughing..the full shabang! Any home remedies to help put an end to this?? I try to steer clear of meds whenever possible.
Avatar n tn I read your write up on breast pain can you tell me what you ended up finding out as I am having the exact same burning pain of multiple points right in the breast tissue almost like nerve endings?
Avatar m tn I hand her tissue after tissue telling her not to swallow the throat mucus, and ask her to blow her nose or throw it up. I have had her hold her breathe for a second or two to give the gag reflex a break in pattern. I tried gently putting a teeny dab of menthol under nostril. Of course I have patted, rubbed and changed to different areas on her fragile bent over back (osteoporosis). I tried a sip / drop of water and finally an ice cube and hammer to make ice chips.
Avatar n tn All pet scans are clear and x-rays clear still I have a cough that sometimes is that of a heavy smoker. Coughing brings up clear mucus. Other than this cough I feel great. Any suggestions on how to take care of the cough?
Avatar m tn My nova scotia duck tolling retriever has been coughing on and off for years. Sometimes it brings up phlegm; other times not. We know she has allergies to ragweed, grass, weeds, flaxseed. Her food contains nothing that she's allergic to. I understand that her allergies may act up in the summer, but her coughing is year-round (we live where we have winter from Nov.-Mar. so the grasses are dead part of the year).
Avatar f tn My doctor inserted a pelvic sling at the time, the recovery period for the first month was very painful but all seemed to be so much better until about a week ago. I now have very sharp pain on coughing or sneezing and have a really full feeling in my pelvis (I had a hysterectomy done 15yrs ago so it is not uterine discomfort) and I am getting really sever pain on any internal bowel movements way before I actually need to go.
Avatar n tn I had a tonsillectomy in late june where I have had swollen glands and a sore throat since. My surgeon said it was normal due to scar tissue. But in late Septemper / early October I started having a cough with mucus and phlegm, and it has been with me since. I wanted to know if anybody knows if it is a normal part of tonsillectomy recovery? I read it takes a year to recover completely, but does that include coughing?
Avatar m tn My boyfriend had a stint put in a valve5 years ago.and recently when he starts coughing real hard.he passes out it looks like it is more like a seziure.Does anyone know what this an be. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/867450'>Heart stoppage</a>.
789910 tn?1236878388 after i stopped smoking it, i eventually finished coughing hopefully all that stuff out. my voice got back or closer to normal. crack is the quickest way down and i'm not sure if it has a bottom for alot of people. please keep posting.
Avatar n tn Syncope is the medical term for "passing out" and fainting or passing out with harsh coughing is not uncommon, whatever the cause of the cough. The cough may be due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but you should not assume that. If you smoke cigarettes or marijuana, that could be the cause. But, you should check out the cough with your doctor on this and, at least, have a chest x-ray. Most chronic coughs can at least be controlled, if not totally eliminated.
Avatar f tn This evening when I went to take a shower, I pulled out a huge brown clump of tissue. I examined it but did not see any sign of a fetus. What is going on???? I am so worried and have been in tears all day.
393685 tn?1425812522 I have this too but if it means not having cancer, its something I can live with. I too have been told scar tissue but am also wondering about my tonsils since I snore now since RAI. In your case, I'd go for the ultrasound. I get a full body ultrasound every year and it can detect my scars from previous surgeries, cysts, solid masses and calcifications.
Avatar f tn I have had a cold/sinus infection for the past 2 weeks. The urgent care doc gave me antibiotics and they finally started kicking in last weekend. Then Saturday night I started coughing really bad, and it's gotten a little better since, but I am still coughing and blowing my nose like crazy. Today at work when I had to blow my nose I felt like I had to put my whole body into it to get all the "stuff" out!
Avatar n tn My 12 yr. old pug has been coughing for 3 months. I have been to two different vets and together they have ruled out collapsed trachea, kennel cough, pneumonia and heart disease. He has been on several different antibiotics and steriods. He is still eating as usual and the coughing seems to be worse at night. They are not productive coughs just dry hacking coughs. I am running out of ideas and am desperate for answers.
4516107 tn?1356304067 I'm sick with an upper respiratory infection and have been coughing so much I have pains in my lower region and just went to go to the bathroom and had blood when I wiped and tissue( like uterine lining when you have your period) in the toilet.
Avatar f tn I started coughing Saturday, February sixth. Felt like typical coughing but it started getting bad on Monday, the eighth. Tuesday morning i started coughing up blood, looked clotted.. it was darker. Well, a week later, today i still am coughing up blood in the morning. It actually has had some bright, fresh, blood in it but it isn't in that big of quantities. It's the sixteenth and i've been wheezy since the eighth.
Avatar f tn Have you been ill recently? Lung granulomas typically means clumps of chronically inflamed tissue due to fungal or bacterial infection or can be caused due to a foreign body in the lung, irritation of the lung tissue, etc. Do you know if it is calcified or not? Granulomas are not cancer. Your bra should not interfere with the test. We wish you the best.
Avatar m tn Also usually there is a pulsation felt on coughing if you place your palm above it while coughing. It can even be a skin tag—again this will be a localized thing. Please consult your PCP for primary examination. Take care!
Avatar f tn First time I saw this she turned red in a coughing fit and passed out, fell to the floor. But my goodness, while driving? Is her Blood pressure falling or sky rocketing?
Avatar m tn On and off, right side of my nose would bleed, but not bleeding like dropping out, instead it was bloody mucus inside the nostril. Ocassionaly i would cough up some blood, normally just a tiny red spot. I went to the hospital a month ago, done a chest x ray again, it came clear, done colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and upper endoscopy which said my membrane is vulnerable with spotty bleeding at touch, but it didnt explain blood in mucus. So after that i went to a Sinus and nasopharynx MSCT scan.
Avatar n tn Husband has spells where he gets a build up of sinus drainage, then starts coughing very deeply, he turns bright red and passes out and shakes like he is having ceasures. He has spent 6 days in a VA Hospital, with them running a battery of tests and they never actually diagnosed the problem. He has a nebulizer the sent home with him and albeutrol solution for the neb. (uses 4 times a day with the albeuterol) , also has proventil rescue inhaler, and a ton of different medications.
Avatar f tn I have also brought up stringy stuff from my chest that looks like lung tissue, when coughed into a tissue it makes a small T shape. I haven't been to the doctor about it yet, as i have a fear of taking up a doctors time when someone with something more serious could be being seen to. I also have a fear of them turning round and saying there's nothing wrong with me and i've wasted their time.
Avatar f tn meanwhile I went to my primary care dr who put me on an antibiotic because he said he saw post nasal drip, but I wasnt coughing alot or blowing my nose as much. I still had the lump feeling in throat when I swallowed sometimes, it would come and go. they both checked my neck---nothing found on outer part of neck..Anyway I still felt sick after the barrium , still had the lump sometimes, had began getting lighter stools --expected from barrium---and was taking the antibiotic too.
Avatar f tn The wires are usually made out of stainless steel. They are actually just very heavy gauge sutures and are tied around the sternum. Deep breathing and coughing after surgery are unlikely to cause any infections or breaking in these, except in the first few days. After that granulation tissue starts to form in the sternum and muscles around this area which help to stabilize the area.
Avatar m tn something like prostaglandin induce mast cell tissue,it is called Mast cell tissue hyperplasia medically.The mast cell tissue release Histamine which spread to the air by some ways which cause allergic phen—.And I think the mast cell tissue is highly related to brown adipose tissu.Brown adipose is distributed in scapula,shoulder,neck, perineumIt.So,you might feel burning and scratch frequently in these place.Generally,I thought the instinct of PATM caused by histamine is immune system problem.
Avatar f tn My 18yr old son has acid reflux/ GERD he has changed his diet, he was taking Dexilant and has not seen a single change. He is constantly coughing and says he has the constant pain under left and right armpits,/Pectoral muscle. Can GERD cause this? I feel terrible and scared for him. He has been coughing for 4 weeks. I need to know, does anyone else have these symptoms? What did you find relieved them, if anything?
Avatar f tn t been coughing a whole bunch. today i noticed a bloody spot on the tissue where my tonsils used to be. it looks like a small open sore. should i be concerned about this and what can i do to help treat it?