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Avatar n tn I am now coughing up tar and needing to clear my throat every few minutes out of the day. Is there any way to suck up, clean out, or remvoe tar in the passage ways of my lungs? I have already started to eat healthy, exercise, and conduct deep breathing exercises, along with never smoking ever again. I was foolish however I have already been having breathing problems from everything and I am only 24 yrs old. What can I do to speed this process up?
Avatar m tn It was the tar and nicotine that was in his lungs. His body was trying to clear it out. It took years of coughing up this junk! Nothing like seeing a yucky brown smile first thing in the morning! Yuck!
Avatar f tn I need to know if this is normal, maybe just my body's way of clearing everything out. I quit smoking when I found out I was pregnant four months ago. I'll still occasionally have a puff or two but that's few and far in between. Since about the second or third week post quitting I started coughing up this weird white/gray phlegm that has a terrible, bitter acrid taste that coats my mouth and back of my throat almost like an oil. Similar to bronchitis sputum but not green or yellow.
Avatar f tn The black stuff is tar. It takes several months to get the tar out your lungs. And when you smoke, you stay sick much longer. I used to be a ciggarette smoker. I would stay sick for weeks and coughed up black stuff for about 3 or 4 months, even when I wasn't sick. My advice to you is to switch to electronic ciggarettes. The only chemical is nicotene. With the electronics, you can breath and function, and you don't smell bad. But you are fine.
Avatar n tn If I expectorate it and put it on my finger, I can rub it into my skin and its a noticeable oily tar browny tar like but then disintegrates. The blacker stuff is the same, just a more dense version of that. As I dont cough, I notice it the most right after a meal when the sputum comes up more (dont know why that is). I used to smoke heavily for 15 years but have currently quit and it is worse now than before.
Avatar m tn I too went through the same thing with the dry cough at first. It's confusing since logic tells you you should be coughing up tar; something at least. Some people do, but many don't and that's normal also. My chest was very tight for months and I wasn't able to give up my inhaler until around the 10 month mark. Like Teko said though, if it gets any worse, make an appt with your dr to make sure you don't have bronchitis or other issues.
Avatar m tn I have never been short of breath in my life, however since I stopped smoking, I find myself out of breath, at strange times, even when sitting at rest. Apart from that, I feel completely fine. Is this just part of stopping smoking? It seems to be very difficult to find information on the side effects of stopping smoking! Thanks, Richard.
Avatar n tn my lungs have been able to breathe much better all of that time, no problems, no coughing, now, all of a sudden, like within the span of two days, my lungs are bringing up junk. i went and got some mucinex the expotorant and cough suppressant type, and i can feel gunk, just coming up my lungs, its not helping and i've taken 4 of those today, should i use cough syrup ? is this normal ? the mucinex isn't putting an end to the stuff coming up.
Avatar m tn It was the tar and nicotine in your lungs, which your body was trying to clear out. And it will take you several months to get the tar out of your lungs. Continuing to smoke will make your condition worse. So I advise you to stop smoking and practice a healthy lifestyle, to avoid more health problems related to smoking.
Avatar f tn Tar?
Avatar n tn hi rob, i have that now and it's freaking me out!! went to doctors and i have a sinus infection,..the snot smell is so foul,..i feel as if it will never go away. i just had my upper wisdom teeth pulled and there is some type of corrilation(bad spelling) i've been reading online...ugh.
Avatar m tn That dry spot becomes extremely irritable and I start to cough, but when air passes it by it only irritates it more so basically the coughing becomes the very thing that produces the coughing. Tears immediately start to run from the eye on the same side of the dry patch in my throat. I can only stop it by drinking some liquid, but that sometimes will not work by itself and I also have to force myself not to cough.
Avatar m tn My boyfriend had a stint put in a valve5 years ago.and recently when he starts coughing real hard.he passes out it looks like it is more like a seziure.Does anyone know what this an be. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/867450'>Heart stoppage</a>.
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Avatar n tn Syncope is the medical term for "passing out" and fainting or passing out with harsh coughing is not uncommon, whatever the cause of the cough. The cough may be due to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), but you should not assume that. If you smoke cigarettes or marijuana, that could be the cause. But, you should check out the cough with your doctor on this and, at least, have a chest x-ray. Most chronic coughs can at least be controlled, if not totally eliminated.
442658 tn?1563386491 CONGRATS GRANDMAW, i told my oldest ( hes getting married next month) I cant wait for grand kids Im going to teach them everything that you and your brother did!!
Avatar m tn I wanted to know if there is any way to rinse of, flush down, or may be suck the tar out of my lungs every once in a while, to keep them tuned up. I do not plan to quit smoking, i just want to get my lungs cleaned every once in a while so i can maintain their health to some extent. May be you can suggest a way that deals with reducing tar on daily basis. some breathing exercises may be, that will cut off the accumulated tar slowly but regularly.
Avatar f tn First time I saw this she turned red in a coughing fit and passed out, fell to the floor. But my goodness, while driving? Is her Blood pressure falling or sky rocketing?
Avatar f tn someone in another post suggested, Tessalon Perles (need prescription). It works by reducing the reflex in the lungs that causes the urge to cough. I'm having the same problem, which is how I found this area. I'm going to talk to my doctor about it. My back is getting sore from the coughing. I can't even talk with out coughing. It's almost like an uncontrollable reflex. It's odd I don't cough at night, while sleeping. 2nd month of treatment.
Avatar n tn I've enjoyed less coughing and sneezing and my Asthma has got better since substituting about 50% of real cigarettes with E-Cig's These things deliver nicotine via an atomizer as you suck on the end of the cigarette-looking device.
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Avatar f tn Please if U know any remedies about PUPPS I need to know... I read a lot of articles & it scares the hell out of me... It says that only giving birth is the solution. It's like your pregnancy is attacking your body... Please advice.
Avatar n tn Husband has spells where he gets a build up of sinus drainage, then starts coughing very deeply, he turns bright red and passes out and shakes like he is having ceasures. He has spent 6 days in a VA Hospital, with them running a battery of tests and they never actually diagnosed the problem. He has a nebulizer the sent home with him and albeutrol solution for the neb. (uses 4 times a day with the albeuterol) , also has proventil rescue inhaler, and a ton of different medications.