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Avatar f tn What can you do to stop working, mine is from new work done on the bldg I work in.
Avatar f tn It has lessen down a great deal, but some mornings am coughing non stop. Is there something I can do without medication to stop this excessive amount of coughing?
Avatar n tn When I say uncontolable I mean she was coughing non stop for hours at a time. He put her on an antibiotic (zpack) and gave her cough medicine with codine. 5 days later she was not any better. Brought her back to the doctors and they did a test for whooping cough(have to wait 2 weeks for the results) and a chest x-ray, which was fine and put her on steriods. A week later she was still not better. She was seen by a pulmonary specialist this morning. They do not know whats wrong with her.
Avatar f tn Since 1991 from April to November I cough non stop. I have taken different inhalers over the years and am now trying Symbicort. I am under a specialist now and he has suggested I have reflux and he wants me to take medication for this. Since March this year I have had two courses of prednisone which seems to be the only thing to stop me coughing. BUT two weeks after I have stopped taking the prednisone I start coughing again.
Avatar m tn Coughing non stop throughout the day is not normal. I recommend you see a pulmonologist for further evaluation. Smoking can be a trigger that initiates the coughing episode. There are tests that can be done such as Pulmonary function test that can measure your lung capacity and assess for any lung disorders such as asthma or Chronic obstructive lung disease. Blood in your lung secretions isn't normal either.
Avatar m tn ve been coughing for two weeks now. It all started from me throwing up then a day later I started coughing non-stop. The coughing is starting to hurt my lower right and left abdominal region. I don't weather to go to doctor to get it check or just wait it out to allow it to heal.
Avatar f tn I am so glad I ran across this forum. Has anyone found a cure for this horrible life changin cough yet? My story is just like all the stories I've read in this forum so there is no need me repeating what I am going through. This has been going on for 5 months. I can't take it anymore. I can't talk without coughing and am peeing all over myself. I have to wear diapers 24/7. I have not insurance and no job so I can't go to all the specialist that can help me.
Avatar m tn Has a anyone else experienced this? How did you stop? Constantly coughing for no reason can aggravate the throat and cause it to be sore right? I am really feeling like I'm losing my mind!!!
Avatar m tn I had a dry and itching throat, so it makes me coughing for about 3 weeks, what should I do?
Avatar f tn ve coughing out phlegm non stop for the past two month. Its not bloody, but thick and green sometimes white and foam like. My chest also feels tight everytime i cough. I use the sprays and all but this problem is permanently there.
Avatar f tn I feel so horrible...I have the flu 28 weeks...
Avatar f tn My husband was just diagnosed with this due to high BP, he had a heart cath done yesterday and now he's home and has been coughing non stop. What can I do?
Avatar n tn I am a non-smoker, I have been coughing for the las month or so, this morning in the shower I started to spit black phlegm. Now I know this is not "normal". My father died from lung cancer at age 61, he was a smoker. I am using "Flovent" in the morning and "Ventolin" as needed. Any idea if that would stop by itself or should I see a doctor for stronger stuff? Thanks.
Avatar f tn You know there was this interesting case... A man was coughing non stop bc of a herniated disc in his spine.
Avatar f tn Call his doctor. Ask What should you expect upon completion of your heart catheterization? Are there any special precautions you should take?
Avatar f tn There was a weird case I saw with a man non stop coughing due to a spinal disc herniation pushing on a nerve causing the coughing.
Avatar f tn I was given an inhaler and Tylenol with codeine just for at night to help me sleep. I also suggest a good humidifier one that you can see the "steam" basically make yourself a tent, drink lots of water, and get the vicks handheld breather thing (sorry drawing a blank of actual name....) you put vicks pads in it and breath it in and nd it helps calm coughs and non will help open sinuses. I've had bronchitis 3 times this pregnancy.
Avatar n tn 30-6:30 this am. Still running a low-grade temp. No wheezing but is this asthma, allergy, virus? Are the guinea pigs causing all of this?
Avatar n tn My mom can't stop coughing,is really bad. But there's not one doctor that could figure out what is wrong with her. Is been a long time that she is been having this cough.Could it be she is allergic to some medicine.
Avatar f tn 30am coughing non-stop....coughing so much that he vomited! I gave him his Xopenex in the nebulizer, put him in the steamy bathroom, gave him a dose of the steroid. Throughout the day today, he did okay. He coughed, but not all that bad and he still took his Xopenex every four hours. Tonight he is in bed . . . Coughing! Any ideas? He is on so many meds, why doesn't anything stop this cough? If I was coughing like this I would have to take something to make it stop.
Avatar n tn Hello Terrikatt, It states you posted your comments 16 hours ago. I think it's time to get a second opinion. Don't know what proair is. I'm guessing it's an asthma medication. Asthma as you know can get quite serious. Perhaps you should seek medical attention for your daughter. By this I don't mean taking her back to the pediatrician. I think you might consider going to your nearest hospital and going to the emergency department.