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Avatar n tn hello, since a couple of months ago I have been feeling like tear, discomfort, in my right chest, & under arm. It is not bad but it is there, I think is due to yoga exercises I started to do with more strenght, like plank pose or chaturanga, where a lot of strenght is used by the hands and arms. Hopefully is that and nothing bad, but I am thinking to go to my dr. so I can get an X ray or some kind of exam. any suggestions? thank you............
Avatar n tn Then, after filing your nails down to the quick, dig into your stomach to massage out those muscle knots. Search for muscle knots and massage them out the same way you would massage a friend’s tight shoulders: hunting for the ‘good’ painful muscle, and then working on that. Try using the thumb of one hand and use the other hand to help apply pressure. Try massaging in 5-10 minute bursts a few times a day. If not immediately, you should see results within a few days.
7201693 tn?1389174191 can you tear or pull a muscle in your breast from coughing? I have asthma and COPD and I felt this searing pain in my right breast after huge cough and a bout of sneezing that followed.
Avatar n tn could all these things be linked, could i have a hyper allergic reaction to something which triggers of the coughing, hte violent coughing inturn has weakend the pshinter muscle in my chest and produced the hernia? could the acid reflux or the gas given off by the extra acid be now triggering the violent coughing fits? and inturn then damaging my vocal cords?.
Avatar n tn This is because I have a known disk with an annular tear in it in my thoracic spine and my local neurologist thinks the pain is coming from the tear. The muscle relaxer she gave me is not working and I am wondering where this is going to lead. Secondly, I am looking for help with my hip pain. I have scoliosis also and my left hip is 2 1/2 inches higher that my right. I believe an orthopedist may be able to help me with this. Something along the line of shoe insert maybe?
Avatar m tn I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it.
Avatar n tn I get this extremely bad knot in my left shoulder blade muscle area....between the blade and my spinal chord area... when i stuff envelopes or cook or fish.. it gets excruciatingly bad.. i know its just one of the muscles.. but why is it ONLY the LEFT side all the time and how can i minimize the pain because it gets to where i cant hold my head up sometimes.
Avatar m tn Is this similar to a muscle tear that will heal with time or is this something more serious. I am a 49 year old male, thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn I have COPD, today I started coughing, it was deeper than ususl, (sounded like a seal barking) I felt pain in my stomach like my muscles were getting sore, then in a series of hard coughing It felt something tore in my abb area, like I pulled a muscle, now there's a large lump that gets harder when I cough, there's no pain now when I cough, but it feels like it may tear right next to this one, is it anything I need to take a trip to the ER for?
Avatar m tn This sounds very much like muscular pain, strain or tear of the pectoral muscle. Think back and you may be able to re-call an activity that could have caused this. That, however, would not give you a cough. If the cough and the pain began at the same time, or nearly so, you should have your doctor examine your chest and get a chest x-ray, just to be sure there's nothing going on inside your chest.
Avatar n tn later that night this one spot in the middle of my ribcage feels very sharp. Its only on my right side, i dont know if its a muscle tear, my lung, or my rib. It a very very sharp pain. Ive had this feeling before when you pull a muscle and you have very short painful breaths, but this is all the time pain. Even when im just sitting. It hurts most when im moving. Do you think I got cinnamon in my right lung? should i go to the doctor? i feel very stupid, and wont do this again.
Avatar f tn I was given an injection of toradol and prescriptions for painkillers and muscle relaxers. Two days after that I am still having great pain and pinching down to my elbow. I have slight numbing and tingling, but mostly sharp pains with long dull aches. I have been an athlete all my life and have played softball for 20 years. If it is a muscle pull, it would be the worse I've had. I don't want to go see the ortho for just a strain, but to be honest, the pain in getting worse.
Avatar f tn Harsh coughing frequently results in chest or rib pain, usually due to muscle or ligament strain or tear, but sometimes from a fractured rib. Any of these might take as long as 1 to 4 weeks to resolve. Either the amoxicillin or the cough medicine could be responsible for nausea and stomach pain. By this time you should have finished the antibiotic and should use the cough syrup only when necessary, for example to enable you to sleep.
407807 tn?1235064236 no bulge but I can feel ,I think a tear in the muscle and slight protrution. Its been at least three days and I am taking it easy.But it is driving me crazy not being able to find anything similar in my searching.Thanks for your time .
Avatar f tn I've been having brutal pain (on a scale of 1-10, 10 being dying it's like an 8-9) I have a 4mm muscle tear on my side stomach muscle from a car accident. I was told ab muscles can take months n months to heal so I'm really worried, it's affecting my work, my child (it's hard to pick her up) sneezing, coughing hurts etc Anyways, I've been taking Advil 2 every 4 hrs. Today I bought some aleve n my gosh it's amazing. It worked soooo much better fir me.
Avatar n tn About a year or so ago I developed what was said to be a Labrum Tear in my right hip. I've bounced around from doctor to doctor because it takes a Specialist to take care of. However, during this time the doctors have wanted to make sure it is not something else before I have the Anthroscopy surgery. I have multiply symptoms that could be reflective of nerve pain in my back or anywhere. Amongst other joint/muscle pain, headache, diarrhea, ect... My symptoms would take up lots of space.
10844245 tn?1425036934 Omg i asked this last week ive had this pain for over a week my dr also said i pulled a muscle coughing i think i did but still it hurts way more than just a pulled muscle everytime i bend forward or down or even sitting down i feel like i tearing from the inside ive been to the dr to get ultrasounds twice last week and i will be going to a specialist on wednesday for another scan.. My doctor says shes not worried and that as long as my baby is active everythings fine.
Avatar f tn I have a rib that pops out of place when I cough too much or too hard. So, your coughing really does need to get under controll. Right now it is probably just muscle ache, but it is possible to tear a muscle, break a rib or dislocate a rib. Hang in there. I am sure you will get help.
Avatar f tn If I go for a few days with no sneezing or coughing, or blowing my nose then it subsides a little...but it comes back. I feel like there might also be a lump in there too, but can't really tell. The pain is mostly at the base and to the right of my neck. It is not raw or anything like my throat is's pain in the actual neck/tissue/cartilage or something. Has anyone ever had pain like this after sneezing. I am going to have to go to the dr because it is not going away.
Avatar m tn Hello and hope you are doing well. The type of pain described by you is more consistent with a mechanical back pain, where in with movements like changes in posture, coughing and sneezing the pain is aggravated. Cough and sneezing cause the muscles to contract as a protective mechanism around the injured part and hence the pain. This is more common with small fractures or a herniated disc. So, I would advise you to consult your doctor at the earliest to rule out a fracture.
Avatar m tn It is caused by having an extra muscle fiber in your heart that causes it to allow the heart to get caught in a loop. It can happen for any reason or what seems like no reason at all. You can try and get it to stop by holding your breath and bearing down like going to the bathroom, drinking a cold glass of water or coughing. Jumping up and down might break the signal as well.
Avatar f tn Most likely you tore or fractured rib-attached cartilage or a tearing of muscle from its attachment to ribs or costal cartilage. One muscle particularly prone to tear in this fashion is called, the internal oblique. One way to assess this possibility would be to obtain ultrasound imaging of the area in pain, called sonography. This allows for the radiologist to visualize the site and characteristics of the tear.
Avatar f tn My report says benign tonsillar ectopia and I have no syrinx, but the headaches are killing me .. Also I got c5c6 annular tear indenting the thecal sac, which ive done physical therapy to improve.
Avatar f tn a small tear in the blood vessels that travel up the neck to the brain. This can occur spontaneously in people with certain conditions that affect the blood vessels, after neck trauma (such as with coughing), or after chiropractic manipulation of the neck. The pain is often but not always associated with some sort of neurologic deficit as a dissection can often lead to a stroke. A dissection is diagnosed with a specific type of MRI test (MRA with fat saturation) or an CT angiogram.
Avatar n tn He did go on to say it was an inflammatory disorder, but he also stated that the muscle tear iright above the rib joint area along with my childhood asthma, the pnemonia and bronchitis that I had suffered earlier that week could have all been related. (The ER doctor even told me to try and avoid getting a bad cold because coughing can trigger the attacks.
Avatar f tn I had lost reflex in both legs and losing muscle in my right leg.He ordered another M.R.I., this one was worse then last year. He is now sending me to a neurosurgion.On the M.R.I. it report's, There are denenerative disc changes at L 4-5, and at L5-S1. Small posterior annular tear at L4-5 where there is a broad based disc buldging. A mild degree of lateral recess narrowing bilaterally.
1450484 tn?1284907731 I also have gastroparesis and a possible mitochondrial disorder (confirmed mutation in mtDNA but not a typical locus need a muscle biopsy to check the electron transport chain) that has affected my muscles and nervous system. My question is this: is there anything I should be concerned about with the feelings I have in my left lung/left side of the chest that are not there on the right? Normally it is a uniform feeling. Also, the cough is productive and the mucus is very hard to expell.
Avatar f tn org/wiki/Hiatus_hernia A hiatus hernia or hiatal hernia is the protrusion (or herniation) of the upper part of the stomach into the thorax through a tear or weakness in the diaphragm. Symptoms The symptoms include acid reflux, and pain, similar to heartburn, in the chest, and upper stomach. In most patients, hiatus hernias cause no symptoms. Sometimes patients experience heartburn and regurgitation, when stomach acid refluxes back into the esophagus.
5986700 tn?1380794980 What's the 411 on how long this lasts after opiate abuse.....also still sneezing and coughing, choking on my own scratchy throat, I had leave a store the other day, I thought I was going to cough up a lung. Any I'd appreciate anything at all, you can sugar coat it if you want, I don't mind.