Coughing mucus in the morning

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Avatar n tn Why do I keep coughing up mucus only in the morning? I don't have a stuffy nose either, just this problem in the morning. What is wrong with me?
Avatar n tn i can taste infection when i swallow and i keep coughing up mucus that has blood in it, what does blood in my mucus mean?
19501685 tn?1478887405 Blood in saliva - mostly morning littleonne I have been dealing with seeing blood in saliva (tiny specs - one or two, sometimes streaks) mostly in the morning. I have been to the doctors for CBCs, clotting times, have had 2 chest xrays and 1 chest CT scan - all normal per the pulmonologist. Never smoked. Suffer from Gerd but started taking omeprazole when this all started after going to the ER a couple of months ago.
19501685 tn?1478887405 t have any cough, but do feel mucus in my throat and I have to constantly be clearing my throat throughout the day. Doctor recently prescribed ranitidine before bedtime as my reflux is worse at night. Could the reflux be the cause for the blood? I get really scared when I see it, I have been really anxious about this and have actually gained weight from the stress.
19501685 tn?1478887405 I have been dealing with seeing blood in saliva (tiny specs - one or two, sometimes streaks) mostly in the morning. I have been to the doctors for CBCs, clotting times, have had 2 chest xrays and 1 chest CT scan - all normal per the pulmonologist. Never smoked. Suffer from Gerd but started taking omeprazole when this all started after going to the ER a couple of months ago. I also had an endoscopy done as well as a nasolaringoscopy where only irritation was found.
Avatar m tn if the blood is in your throat, it can be that at night as you're lying flat on your back the mucous is pooling in your throat. Maybe the blood is coming from your throat? You know, before I had my sinus surgery, I had a lot of mucous coming out of my nose and going down the back of my throat. The infected mucous irritated my throat so bad, that my adenoids were quite swollen. The ENT thought at first that was where the problem lies, and booked me in for surgery to get theme removed.
Avatar n tn my sister is a smoker for like 3 - 4 years maybe like 2 a day lately shes been coughing everyday 2-3 time a day and just this past 3 days shes been spiting blood in the morning what can this be we are very worried is smoking the cause of this
Avatar n tn There can be situations whereby infections or damage to the nasal cavity can cause minor bleeding, this then overnight has chance to pass down the pharynx into the trachea resulting in a 'bloodied' mucus. However, in this case it is impossible to make any form of diagnoses without knowing a little bit more about your situation. How long this has been going on for? Also do you smoke? Is the blood present as a pink mucus or as diluted blood (ie with saliva)?
Avatar f tn I cough up yellow mucus all the time and i wake up in the morning and my sinus is always blocked up. I have had this for about seven months. It recently started getting worse with a sore throat but i'm not sure if it is the flu or the infection. Should I go to the doctor? I went to the doctor a while ago and got antibiotics but it didn't help so I am wondering if i should go back to the doctor. Is it normal for people with asthma to have so much mucus that is yellow all the time?
Avatar f tn Then around july he cough more usualy in the morning time when we home. But when we go to the store he didnt cough at all. I got allregies medison but he still coughing. I dont know qhat to do now. We took him the docter and she tell us to get allragies medison too. Please help me solve this problem. Thank you!
Avatar f tn I have suffered from excess mucus which lodges in my throat for about 3+ years now. It causes me fatigue, and it interferes with daily life, e.g. coughing up mucus all day into sink, tissues, etc. It has not let up, except for about 2 days. I have gone to approximately six doctors and no one has determined the cause nor does anyone have any ideas. I have had a car load of tests run, e.g.
Avatar f tn As an asthmatic myself I do tend to get Bronchitis once in a while due to built-up mucus in the lungs. The cough starts out dry for a while, then eventually produces the mucus. When I get up in the mornings I always cough up a ball of hardened mucus that sometimes looks spaghetti-like. It's simply old mucus that's been sitting in my throat all night that I cough up in the morning. Mucinex taken with a whole cup of water helps me clear the nasty balls of mucus right up.
Avatar m tn mucus in my throat (it might last many months) and combined with a coughing (it will last again 3 months?). How hard my life is? I hate Mucus and/or coughing. Could you give me some ideas or encouragement? Kind regards.
Avatar f tn there is so much mucus that she coughs up everyday atleast 20x a day, this causes a problem in school, i really am at a there anything that will reduce the mucus build up? this is a constent problem, no helth insurnce sure dosent help, but I m doing what i can do for now trying to help her..any thoughts or help would be greatly appreciated. thank you! This discussion is related to silent GERD.
Avatar f tn About 9 months ago I started coughing really badly, I do feel mucus in the back of my throat but I did feel it before the cough started too. I have taken an allergy test. I’m allergic to dust mites. I have a heap filter in my room and I clean the house constantly and vacuum. About 5 months ago I went to my doctor about the issue they said it was bronchitis gave me a steroid inhaler which I used for the amount of time they prescribed. Got better for a month. Then it came back.
Avatar n tn i have had this cough for 2 months now and i would like to no that same question^^^^,when i cough it makes me vomit,and green and yellow flem comes out of my mouth i have been to the doctors and they have said its only hay fever or u have a lot of mucus , so they give me some tablets and the cough as not gone, i would like to what it could be and what could get rid of this cough i am really starting to worry now please some one right back
Avatar f tn I think it might be the cold virus plus the mucus. Maybe it'll get better in the 2nd trimester? Hahaha. Fingers crossed!
Avatar f tn You can try hot tea with honey and lemon- the honey soothes your throat and the lemon cuts through the mucus. Drink tons of water as that week also thin out any mucus. Sitting in the steam from a hot shower, like mentioned above, is helpful too as is a cool mist humidifier. For over the counter remedies Mucinex works wonders and is safe for pregnancy.
Avatar f tn If you have been experiencing this chesty problem for a while, you should make an appointment to see your doctor so that he can listen to your chest. If you have a bacterial infection the doctor will prescribe an antibiotic. Your doctor may also do a lung function test to find out if you have asthma. If you are a smoker, it would be wise to cut down and gradually stop smoking. Do steam inhalations. In a large bowl pour in a kettleful of boiling water.
Avatar f tn Almost 3 weeks ago I thought I had a bad cold that lasted about 5 days, then it turned into a pesty mucus cough so I bought simple linctus which didnt help. After a further 5 days I went to the doctor because I thought I might have had an infection but I got the all clear and doctor told me to just eat chicken soup... I don't like soup. 10 days on and I'm still coughing mucus and my nose is still a little runny.
Avatar n tn At other times when I run, I do have to spit mucus, but the coughing and gagging occur in the morning only. My morning routine before running is to drink several cups of regular black coffee and eat Cheerios cereal and a carton of yogurt. I take Advair 250 for asthma (the asthma started about 3 years ago, I am 62 years old), also have started taking Claritin in the evening and also take an albuterol inhaler prior to running.
1283791 tn?1276818314 No it just happened that 1 time when i woke up in the morning. been trying to make myself cough up stuff ever since to see if there was blookd and it was all clear.... i am hoping it was nothing and I am trying not to think about it...
Avatar n tn I recently had sex unprotected with a girl I met at a bar. Exactly the next day I had muscle pains and started to get really congested. Second day I started to get a sore throat and started coughing really hard with a lot of dark green mucus coming out of my coughs. My nose usually stayed runny all day but usually at night when I'd go to sleep it wouldn't run. But I started coughing and sometimes there's blood in the mucus when I cough up, little amounts in the mucus.
Avatar n tn t there then but after a few days of coughing really heavily it started. It only happens in the mornings though after waking up. No blood comes up the rest of the day no matter how much I cough. It's been going on four about... I don't know, 2 to 4 days now. The phlegm I spit out is clear by the way, but again with streaks of blood. Should I concerned, or did I just injure my throat or something from coughing too roughly?
Avatar n tn I occasionally perceive reflux (less than once a month), and never any heartburn, although I occasionally wake up in the early morning feeling extremely hungry (kind of a stomach growly feeling), even though I shouldn't be. I am 40 pounds overweight. Anyone else diagnosed with GERD and have this mucus?
Avatar f tn I've been coughing for 2 months and still going. It's almost only at rest, not when I speak or exercise. IT feels like a tickle, most of the time like it's from the deep parts of the troat. Clearing my throat doesn't work, only coughing. It's driving me crazy. Some clear mucus does come up, sometimes a bit of yellow too, and sometimes nothing. No other symptoms. No breathlessness, no blood.. Have been to my GP, waiting for the results of a mucus sample.