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Avatar f tn What brings on your headaches? Mine seems to be brightness I cant watch tv too long or be on a computer even my phone sometimes. I want to walk around wearing sunglasses.
447939 tn?1235061943 violently coughing and sneezing and blowing your nose can really shake things up in there... you may even have a strained muscle... your arm hurting could be because you slept on it wrong (when people are sick, they can't get comfortable and sleep all funny). Or it could even be pain from your chest traveling down your arm... it could be anything really! Wrap yourself in blankets, make some tea and watch a movie... let your body heal!
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18978650 tn?1470661315 ve been sick for almost a month and have been coughing a lot, all the sudden the other day when I sneezed I got this horrible shock of lightning in my shoulder and the second time I sneezed it was worse and it moved down my arm and now under my arm and my arm is numb. This also happens when I cough. Can anyone explain???
937826 tn?1261333879 I have copd and asthma but my question is about my copd I am on oxygen 5 liters and I have massive pain in the middle of my chest witch radiates to my left arm to my jaw too went to emergency rooms so many times they did work ups noticed my swollen legs put me on water pill does nothing for the fluid in legs and feet I know the pain comes and goes in the chest the difficulty breathing the more shortness of breath the paleness of my face the lightheadness I know it has to do with my heart but the
Avatar n tn Sometimes the pleura, the lining of the chest cavity and lungs can get inflamed causing pain with coughing. Only a consultation with your primary care physician can help diagnose the cause. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Im 27 weeks. Help!
Avatar m tn I have been coughing up mucus for 3 weeks in a row and yesterday night and today morning i started sweating uncontrollably and i have a big pain starting from the right shoulder down my right arm. How can i stop the sweating and the arm pain?
168348 tn?1379357075 BUT it is more than likely coz I have been ill all week with a lung being removed by me coughing it up all the day and night. Tons of calories go into all should try it! I hope I don't put back on the 3.5 kgs I lost!
Avatar f tn I also have irregular bowel movements - as well as painful bowel movements, random leg and arm pains, shortness of breath, regular coughing fits, a very weak immune system and chronic fatigue. These are to name a few. I have thought on multiple occasions that it could be cancer as it seems to be getting worse.
7711786 tn?1393632323 You mentioned the only way you can lie on your side is buy putting the arm on top behind yourself. When I go on my side, say when I am doing leg exercises like leg lifts, I put my right arm parallel to my body and my left arm above my head and I bend the leg that I'm not lifting. Generally I sleep on my side in which case I have to have my pillow behind my head for added support. I bought a new pillow from Sleep Country back in December.
Avatar n tn The thing I can not understand is I have little to no pain in my neck. I do however have tremendous pain in my right shoulder blade and down my right arm into my hand. This has been going on for about 3 months and when I cough I have sharp pain in my shouder blade. Is this a normal sensation for a compressed nerve?
Avatar n tn 00 pm now on the same day and she is still coughing non stop but added to that she is having soreness to touch in her neck, front and back, her upper chest and even her arm pits. She said that it almost feels like someone is choking her although she is not having problems swallowing. This is a new symptom that started about a half hour ago. My question are: Can this new symptom be from the medication she took almost 12 hrs ago? Do you have any idea what this can be?
Avatar n tn Yes, It is possible to get pulled muscle or strain when you suddenly contract your muscle like sneezing, violent coughing, lifting heavy weight, push-ups and so. Muscle needs to relax and it takes some time. Complete rest and heat locally is very helpful. To counter pain, you may take a painkiller and a muscle relaxant with food for couple of days. Gentle massage and steam bath will be soothing. Take care and share your thoughts.
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago I recieved unprotected oral sex from a sex worker, not proud and will NEVER do it again. She had what seemed to be a track mark on her arm. She was coughing. I stopped the oral after about a minute. Now for the past 2 weeks or so Ive had bad skin irritation on my arms. It feels like sunburn or burning sensation. I had a sore throat about a week in. Does this sound like an STD? They found chlaymidia and i took antibiotics...could it be something more?
Avatar n tn Anyway after 6 months of i still dont feel right I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and my left arm is tingling and has pins & needles.. I really dont know what is wrong my eye pupils are differents sizes every morning one is bigger than the other, i still get dizziness from time to time and very tired most nights, I cant seem to do any exercise and am only 26 years old. I had all blood work back fine, blood pressure is normal, no chest pain and MRI brain and spine is clear.
1182699 tn?1297574784 I just had one happen about 5 minutes ago (which is why I am back on this site) and now it feels like I have an orange stuck in the bottom of my throat. I am now getting left arm pain (high on shoulder) with them as well but the throat feeling sticks around for a while, even after the arm pain subsides. They've check my thyroid (I am 38 as well) and always clinically normal even though I have had 5 ultrasounds that show it increasing in size. Have you had all the cardio tests?
Avatar f tn He is on numerous medications which includes spriva, lasix, flomax, dilantin(for seizures), MSIR, Mscontin, Restoril, Theophlline, rotating antibiotics, nebulizer treatments, valium, and cymbalta. He has starting coughing up quite a bit of blood. His lung dr. told him to take his antibiotics. his nurse told me today that he might need Hospice. No one has told us anything. his lungs sound crappy(thats the extent of what the drs. tell us).
Avatar n tn My friend has been experiencing LUNG pain, coughing up blood and excessive sweating for three years now. The pain is felt every time he breathes and has increased in severity over this time frame, especially when he is resting or trying to sleep at night. He says he feels the pain in his back, on the left side. His skin still has its natural hue. He says he has NO chest pain and no pain in his arm or other extremities. He says it began after a head injury during a tennis match.
Avatar m tn i have blister like pimples on my chest neck and arm and a mild sore throat and have been coughing for a few days. Is this symptoms herpes related? I never have this kind of pimple in my penis/groin area, just on my chest, neck and arm only. does it sounds like stds?
Avatar f tn s just say is a VERY high risk person, was coughing heavily as they walked past me on my left in the crowded street, enough that I actually felt it on me. I wiped my arm afterwards and didn't see any large obvious amounts of blood come off onto my hand. My arm had specs of blood on it though - probably from the scratching but not sure.
Avatar f tn I was fine yesterday and woke up this am with such a sore throat! It's on fire! I've been coughing quite a bit today also which about puts me into tears! I really think my head will explode if I cough one more time! :( But here's where I'm worried and looking for advice.... I try not to cough bc it hurts so dang much BUT... I thought I read somewhere (thinking this forum) that coughing makes things worse?? Like raises the csf pressure or whatever?
Avatar m tn Hi there I would go to gp blood in saliva could be due to chest infection,coughing too much thus bursting tiny vessels in throat(not serious) if you have severe gastric disorder it could be coming from gastric is the blood bright red? If so this is prob due to strain from coughing,is the blood brown in colour if so this is old blood and should be checked out ASAP are you on medications that could be making gums bleed thus leaving slight blood in your salvia.
Avatar n tn my sister is a smoker for like 3 - 4 years maybe like 2 a day lately shes been coughing everyday 2-3 time a day and just this past 3 days shes been spiting blood in the morning what can this be we are very worried is smoking the cause of this
Avatar n tn But all of a sudden she started coughing up a bunch of stuff and a few blobs of cough/saliva and whatever else was in her mouth and throat hit me in the face and two or three small drops hit me in the eye. I'm sure you see where I'm going with this. I am afraid there may have been blood in her mouth or throat which hit me in the eye. I'm pregnant myself. What should I do? Am I at risk? THANK YOU!!!