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Avatar n tn Okay, I've been fighting a cold for over a week now and have been coughing a lot. I have these episodes where I experience a sharp, stabbing sensation at the base of my throat. This triggers a virtually uncontrollable coughing spell which lasts for about 3 minutes or so. The more I try to fight the coughing, the worse it gets. During this cold, I've been getting these attacks about 5 or 6 per day--usually in the mornings.
Avatar n tn For about a year, I have had a continual problem with coughing and clearing my throat that is so bad, that I sometimes cannot speak at public functions (part of my job.) Sometimes I cant even clear my throat no matter how hard I try. Every morning within 1 minute of getting out of bed, I have a coughing fit. However, I never have chest pain associated with heartburn. My doctor says maybe it is post nasal drip but a daily nasal steroid spray and daily Zyrtec didnt help.
Avatar f tn Every time I am getting over a cold I end up with a persistent tickle way down in the back of my throat that coughing does nothing for. When I feel the tickle starting I try everything I can to stop it such as clearing my throat, coughing, drinking lots of water and so on but nothing stops it. It seems that only after having a very embarrassing coughing fit where I sometimes strain to breathe followed by a bout of sneezes is the the only thing to stop the tickle.
Avatar f tn My main concern is that I work in an area which has pretty high hep c rates, my job also requires me to regularly deal with intravenous drug users and some homeless who are known to have hep c. Long story short I was walking through a known heroin drug spot and I was hit in the face with what I assume was saliva (a large amount).
Avatar m tn Has anyone found any help for this "chronic cough" condition??? This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Coughing--coughing--coughing/show/286593">Coughing, coughing, coughing!!</a>.
Avatar n tn My dog has been coughing every 2-3 hours as if hes trying to loosen something in his throat.Will it pass?Should I take him to the Vet?
Avatar m tn Has anyone tried using a netipot to relieve these symptoms? I have had the same problem for exactly a year now and it's really become unbearable. I feel a constant tightness in my throat and every time I swallow, I have coughing fits.Throughout the day I will have to clear my throat and i always have clear mucus to clear. It's made it to the point where I don't looking forward to meals anymore b/c I know what to expect.
Avatar f tn Very normal. I pee when I cough lol 35 weeks and I've done it 6 times, panty liners are your friend!
Avatar f tn I never whipped it out in public. I fed in public but very discreetly. I am modest and wasn't comfortable being naked with a baby attached in public and am not comfortable seeing it either. I put a baby blanket over me when I fed.
Avatar f tn for the past few months I got confused whenever im in public an cannot remember where I am or what to do or anyone names.what could this be?
Avatar f tn Just wondering who feels self conscious about breastfeeding in public or in front of other people? I try to plan my outings around when I know she will need to nurse and I always cover up when I do but I still feel very self conscious about it. I was thinking maybe I should start pumping a few bottles just for when we do go out but I'm also hesitant to give her a bottle.
Avatar n tn my 4 yr old son keeps peeing in public how can i get him to stop? i have tried time outs and not letting him play with his friends but nothing seems to work as soon as he is allowed back out to play he does the same thing again. i appreciate any advice on how to stop it.
1873663 tn?1322925491 i hate hate hate crying in public but sometimes its a must not only for u but for other people and friends to get more of a real look in our lives!
Avatar n tn In this day and age, a man should learn to accept that discreet breastfeeding bothers very few people (only him, in this situation), and also not to yell at his dear wife in public. He sounds immature and out of control.
4983320 tn?1378402268 My whole 15mths i never did it in public i didnt feel comfortable .. I would always feed my daughter b4 we left somewhere if not i would feed her in my car and if i was somewhere like at the mall i would just go to their nursing rooms they have..
Avatar n tn Ok so im a ftm 28w and want to breastfeed. My so thinks its a good idea but our views on doing in in public are completely different. I don't see an issue with it as long as i Toss a blanket or something over my baby. He wants me to bring bottles and doesn't think i should do it public at all. I mean i sorta understand if im eating our or something but even then i still don't think it should be an issue. So my question is what is everyone's views on breastfeeding in public.
Avatar f tn Hi im 36 w nnd i tend to get emotional about the comment i get in public. Things like "how many babies is that.?" Or " D A M N THAT HAS TO BE TwiNS!) Or "you lool like you bout to pop.. Ibhaye them soo much. I mean i know i have a huge belly nnd those comments make me feel really insecure.. Anybody else feel the same way.. You can share your stories..
Avatar f tn My Neice came to my house with coughing and then I started coughing now my husband is coughing all with in 4 days we are all sick ,sore throat,fever, constant coughing no up come me with dry heaves till my body is very sore .dont know what it is or where it came from but we are all catching it. Any ideal of what we can do for this or what causes it.
Avatar f tn I would invest in panty liners. If I sneeze or cough I always pee myself and I'm only 23 weeks. They are a great investment.
Avatar f tn If it makes you feel any better at all, a few weeks ago I wet the bed and I was mortified. I'm almost 13 weeks.
Avatar n tn These coughing fits go on for quite some time and she makes a whoop sound usually in the middle of a coughing fit, like she's trying to catch her breath and then carry's on coughing, we got another appointment with the dr and mentioned that I thought it may be whooping cough, the dr looked at me as though I was mad, and dismissed what I had told him, I said to him that she was whooping but on his report he wrote wheezing, and asked if there was any history of asthma.
Avatar f tn The best time ov day 2 do a test it 1st mornin urine and if u have done another test l8r on in the day and drank a lot it can dilute the hcg in ur system wait until mornin and take another keep us posted plz x