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Avatar n tn my pomeranian has been having loud noises coming from her throat, while she is dry heaving.can you tell why she does this i notice she does it more when she lays in front of the fan for long periods of time. i have taken her to the vet and she has been on antibiotics & antinflammatory pills.
Avatar f tn Weakness of the tendons and/or ligaments in these joints is the most common musculoskeletal injury in dogs in the USA and its very common in Pomeranians.
Avatar f tn t know about Pomeranians at all. But I do know that hair does grow. That,( in the absence of any disease which prevents normal hair growth) -is what it is very good at doing. I am almost sure, if your girl is generally fit and well, the hair should grow back normally, given time. You will just have to be patient. It will take a little longer this time as it was cut very short.
Avatar n tn So when I go to bed every night or going out somewhere, I come home and find that one or both of them have peed in their cage. At first, I put a small blanket in their cage; however, found out that the were peeing on it. So I took the blanket out & thought this would solve the problem, but it goes on anyway. Tonight I took both of them out of the cage & foam sprayed it with rug cleaner that takes the odor out, but I really suspect that this will not help.
Avatar n tn my sister is a smoker for like 3 - 4 years maybe like 2 a day lately shes been coughing everyday 2-3 time a day and just this past 3 days shes been spiting blood in the morning what can this be we are very worried is smoking the cause of this
Avatar m tn Hi there I would go to gp blood in saliva could be due to chest infection,coughing too much thus bursting tiny vessels in throat(not serious) if you have severe gastric disorder it could be coming from gastric is the blood bright red? If so this is prob due to strain from coughing,is the blood brown in colour if so this is old blood and should be checked out ASAP are you on medications that could be making gums bleed thus leaving slight blood in your salvia.
87651 tn?1259602403 I had my TT on Thursday and occassionally I get this cough but more like a tickle in my throat. Anyone experience this? Is this normal? I would think so, but just asking. Also, its been about 4-5 days post surgery and I am starting to feel very tired, weak but still jittery. I take it this is normal too??
Avatar n tn I have a cold, am not a smoker but am coughing up blood in my phlegm.
1643514 tn?1314387784 my puppy was in his kennel and when i brought him out there was hair on his nose missing what can cause that to happen?
Avatar m tn Have you been coughing a lot? It could be a number of things (i.e. dry air, excessive coughing or you may have an infection). If you are alarmed by it, maybe you should go get it looked at. Was it all blood or blood tinged?
Avatar f tn No I had a cough and a cold all through the first trimester I was coughing phlem, I was also being sick due to coughing too much I was pretty rough but nothing to worry about just take it easy.
Avatar n tn Okay, I've been fighting a cold for over a week now and have been coughing a lot. I have these episodes where I experience a sharp, stabbing sensation at the base of my throat. This triggers a virtually uncontrollable coughing spell which lasts for about 3 minutes or so. The more I try to fight the coughing, the worse it gets. During this cold, I've been getting these attacks about 5 or 6 per day--usually in the mornings.
13354001 tn?1432155513 I was told yesterday at the hospital that my inflamation of my abdomen is cause of coughing in which coughing is from withdraw. I had a long talk with nurse she lost her daughter to Opiates. She was very serious with me and 4 different ppl came in to congratulate me on an amazing feat of getting off these drugs. Almost like they haven't seen it before. She told me i'm though the thick of it and just give myself another month and i'll be completely back to normal.
Avatar m tn It is normal for our body to experience some illness once in a while because our body is made that way. And you are right in saying that we should be grateful that it is not as debilitating as cancer. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar m tn Coughing can be a complication of sinus inflammation that causes post nasal drainage or a lower airway reflex, both of which cause coughing. A very common cause of coughing if when the upper airway infection triggers lower airways reactivity, such as with asthma. In most cases in a 3 year old, physicians will try a trial course of upper airway treatment (antihistamines and possibly antibiotics, if sinusitis is suspected) to if this controls the cough.
Avatar n tn Hello. I've recently had a cold and lately I've noticed that every morning when I spit out some phlegm there are streaks of blood in it. When I started coughing, it wasn't there then but after a few days of coughing really heavily it started. It only happens in the mornings though after waking up. No blood comes up the rest of the day no matter how much I cough. It's been going on four about... I don't know, 2 to 4 days now.
Avatar f tn My 2 year old daughter willl start coughing between 4-5am and the coughing leads to her throwing up. it usually lasts about an hour but she doesnt wake up when it starts. she doesnt have a fever, or runny nose. she doesnt cough during the day.
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Avatar n tn About two months ago I suddenly developed a cough. Started in cold weather (travelling outside of Florida in cold climate). No other symptoms. Seemed to be only chest tightness, and an almost constant dry cough- rarely productive. I was already taking antihistamine daily for allergies. Went to the doctor after about 30 days. He gave Asmanex, a Medrol 6 day dose pack, Nexium, and upped to an ant-histamine with decongestant (Claritin-D generic equivalent.
Avatar f tn Hi i have a 12 year old male staffie who has had 4 seizures over the past 4/5 months other than this and a few fatty lumps he eats well runs around and is very happy but for the past few days has started coughing normally first thing in the morning and when excited cough sounds like he has some thing stuck in his throat any advice ??
Avatar n tn She has had a cough that has lasts since august 1 and has been in and out of doctors and still cant find out whats the matter with her? She coughs at any time of the day and its followed with her throwing up. Thay have tested her for acid refux, astma, had a cat scan, and xrays of her lungs. Still nothing they keep putting her on alot of meds, and nothing has worked. Neither of them are getting any sleep because she is up all night. Its even affecting her at school.
Avatar n tn It started since February . End of february they stopped to coughing and it gone away. But after one week since they were better, it started sudenly. I am worring why it hapening again in short period of time. My 3 age son coughs at night a lot and during day same.
Avatar f tn Thyroid cancer can potentially cause hoarseness or difficulty in speaking in a normal voice, trouble swallowing or breathing, pain in neck/throat and swollen glands. On the website I looked at, they didn't list coughing. However, coughing can be a sign of acid reflux disease- so you may want to consult a gastrointestinal specialist if you suspect that might be a problem for you.
Avatar f tn This is very common and is a result of your vagus nerve being stimulated by the coughing resulting in a sudden drop in blood pressure as it temporarily causes your heart to pump less efficiently causing less blood to go to your brain. The drop in BP causes your symptom of feeling faint, it is very common and completely normal.