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Avatar n tn ve recenty rescued 2 old pygmy females from a friend of a friend that had a stroke and is living in a nursing home. We are thinking both of them are @ least 8 years old. We know nothing about them, not even their names, age, etc. I noticed them sometimes coughing. Is this normal for an aging goat? They are both overweight too. Thank you for any advise you can provide.
554628 tn?1362777919 I will be a cavewoman and Brady will be a caveman and our little man is gonna be a goat! I found the cutest goat costume online! If you do a search for Tony Arma's Goat Costume you'll find it. Sooooo cute!!
Avatar f tn Sorry to bring a goat question in, but a fellow breeder and I raise meat goats. We butcher goats all the time and always check all the organs to make sure everything looks as it should. Well, the last 4 goats we did, had really enlarged soft hearts. The valve was very big. Nothing like we had ever seen.
Avatar f tn At the beginning of the month I got the upper respiratory virus that was going around so did the kids. all three of the kids stopped the coughing withing a week (so did the co-workers) I have asthma but I cannot get rid of the productive cough.
Avatar f tn Does HPV cause coughing.
Avatar f tn So I live in Indonesia, and me and my family butchered a goat. Now, my family bought the goat yesterday and my mom and dad said that the goat was feisty, kinda ferocious and fought back whenever touched. I just ate the goat today but I'm left with the feeling of scared. What if the goat had rabies? What if I have just eaten a goat with rabies? I kinda got involved in the cooking process and touched the raw meat here and there (not a lot though).
Avatar m tn I was raised to be an abuser or a victim, and very little of anything else in between. I became both at different times in my life, but took my life back, and you will too, given age and perspective. Congrats on getting together with a therapist and keep reaching out, you need never to be alone with your thoughts.
Avatar f tn My family and I had just gotten a pair of two pygmy goats a few days ago from a nearby auction house. We got a younger goat (about 2-3 months old) and a younger adult goat (about 8 months). They are just getting used to people now and i noticed that up close, the 12-3 month old had greenish discharge coming from his nose. He's been sneezing quite a bit latley and i dont know whats wrong with the little guy! please help!
Avatar f tn My doctor stated there was a mild decrease in flow in the back but not in the front. He stated he wanted to refer me to a headache specialist to rule out anything else, although my headaches spund like chiari. He said Chiari is not black and white that he operated on an 18 year old with a much larger herniation but no headaches. I will get the actual report but this is where I stand now. I asked him if my wreck and whiplash casused me to become symptomatic.
971074 tn?1362759766 - but if he is eating a lot of healthy food including yogurt and cheese, then I would not worry so much that he gets exactly 16-24 ounces of goat milk a day. In fact, focusing too much on getting him to drink may backfire. My son is 16 months old and I am still breastfeeding but I also work full time and no longer pump - so we supplement with whole milk (we tried goat's milk as it was my preference but unfortunately my son did not like it).
Avatar n tn I have a goat who has an utter that has hardened. Is there anything we can do to treat her for this?
Avatar f tn The fear as I understand it is the possible bacteria in the cheese. Pasteurisation kills it. I went out and chowed down on tons of goat cheese in my first trimester and then someone told me it was bad (before I knew myself.) Asked my ob and she said it was all fine if pasteurized, no worries.
Avatar n tn I believe because of my patm it was harder for the kids bodies to fight them off. Over 2 years we did numerous cycles but the last one was for 10 days and that worked well. Luckily my wifes family lives in colombia so the meds were affordable. Between that and quitting smoking i currently have my patm down 80% but its still there everyday. Ive never had a reaction free day.
1431138 tn?1294566894 i only ate a very small about, about the size of a piece of bubble gum, the squares, but after looking at what it can lead to especially in the third trimester, which im in, im freaking out. is there any reason for me to be this worried? could such a small amount one time lead to me getting sick and harming my baby? im seeing my dr in the morning already and plan on asking her, but want some reassurance so ill be able to get some sleep tonight!
483733 tn?1326798446 Get some soft Goat cheese and cut into slices abot 1-2cm thick, if you get some hot water and put the knife in that for a while it makes this much easier. Thickness depends on the cheese some are crumblier and therefor a thicker slice is needed. Get some brioche (a sweet rich type of bread, the sweetness works well with the cheese) and cut slice to a similar thickness as the cheese. Toast both sides of the brioche one less than the other.
Avatar m tn Coughing can be a complication of sinus inflammation that causes post nasal drainage or a lower airway reflex, both of which cause coughing. A very common cause of coughing if when the upper airway infection triggers lower airways reactivity, such as with asthma. In most cases in a 3 year old, physicians will try a trial course of upper airway treatment (antihistamines and possibly antibiotics, if sinusitis is suspected) to if this controls the cough.
Avatar f tn --> The 1st person says a animal such as goat and the next person must list some things about that animal. --> Once the next person lists at least two things, they can list another animal. Let's try not to repeat any animals. :) I'll post the first two to show how it is to be played. I hope you enjoy this game.
Avatar n tn we have been to so many hospitals and more than us he suffered at lot …an adult would never fit in his shoes and experience that pain….. honestly nobody can come over the pain of those dozens of injections and repeated hospitalization….however after being hospitalized for seven times we final found a solution for his diet ..its Neocate LCP and we are feeding him on Neocate LCP since past four months ……we tried alternate diet along with Neocate milk but he is still not comfortable with it ….
Avatar m tn yes, i am now, and i recently met 3 other patm people in a parasite worm microbiologist group.