Coughing in chihuahuas

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Avatar n tn Just this morning I took my baby girl in. She had been fighting for breath for the past week and coughing non-stop all through the night as her heart pressed against her trachea. I had counted her breath at 60 per minute, she was trying so hard to stay for me. I finally knew that I was being selfish trying to hold on to her and that she deserved peace after being my ever present, faithful companion for the past 8 years.
Avatar f tn he seems to do it only when he is excited or running around too much! so in all I've had 4 chihuahuas and only 1 has had this problem. My brother had a rat terrier and he never did the coughing snorting wheezing thing. is this really "normal"??? some one please help!!!!!
Avatar n tn So, almost a month into this whole ordeal and they are still coughing/sneezing on a regular basis. Numerous times a day, probably several times in an hour, at least. The puppie's gets worse at night. Am I over reacting or should I travel out of town to a different vet? Does anyone know if it takes THIS long for KC to go away? Could it be something else?
7378022 tn?1390755081 I adopted a 2 month old Chihuahua mix (think she's a Chiweenie) today from my local shelter. I took her from there to my vet to be checked out, and she started sneezing in the waiting area. My vet examined her, pressed on her throat which caused her to cough, and said she has kennel cough. I took her back to the shelter, they examined her, and said they don't think so. She has no discharge from her eyes or nose, and told me to watch for that.
Avatar f tn I will post his stats after his appt in the morning. He has become really a lot of fun to play games with now. He loves to crawl away from me as fast as he can while I chase him. Peek a boo and patty cake are still his favorite games. Upstairs we have all hardwoods and lately Mark has started bear crawling across them. It is so funny to watch him crawl with his bum in the air and feet on the ground! Man do I have an escape artist on my hands!
439903 tn?1380141482 Thank you for considering to be an AGP Sister!! as for me....struggling to NOT throw up, nothing, since i have nothing in my stomach!! coughing/sneezing/ even blowing my nose can trigger a gag which leads to my stomach contracting trying to heave up anything in there, and right now, its nothing!!!! its so weird, i never imagined this for pregnancy, throwing up when your pregnant is SO much more involved then when youre sick or drunk!! its more painful too!! oh well.......