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Avatar f tn ll ask my hubby of he will get me one today I need something it hurts in my chest when I cough like yesterday I just had a stuffy nose as a headache then last night the coughing got worse it hurts in my chest when I cough and I keep coughing nasty stuff up and I still can't breath outta my nose :\
Avatar f tn This is crazy I just read some other posts and I am on day 7 and I feel like I am getting sick. Bad headache, stuffy nose, and coughing. Had no clue this was a part of detox too. Lord have mercy isn't going through withdrawals enough already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I dont have a high temp, but I have a sore throat, runny/stuffy nose, coughing/sneezing, achy body, headache sore/tired body. does anyone know what I can do for it?? ive taken Tylenol in hopes that it may work but it hasnt done a thing...
Avatar m tn For the last month I am sneezing up blood and coughing up blood(coughing up blood not sure if it is from nose), have headache all the way down the middle of the brain and when I swallow, also I am short of breath and wheezing, also have chest pain and back pain, right now I have itchy back. But, I had an x-ray 6 months ago that showed clear lung. I had 6 x-ray in the last year due to recurring chest pain. What is wrong with me.? Is it allergy or asthma?
Avatar n tn what causes full head headache - painful pressure - when bending or coughing or having a bowel movement etc? This happened to me a couple of weeks ago, never had it before. My nose is fine (no congestion or apparent sinus problem).
Avatar f tn I'm 17 weeks and I have a bad runny nose, super congested, can't stop coughing, sore throat, headache, and my ears are hurting.... Should I go to the doctor? Any home remedies?
Avatar f tn Now I also have a stopped up head and little bit of a runny nose. Today I woke up with a headache--still just pressure. It increases when I move. It does not get better when I lay down. Feels like I could be coming down with something. How do I know the difference between a spinal headache and a sinus headache? The pain is not REAL bad--I can live with it.
Avatar m tn but i am still blowing my nose and coughing up mucous, i still have pressure above my nose, and i still can't smell anything. the doctor wasn't very specific about anything ("it sounds like you may have a bacterial infection", "if you feel better after 3 days you don't need to take the antibiotics for 7", "your sense of smell could take anywhere from 7 days to 10 weeks to return", etc).
Avatar f tn I'm a first time 27 yr old mama at 13 weeks. I survived the morning sickness, the migraines, and the fatigue...but now I'm fighting a cold I just can't shake! Sneezing, runny nose, sore throat, coughing..the full shabang! Any home remedies to help put an end to this?? I try to steer clear of meds whenever possible.
Avatar n tn I would say that the blood would be from coughing too much. I've had that after coughing too much. Just a couple of specks of blood, a once off. If you were coughing a lot of blood, you should see a doctor. But I wouldn't worry about that happening, it would be caused by something worse than the flu. You cough because you are trying clear your throat. Flem in the throat comes from the nose, as the nose and throat are connected.
Avatar m tn Recently I am sneezing and coughing up blood, have headache all the way down the middle of the brain and when I swallow, also I am short of breath and wheezing, also have chest pain and back pain. But, I had an x-ray 6 months ago that showed clear lung. I had 6 x-ray in the last year due to recurring chest pain. What is wrong with me.?
Avatar m tn I have a real weird pain/tingling feeling in my arms, a stiff painful neck, a headache, stomach pains, sore throat, runny nose and occasional chest pain. The arm pain, neck pain and headache come and go and I can go for hours without feeling them however the sore throat and runny nose is more frequent.
Avatar n tn I have a barking cough wheezing headache runny nose puffy under my eyes and 3 big bumps on the back of my tongue. Should I go to the Dr.? Ive had a cold for over a week and been wheezing for 4-5 days. coughing real bad it hurts my chest. Today I noticed 3 fairly large bumps on the back of my tongue that dont hurt. they are on both sides by my tonsils. Just wondering what this could be!
Avatar m tn This may be attributed to sudden increases in pressure such as violent sneezing or coughing, hypertension or those that take blood thinners. This condition usually resolves after a few days. If it persists, you another ophthalmologist's opinion and see a neurologist for proper evaluation. Direct clinical examination and additional diagnostic tests may be done to determine the underlying cause. Take care an do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn Does migraine headache pain get worse when doing things like coughing, vomiting, and changing positions back and forth from laying, sitting, standing, etc.? Thanks!
10314571 tn?1428116218 Ive had a sore throat for about 2 days and the doctor told me to take robitussin dm with no dye or sugar. It's really not helping and i have headaches from coughing. My nose isn't congested nor have i had a fever. Anybody else know of anything stronger we can take I'm at 26 weeks.
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm starting to get worse I've been Throwing up I have a huge headache I can't bend over without massive pain and I can't stand longer than a few minutes with out almost passing out my nose is super stuffy and I can't stop coughing. I have an appointment tomorrow has anyone else had this?
3180176 tn?1354052799 I have a stuffy/runny nose, sore throat, earaches, sinus headaches, and coughing. I wanted to go to the doctor first but I also want to know what you ladies recommend! I know that over-the-counter meds can also do the job. What should I do?
Avatar m tn After meeting her, I still have the same thing. My nose would be fine, but suddenly I would sneezed a lot and block my nose again. Yesterday I have some very very mild headache. It hurts when I shake my head. My body feels a bit warm since about five days ago but I'm not sure if it's fever or not. I don't feel feverish. I don't think I have any sore throat.
Avatar n tn (Sir do you know which STIs cause this problem) 3rd week unusual discharge, Coughing, diarrhea, Gas in My Stomach, Burping, Low temperature Fever, Headache little bit. 4th week No diarrhea, But Gas in my stomach, Burping, Coughing, Runny Nose and feeling little bit weakness. it is 96 days now and I am still coughing a little bit, and my stomach is disturb. and i am seeing Acne and pimples on my Back and on my abdomen and i am itching also little bit.
Avatar f tn My c section is in 48 hours. In the past 24 hours I have developed a bad cough with headache, runny nose, and my lungs feel tight and congested. Will they still do it it I'm sick?
Avatar f tn Def recommend going to the hosp for iv fluids and nausea meds
Avatar f tn I have a bad cold very stuffy nose headache sore throat n coughing when I cough my tummy hurts all this on top of the vomiting n cramping n constipation ughhh been suckin on cough drops n drinking tea n taking vit c n garlic to try n kick it out but so far still feel like crap is there any cold meds that can be taken during pregnancy?