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Avatar f tn I sometimes cough and then cough up green phlegm. I have had upper gi and colonoscopy. It did show a hiatal hernia. I don’t know where this green stuff is coming from. Had anyone else had this problem? I especially get it when I workout.
Avatar m tn Hi not sure if anyone will know this but worth a try, i have smoked for 41 years mostly roll ups with no filters or anything, but about 3 plus years ago i started putting filters in and after a few months started coughing up green phlegm i asked the doctor he just said getting older and smoking, Some days it seems worse than others its really strange, i don't smoke load about 15 a day but there dead thin and i only smoke half at a time.
Avatar m tn sound like your lungs are clearing and you may have bronco or asthma or something see your doctor some times when you stop smokeing this happen.
Avatar f tn Since about the second or third week post quitting I started coughing up this weird white/gray phlegm that has a terrible, bitter acrid taste that coats my mouth and back of my throat almost like an oil. Similar to bronchitis sputum but not green or yellow. There's no tar in it, no black bits, and it's always a small amount but it's once a day, every day. Usually after I eat. I hate it, it's disgusting and I'm not sure why it's still coming up! Anyone else?
Avatar m tn I have been exposed to airborne asbestos for 7 hours at a building site. I use an inhaler to reduce inflammation. When I stop using it my lungs get in flamed and I usually cough up a long fibre as if its in my long and been striped off. The sensation is sore. When I go back to inhaler my lungs get up green phlegm. I d'ont understand all this~~? Can green phlegm remove asbestos fibres from lung or is it just white phlegm.
Avatar n tn I would say the next time you start coughing up the green phlegm, then take a sample to your doctor and have it checked for the organasism, or bacteria, which maybe causing this. That way they can see what is causing this if it bacteria it can be cleared up with the right antibiotic, to tackle the bacteria.
Avatar f tn I suggest you should really go see your doctor, cause that's what doctors are for. But drinking fresh fruit juice like orange juice can help get your phlegm out easier especially when it's very thick and green/yellow. Drink water and don't forget to pray. :) hope this helps.
Avatar m tn coughing phlegm from lungs for the past six months, have taken antibiotics with no results, did take predrisone together with SPIRIVA 18 mcg and ADVAIR 500/50 for the past month. Still coughing up phlegm and have limited lung capacity. Any suggestions comments.
Avatar n tn Try Claritin if the problem is sneezing and Zyrtec if the problem is coughing and phlegm in the lungs. Also see the doctor about getting a nose spray with a cortisone style base. Chicken soup is great but sometimes you need something better. Do you take him to a pediatric allergist? A pediatrician? Or just your family doctor?
Avatar f tn Occasionally chest pains, fever, and fatigue or malaise may also occur. Mucus is often green or yellowish green and also may be orange or pink, depending on the pathogen causing the inflammation. Chronic bronchitis is caused most often by exposure to airborne pollutants such as cigarette smoke, excessive dust in the air, or chemicals. Bronchitis caused by allergies can also be classified as chronic bronchitis. Chronic bronchitis also can have an asthmatic component.
Avatar n tn I'm also coughing up green phlegm. in large amounts.
Avatar n tn I have a cold, am not a smoker but am coughing up blood in my phlegm.
Avatar m tn I have asthma. About 15 years ago I had a very bad reaction to using oil-based polyeurethane. My asthma flared up very badly but I recovered from it after taking steroids. Just 2 months ago, I was working with an oil based stain. I thought I was being careful by working with it outside. The next day, my breathing was short and labored. I saw a pulmonologist. She did a series of breathing tests, listened to my lungs and took an X-Ray. She indicated that everything seems fine.
Avatar m tn I have the same problem whenever I have phlegm. It's so difficult to get rid off. Even if I stop coughing I can feel the phlegm still existing inside my throat.
Avatar n tn I also have the dripping nose and coughing up phlegm after lap band surgery. It is not an allergy--the nose dripping is gustatory rhinitis. I'm not sure if the coughing is related. It started for me less than a year after lap band surgery. I wish I knew if the coughing up phlegm is related. Apparently my sinuses make gastric fluid--could it be possible that my lungs also do? Couldn't that be harmful to my lungs?
Avatar m tn When the cold produces phlegm, it can be harder for the lungs to process and expel, resulting in shortness of breath and tightness. There aren’t many herbal supplements that are designed for lungs, but taking an amino acid called N-acetylcysteine provides good lung support and detoxification. Also he can at least start taking an immune boosting supplement daily until he starts to feel better. Have him drink plenty of hot fluids – reduced sodium broth, tea, and hot water with lemon and honey.
Avatar n tn have had chest infection for 5 weeks and coughing up phlegm for at least 2 hours every day..i have taken 2 lots of antibiotics and now on other medication...
Avatar f tn Prednisone is good for stopping the inflammation which can damage the tissues in your lungs and bronchi but, Tigerlily, if the the phlem you are coughing up is green or yellow it is indicative of an infection. Antibiotics from your local physican will clear it up within 4-5 days (but keep taking the entire course of the tablets to ensure they wipe out all of the infection).
Avatar n tn I have been splitting up lite green phlegm for the last two months. I was told by a non medical friend to not use any over the counter drugs because this might supress the secretions that need to come out naturally? Could he have a valid point of view and what do you recommend? This discussion is related to <a href=''>Uncontrollable Phlegm</a>.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your quick response. I know it's not bacterial because I'm not coughing up a lot d green mucus or have that drowning feeling in my lungs. I think it's just my Annual Bronchitis kicking in it has always started during late fall early winter. But I am going to be setting a doctor appointment so I can get more of those Tessalon pearls.
Avatar m tn Ok i am a 29 year old male i used to smoke marijuana in cigar paper everyday but stopped several days ago before I became sick for several days coughing, body aches the chills head and sinus pains wheezing and no appetite while most of those symptoms stopped after several days the coughing and wheezing has stayed what concerns me is that I am wheezing still and sometimes coughing up a clearer phlegm (the phlegm 3days prior was dark green to yellow but is now more clear yellowish) with slight tra
Avatar m tn Hi, I went to a walk in clinic on Friday, I had a cold for about 5 days that seemed to be getting worse, sinus pressure, post nasal drip, cough and phlegm that produced green phlegm so he said it was sinusitis, gave me nasonex and Azithromycin. 6 pills, two at first dose and one a day, started on Saturday, it's now Tuesday, cough is minimal, still coughing up phlegm about once an hour, blowing nose is clear, chest congestion is mildly green.
Avatar f tn ve coughing out phlegm non stop for the past two month. Its not bloody, but thick and green sometimes white and foam like. My chest also feels tight everytime i cough. I use the sprays and all but this problem is permanently there.
Avatar n tn Occasionally (3-5 times per day) I have had a very deep cough and I cough up a lot of phlegm from my lungs. I have had this for over 3 weeks now. In hindsight I probably did not heal because I have been training and not resting. I would ride 1 day, cough up a lot of phlegm and not feel great the next day, wait 2-3 days, feel just fine again and get back to training. Since it is winter, sweating in the cold air probably didn’t help much either.