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Avatar n tn Seems like the only thing that helps this cough is codeine medicine or like percocet pain which both is hard to get doctor to give prescription for. Can you help with any suggestions on home remedies that i could try? Please help!
Avatar n tn email me at ***@**** please i have been having the same issues for 5 weeks and have blacked out three times and just this morning had a small seizure in front of my kids when i came to i felt my body still shaking as soon as i start coughing for a short period of time and or laugh hard it sends me into a coughing fit and i black out hospital has said my vitals are fine and send me on my way they dont go any further than that one hospital said it could be my uvula that is long causing me to
Avatar n tn For the past year or so I have been coughing up green colored stuff in a circular shape or disc shape. It is always the same looking disc-like thing. When I cough these little things up they are coming from below, not from my nose or sinuses that I can tell. I don't cough this up every day and sometimes they surprise me. All of a sudden I cough and one comes what feels like half way up and I sometimes gag on them or they get stuck in my throat and it's quite embarrasing.
Avatar n tn I have been coughing up hard green paper-like things from my lungs for a long time now. I also cough all the time and cough up sputum that is yellow and also clear at times. I am on 10 mg. of prednisone all the time for my lungs and was wondering if this may be causing those green things in my lungs. I've had several lung diseases and am immune compromised. Is this something I should be concerned about and what should I do? My lungs always hurt as well.
Avatar f tn And I cough out green sticky chunks from my throat I've been off the antibiotic now for over a week after I took all the pills. I'm 28 weeks 3 days and I'm coughing so hard I'm wondering if it's hurting my baby? Any suggestions to help?
Avatar m tn This morning after blowing my nose and a bit coughing (and they were too hard I think), my left ear got blocked and I think something has gone into my ear. It is not blocked completely and when I bend over or tilt my head to the right it becomes unblocked but when I return my head to the normal position it becomes (partially) blocked again, I do not have any pain though.
Avatar n tn But when it's here it's like I'm coughing up nothing and really hard. I coughed so hard tonight I got sick. But if I'm just clearing my throat, I occasionally cough something up, but it's a very light green almost clear. What could be causing the coughing?
Avatar f tn It started with a tickling throat and then developed, so I find it very hard to swallow because it really hurts, and also have trouble talking. Yesterday I started coughing and it has gotten really bad, to the point where I am coughing until I'm gagging. However, the unusual thing is it only seriously affects me in the mornings and at night. During the day it is bearable. Please help!!
Avatar f tn hi i'm a newy to this site so i dont know if anyone has posted this problem but i'm really worried about my partner he has a dry cough which makes him feel out of breath after eating and he also finds it really hard to swallow. my suspicions were reflux but he doesnt feel as though he has any symptoms. should i ask gp to refer to ent.
Avatar f tn Not a large amount about 5p/dime size. The actual phlegm was clearish with a green/grey tinge. The blood was bright red. Needles to say, after reading everything online I am now scared witless! I am going to speak to my GP tomorrow. It has not happened since. Has this happened to anyone else and it be nothing scarey?
419792 tn?1208274426 Last night before bed my dog (shes 1 year old) randomly started swallowing really hard like something was stuck in her jaw/throat. We checked and there was nothing that we could see, but she was constantly licking her lips/paws/floor, swallowing hard (u could feel it in her stomach) and her throat seems to almost have a swollen lump in probably lasted 10 minutes, after she had a drink of water everything was fine.
Avatar f tn Its very mucus-y and hoarse. Sometimes i cough so hard for so long i throw up green mucus. When i tilt my head back the cough gets worse. Also i cough so hard i cant breathe for a few seconds and then im fine. In the beginning, i had a normal cold. But then all the cold symptoms (headache, earache, stuffy nose) went away and the cough never did. About a week ago, all the cold symptoms came back, and lately i've been waking up with my right eye crusted shut.
Avatar n tn It does cause a swelling in his throat and we have had to use the epi-pen in the past. I do worry about the hard coughing now that he is getting older. My fear is that it could bring on a heart attack because it can get pretty violent. If anyone else has found a better way to treat this, please let me know. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Excessive coughing/mucus after eating</a>.
Avatar m tn In late July i picked up a bad cough. no fever but i was tired and the coughing was worse in the evening and in the morning i would get bad attacks and it was very hard to cough up the phlegm. The phlegm at the time was a thick grey/green mucous. I took some chinese herbs that helped me in the past and the cough finally went away after about 5 weeks. however i still have a residual cough at night and in the morning.
Avatar f tn It gets quite bad at night and i'm finding it hard to sleep.. Also, coughing REALLY doesn't feel good after surgery in that area >.< It looks like it may be a common 'side effect' but thought i'd ask to see if anyone else has felt this way after surgery? Also, starting yesterday i've had this feeling lower in my chest. Like a tightness/something stuck in there..
Avatar n tn I just get these violent coughing attacks that literally feel and behave as if I inhaled a bread crumb, and my body suddenly and violently is trying to cough it up. And just like when we are choking, I have a hard time catching my breath during these violent choking fits. By the time I'm done 4-8 minutes later, I'm shaking, tears streaming down my face, and I've probably wet myself. Its horrible! Does this sound familiar to anyone?
Avatar f tn Hello, Im 43....I was very sick in Dec, bad chest cold coughing up lots of green flim. This went on for 6 i didnt go to Doctor untill recently. Anyways i started noticing whistle sounds and a bubbling type sound when i would exhale only. Now Im finding it more and more harder to exhale when i lay down at night???? Do you think i might of damaged myself by not getting to a Doctor.
Avatar n tn Last Oct. I became ill w/ serve chest congestion, cough, excessive mucous, sinus congestion & pressure, headaches, & skin sensitivites. I was dagnosed at the time w/ bronchitis. I went through 3 courses of antibiotics in 2 months with no relief. I was diagnosed w/ asthma. I discovered shortly after, that I had been sleeping against a wall that had black mold growing inside. I moved out immediately, & have been on an albuterol inhaler, as well as QVAR, Nasonex and Caliritin-D.
Avatar n tn I would say that the blood would be from coughing too much. I've had that after coughing too much. Just a couple of specks of blood, a once off. If you were coughing a lot of blood, you should see a doctor. But I wouldn't worry about that happening, it would be caused by something worse than the flu. You cough because you are trying clear your throat. Flem in the throat comes from the nose, as the nose and throat are connected.
Avatar f tn ) She also coughed up green mucous this morning, my mom saw that. I hate giving her medicine, but what else am I to do? She coughs alot, and has been sneezing ALOT. Should I give her the antibiotic? She spit over half of it back out. Her Daddy said to hold her nose closed next time I give it to her, and squirt in on the edge of her mouth. How do you think tha will work?
320078 tn?1278348320 The second month to 22 weeks I got slammed very hard. Lost 35% of my hair, coughing, itching, fatigue and irritability were way out of the ballpark! I never had nausea, never loss of appetite, but very severe brain fog and just wanted my bed and blankie, My fatigue and depression were severe. None of us know what tomorrow will bring but today I am pretty close to fine, minus, the dry skin, cracks in corners of mouth, and some other minor issues. For now I feel human.
Avatar f tn I've been coughing up unbelievable amounts of phlem and blowing my nose and more coming out. After I cough or blow my nose I can literally feel the mucus going from my nose to my throat. When I put my hand to my chest I can feel it so I cough it up and it's gone. It's never ending. The mucus balls are jelly like green yellowish and almost the size of a dime. It scared me. I'm not a smoker and I been on antibiotics, amocillian 500mg every 6 hrs for 3 days now.
Avatar m tn I get a sore throat (not tonsils but when you swallow) I now go straight on antibiotics and use Bricanyl inhaler although it doesnt seem to have much effect except to cause alot of mucus coughed up from the lungs. It causes me to have spasm coughing and if I cannot control this to 3 or 4 coughs my windpipe closes over making it hard to breath in or out. The last one about 2 years ago stopped me breathing in and out completely for 10 to 15 seconds and I thought I had bought it.
Avatar f tn not easily broken. Also, I've been sneezing/coughing up dark green stuff lately and received a super sore throat and raspy voice. I've been sick to my stomach everytime I eat. I also have a lump above my heart on my chest.
Avatar n tn Well it doesn't really bring stuff up from the chest but there is a product on the market OTC now called Mucinex I use it and it helpes with thinning all the mucus both upper and in your chest. You do have do yuk it up and cough hard to get the junk out get right over the sink head down and you will have better luck coughing it out. I use the MucinexDM which helps calm the coughing at night. Good luck and give it a try.
Avatar n tn I was told that I have broncitis, I just finished my medication for it, Im still coughing quite abit, and this evening i coughed up some gross green phlem and there was a tiny bit of blood streaked in there, is this normal or should I be concerned?