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Avatar f tn you can test this yourself before seeing a doctor by going to the drug store and getting Prilosec OTC, take one pill 1/2 hour before breakfast and dinner for two weeks, and see if it helps. If the coughing gets better, you probably have gerd.
4838207 tn?1363921330 I'm 37 weeks and this has happened to me all pregnancy! No reason for it, I'll just randomly start coughing. It usually happens when I lay down.
Avatar f tn I have been coughing for the past 3 weeks almost just coughing and coughing up mucus.When it first started i had a sore thorat but that went away. I am trying mucus dx but the cough is not going away. i have (and still on) cough drops. i some times gets coughing fit in my sleep and wake up coughing. it doesnt feel like a cold. its spreads to all my co workers and my boyfriend but only one or two of them have it as bad as me. how do i get ride of it?
Avatar n tn I've been coughing for about 2 months. I went to the doctor and he said that I had bronchitis, but it was pretty much gone so, he perscribed me cough medicine to supress the cough. It's been two weeks now and I have taken all the medicine, but still have the cough. Any ideas what it could be? -I don't smoke -I'm not around anyone that smokes -The doc ruled out allergies -The cough is sometimes with flem and sometimes without.
Avatar f tn OK, For starters, for any Senior Dog IMO, you DO need to rule out Heart Problems....The x-ray will not only show the heart, but also the lungs...This is important.... With Heart Disease, the weak heart cannot pump as well...Fluid builds into the lungs causing the cough..The cough is usually MOIST like they're choking on congestion...Actually, they are...The cough is worse in the mornings & during periods of running, playing & excitement....Fluid will show in an x-ray.....
Avatar n tn I have been fighting what the DR are calling a viral infection for two weeks with only minor relief. This all started with me feeling dizzy on a Sunday morning, then Monday I felt the some exact way. Well Tuesday I woke with a very, very sore throat that I put off as just dry air. Then Wednesday I woke up feeling no better and went to the nurse practitioner who ran a strep test which came back negative.
Avatar f tn Hi I'm almost 11 weeks and I have had a cough for over a month already and it's driving me crazy. My doctors have given me 2 rounds of antibiotics 2 breathing treatments and an inhaler but nothing is taking this cough away. I can't sleep. I go into such strong coughing fits that either I can breath or I end up puking. Which makes me feel nauseated most of the day. Does anyone have suggestions on what I can do? Also this is my first pregnancy.
Avatar f tn Sharp pain could be ligiment pain, stretching, coughing is just a cold. I had two back to back and I thought I was strep throat,and my chest was congested, aweful! Hard coughs and getting up to fast, changing position also cause the sharp stab,or dull achey, I had both sides hurt for hours! But felt the sharp pain on the left, apparently it's common. Wouldn't worry.
Avatar f tn I had it about two weeks ago, gone for a week, and now it's back. I'm taking generic brand mucin ex for allergies but it seems to make it worse. Any ideas what could be happening or going on?
Avatar n tn My fiance has been having what i like to call caughing attacks for about two or three weeks now. He believes it is his reaction to our new cat, he allergic to cats. What I don't understand is that we have had our cat for about three months now and his only reaction has been the tipical sneezing, watery eyes, and runny nose. However, this syptom seems to extreme. He will cough for hours, he is up all night and keeps me up with his coughing. He coughs to the point that there is no phlem left.
Avatar f tn BUT two weeks after I have stopped taking the prednisone I start coughing again. Over the last two weeks I have had coughing fits which are uncontrollable and at the same time I am sneezing and my eyes are watering. This can happen anywhere and on one occasion I tried to ring my husband to bring me a ventolin inhaler but I could barely speak to talk to him - he got the idea of what I was saying and came immediately to my work. This was the first time I have had fits like this.
Avatar n tn I was told i had Bronchitis two weeks ago.I was put on Antibiotics which did not do to much but i went back to my doctor and he gave me more Antibiotics and a cough bottle after the first week.I had a fever for only one day when i got Bronchits first by the way.My coughing has now almost dissapeared and it has become quite dry.I am still bringing up some phlegm also.Yesterday morning and again this morning i have noticed a small amount of blood in my spit after clearing my throat.
Avatar m tn I don't know if its considered as a cold & flu but I've been coughing for two weeks now. It all started from me throwing up then a day later I started coughing non-stop. The coughing is starting to hurt my lower right and left abdominal region. I don't weather to go to doctor to get it check or just wait it out to allow it to heal.
Avatar n tn It may need to be used every day for several weeks to months for it to help. To get the most out of a nasal steroid spray use it after doing a nasal wash. A nasal wash helps remove mucus from the nose and sinuses. Please read our nasal wash treatment information at to learn more about this technique. Share this information with your doctor to see if you would benefit from this daily treatment.
Avatar n tn I actaully know how you are feeling. I was in the same boat about two weeks ago. I am 18 wks pregnant and my coughing is still going on even though the appetite and rest of flu symptoms are gone. I did see my doctor and he told me that I could take Tylenol for the aches and pain, plain sudafed for the the congestion and plain Robtussin for the cough. The Robtussin helped but the cough is lingering. They also told me the recommend me getting a flu shot this year.
Avatar n tn My 12 yr. old pug has been coughing for 3 months. I have been to two different vets and together they have ruled out collapsed trachea, kennel cough, pneumonia and heart disease. He has been on several different antibiotics and steriods. He is still eating as usual and the coughing seems to be worse at night. They are not productive coughs just dry hacking coughs. I am running out of ideas and am desperate for answers.
Avatar n tn I have seen my doctor twice, he has checked my breathing, and says that my lungs seem clear, he sent me for an x-ray, two days ago and I haven't heard anything back. He put me on a Turbuhaler (Symbicort), a week ago, and it hasn't seemed to make a difference. There is a real possibility of asbestos in the floor I have been working on, and yes there was lots of dust, as I was using power tools to extract it. (It didn't even cross my mind at the time).
Avatar f tn For the past two and a half weeks I have had a cough. For the first week or so it was just a small cough, then it developed into coughing fits. For the past week the cough has led to nosebleeds, at least once a day, and vomiting, but only the once. The cough produces white-ish phlegm and a lot of spit. It is hard to breathe whilst getting rid of the spit. During the night I wake up once or twice to cough and this often leaves me dry heaving.
911343 tn?1242826917 I have brought my son to the doctors over and over for coughing. They put him on an inhaler and a nebulize nothing seems to work . And know one smokes in the house.He coughs all day long.Anyone have any ideas? I have even changed his bedding pillows .And have two dogs and two cats.It seems to have started from our last place we lived and got worse.Someone said acid reflux ?
5967085 tn?1377543402 My Chihuahua is 11 years old and she has been coughing for about 5 months now. This is not a reverse sneeze, it is more like a dry hacking cough and then she will wheeze for several minutes (about 10 minutes on average). She sounds like she is in pain and she cannot breath properly during those spells. Her cough is especially prevalent during the night and morning. She will have coughing spells throughout the day as well (around once every two hour).
Avatar n tn ending in the hospital after a year and a half of antibiotic and hospitalization, with overwhelming resp bacterial inf. or menenjitis at that point.. almost death.. she was also born with mecomium... and 2 weeks early she gets sick easily, and it always is bad.. but her cough has lasted for months and months.. once in a while we get a day or two break, but it is rare.. i am very worried about her and the coughing has kept her from sleep and i am afraid it is going to affect her education...
Avatar f tn He injects himself on Friday nights and Saturday nights he has coughed all night and the next day. For the past 3 weeks on Saturday night (when his coughing starts up) he takes a half of a vicodin. (He's not one to medicate, and hates the idea but it beats coughing for two days) He only does this once per week. While I'm not advocating abuse of perscriptions drugs, this has been an amazing solution. just thought I would share. Has anyone heard of this before?
Avatar n tn At this point the most important thing would be to rule out the more serious causes of persistent cough and this would include a great variety of diseases of the respiratory tract from the sinuses on down and into the lungs. If you are raising mucous, it should be examined for infection and, if you are a smoker, for malignant cells. You should also of course have a chest X-ray.
Avatar m tn I was coughing up foamy white mucus for 3 weeks and looked on this site for answers. Emergency room test later showed WHOOPING COUGH. Pertussis — commonly called whooping cough (/ˈhuːpɪŋ kɒf/ or /ˈhwuːpɪŋ kɒf/) — is a highly contagious bacterial disease caused by Bordetella pertussis which is found in the mouth,nose and the throat of an infected person. In some countries, this disease is called the 100 days' cough or cough of 100 days.
Avatar n tn 5 1/2 weeks of extreme coughing day and night with passing urine when coughing, urinary urgency, but unable to pass urine, treated twice with different antibiotics, two kinds of musinex expectorant with anti cough. BUT no cough relief. I had X rays/negative, Listened to for collapse lung/negative, original flu treated and fever, sore throat gone for the last 2 1/2 weeks. Need avenues to pursue next, Thanks for any ideas, M.H. D.O.
Avatar m tn Hey guys I just wanted to let you know, today I am two weeks clean of tramadol. Psysical wd have almost al subsided but I'm still quickly tired (all day long). I'm also still suffering from the post-flu symptoms such as having a cold, coughing my lungs up and being tired. Mentally its getting better each couple of days. Since I have moved to my first own house I have also had alot of stress lately so that may have influenced the process.
Avatar n tn I stopped smoking 2 weeks ago and the last week I have been coughing up brown phlegm. I was a smoker for 38 years. Is that normal?