Coughing for more than a week

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Avatar m tn Now my doc has me on Gaviscon (OH MY GOSH IS THAT BAD) plus Reglan at night which makes your stomach go crazy so if I take the norco it helps for a couple of hours after that a couple more norco in the afternoon and my stomach feels upset for about 6 hours it drives you crazy when you go to the doctor and they just double up on your meds and it doesnt help. Dont know what to do.
Avatar n tn A little over a week ago, I started with a a cough that, seemed like a normal cold. I had a stuffy nose but, nothing to really worry about. Now, my head is always hurting from the coughing, Im coughing up mucus constantly. My Lungs hurt so very badly. It is the worst of all. I cant even sleep because I feel pressure on them when Im laying down. My upper back hurts but, that might be from my lungs. When I finally can get a few hours of rest, I wake up from not breathing. Its scary.
Avatar m tn I am 25 by the way, sexually active, protection always used. Also still go to the gym and lift weight 4 days a week for bodybuilding( took a week off when i got sick). what do you think could be the problem? and should i wait it out or go see a doctor. doctor is my last resort not because they bite or scare me, but because I have no insurance.
Avatar m tn At this point I had had this cough for about 6 or 7 weeks. After about a week, I was still coughing, though not as much, and decided to make an appointment with a pulmonologist.
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms that have lasted about 4 or 5 weeks. Sneezing,coughing, headaches and such. My doctor says its not a cold because its lasting more than the average week so he has treated me for allergies. I have also been having gastrointestinal problems bloating, lots of gas, mild stomach aches but no diarrhea with the exception of 1 time. Along with an ache in my left thigh.
Avatar f tn This is my first but I have been measuring big the entire pregnancy. Everyone I talk to says in their gut they feel like I am going to go early by a cpl wks. I am due April 11 and they all think I will be sometime the 2nd half of march. Being my first I honestly don't know if I think that or not. I'm nor sure if in my gut I feel like I am going to or if it's just in my head now and that I want to be done.
Avatar f tn Usually I feel a sensation (tickling) my right ear, then right away in the right side upper inside of my nose. Its like a full sensation, then I get a coughing spell because I feel a tickling in my upper throat. I cough really hard and really loud and the cough is like a spasm that last for 2 minutes or so. Sometimes it feels like someone has put a tongue depressant stick in my throat. Usually I cough up clear mucus but if I have any food in my stomach its hard to keep it down.
1577093 tn?1296713631 I have had several colds/flu-like symptoms so far and had coughing fits for a week after them. My stomach just felt like I had done an ab workout form coughing so much. I was told to just use more natural meds to soothe my throat. Also, cramping in early pregnancy is quite normal. When it's associated with bleeding, is when it's not a good sign. Usually in early pregnancy, it can feel like menstrual cramps.
10221383 tn?1429442020 I got sick when I had my was the coughing that was the worse part because I ended up having a c-section and they cut thru the abdominal muscles so coughing with that incision was awful :(:(:(..
Avatar f tn Family history: My sister & dad have rhinitis. My mom has chronic cough and her PCP said it’s allergic (don't have detail check-up). I had strong allergic reaction to Erythromycin (whole body & face swollen & covered by hives/rash) when I was a kid Since 2010, I started feeling congested at night (bedtime & early morning) and okay in daytime. Occasionally took Claritin because of tickle in throat but nothing serious. Normal daily life & sleeping is fine.
Avatar f tn I have had chest congestion for a week. I also have gotten a headache a couple times. Bad Coughing at night. I'm 35 1/2weeks pregnant. I've been taking robitissin cough and congestion and Tylenol. It helps but it's still here. Should I see/call my ob/gyn or see a regular physician?
Avatar f tn Go to a doctor! You should have gone when it persisted for more than a few days. Coughing up blood could be a lot of things. The one that immediately comes to mind is tuberculosis. If it is, you'll need a year, I believe it is, of antibiotics (do take the ENTIRE course even when you feel better, if you do end up with this or we can end up with another drug-resistant strain). Even if it wasn't one of those two, coughing up blood is not a good thing.
2136147 tn?1336405833 Hi naryashadow, I am so sorry your Child is having these issues at night a cough like this can make it hard for her and for you to get the sleep needed. This post caught my eye right off because My daughter had same issues when she was younger she is 8 now. I finally was able to get her into a Pediatric pulmonary doctor and he ran a lot of test and finally he diagnosed her with Mild asthma and she is on meds and it took a few days but the coughing fits stopped.
Avatar f tn At the beginning of the month I got the upper respiratory virus that was going around so did the kids. all three of the kids stopped the coughing withing a week (so did the co-workers) I have asthma but I cannot get rid of the productive cough.