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Avatar f tn ) You may need to treat this 3 times before all symtoms go away. Make sure to treat dog once a week for 3 weeks. You can get this medication at a animal supply store or feed store. But, if you don't know what you are doing please ask for help from them. This s the cheapest way to go. But, dog should really be seen by a vet. once a year to look for other problems you may not be aware of. If, you dog tends to get an upset stomach while in a car. Most vets will give you the med.
Avatar f tn At the beginning of the month I got the upper respiratory virus that was going around so did the kids. all three of the kids stopped the coughing withing a week (so did the co-workers) I have asthma but I cannot get rid of the productive cough.
Avatar n tn Here's an update but nothing earthshaking. The complexion of my condition has changed somewhat. It seems now that I start coughing with lots of mucous around 4 in the afternoon for a few hours, then, it goes away. Also, when I am playing tennis and get warmed up, it comes on strong to the point that I have to quit. As soon as I calm down, it calms down.
Avatar n tn After seeing several doctors I saw an amazing physician and he ran a few tests on me. I had a Sinus CT (more specific than a regular CT) and a barium swallow test. My barium swallow was negative and my Sinus CT showed infected nasal cysts. I then saw and ENT and had the cysts removed. The surgery helped my cough but did not totally get rid of it. I was still coughing when I would lie down to sleep or eat a lot at one sitting or eat certain foods.
Avatar f tn I have been coughing lots lately. My Dr told me it's allergies more than likely and to take a Claritin once a day in the mornings. It's helping so far.
Avatar n tn Once i have spit once or twice i will see no more blood in any phlegm i cough up for the day.By the way i feel a lot better than last week but this sign of blood has worried me.Thanks beforehand to any person that replys..
Avatar n tn hi many of you know...ive had this pretty bad cold for about a week...well, i seem to be 'somewhat' better except for a stuffed and very runny nose (i know...tmi) and a pretty bad cough...i have an appt. on monday, but its for a follow up on my pap smear... im 12 weeks pregnant and the coughing(mostly in the evenings and the morning) is so bad sometimes that it makes me throw up (ive only actually thrown up twice, but ive gagged and 'almost'thrown up a few times) ...
Avatar n tn The nerves coming into it bring a message that a cough should occur, for example choking on a piece of food, and the nerves exiting from the center carry signals to the muscles that work together to produce a cough. There is no easy answer to your question but it is likely that the head injury damaged one or more of these nerves and the cough reflex is no longer completely functional. Either signals are not being received from the center or signals are not being sent out of the center.
5967085 tn?1377543402 This is not a reverse sneeze, it is more like a dry hacking cough and then she will wheeze for several minutes (about 10 minutes on average). She sounds like she is in pain and she cannot breath properly during those spells. Her cough is especially prevalent during the night and morning. She will have coughing spells throughout the day as well (around once every two hour). Sometimes when she coughs a lot, she will cough up something and swallow it.
Avatar f tn The latter indicated that I had GERD which I have been on PPI as well as Nexum, and I am also taking Claratin and Zirtec.....after more than a year you would think I would stop coughing! I still cough, not as often or as severe, but when I start, I go on and on until I feel as though I am choking. This usually happens when I either am talking or eating, and yes it is embarassing. I really do not know what to do.
Avatar n tn the doctor mentioned that rib thing could only be due to coughing. i've seen 3 doctors. the last one sent me to a lab for sputum test for tuberculosis. Just have your sputum checked. if it's negative then you can cross that one out off your worry list.
Avatar m tn The amoxicillin was a one week supply. I questioned whether it was necessary. As of right now there is no more green sputum, however after I started using the inhaler the nature of the cough changed. As opposed to the deep active cough I once had, the cough I have now, while still and active cough, does not feel AS deep or strong, occurs more often, and only produces clear sputum. The cough also has a strange pseudo-metallic taste to it.
136986 tn?1232403430 I tired pills for coughing, they're supposed to work for 8 hrs but haven't helped for more than 1/2 hour. Cough drops don't help either, its a constant tickle in my throat, it feels like theres a lump in my throat. If ANYBODY could help, or at least tell me what I can do to help the coughing I would really appreciate it!! thanks.
Avatar n tn A little over a week ago, I started with a a cough that, seemed like a normal cold. I had a stuffy nose but, nothing to really worry about. Now, my head is always hurting from the coughing, Im coughing up mucus constantly. My Lungs hurt so very badly. It is the worst of all. I cant even sleep because I feel pressure on them when Im laying down. My upper back hurts but, that might be from my lungs. When I finally can get a few hours of rest, I wake up from not breathing. Its scary.
Avatar n tn I'm doing that more than the others and this is a first in my life for gag vomiting, as other times I've had a normal 4 day flu I might be the only one I know who doesn't vomit or only vomits once as in the past I have to get so sick as to collapsed on the floor seeing yellow before I can vomit.
Avatar n tn Still coughing I got in to see my allergist at around the 2 week mark. He did a chest Xray and said I had a little "junk" in my lungs, nothing too bad and by that time I also had some sinus congestion. He left me on the Advair, gave me some sort of steroid shot, gave me a 5-day z-pack, some cough syrup for use at night, nasacort and astelin. After another week I thought things were improving. However, it seems that the Advair makes me worse.
1207048 tn?1282177904 -) Thank you for thinking of me! I'm hoping to be around more this week. I've missed you all!
Avatar m tn While I was getting these headaches I felt this sort of electric like shocks go through my body (this has been happening for years, and usually does when I'm lightheaded like I was then) and in spite of this my headaches hurt tremendously by itself. I took ibuprofen to help relieve the pain while I had these headaches. These kept going on Thursday (by this time my eyes were getting better) and that was the only problem I had for Thursday.
Avatar m tn After a couple weeks went by, I was feeling about as bad, albeit the passing out coughing sent into something more regular, like ever week or so instead of every 2 days. Went back again because ofdifficulty breathing and pressure on my chest upon waking, and was diagnosed with Whooping cough. I get antibiotics. About 5 days in I knew it wasnt having much of an effect, but I went back anyways after a good 10 days to be sure. There I was diagnosed with Asthma, and given the orange pump.
Avatar n tn I use it sometimes it helps but mostly it doesnt. I have a constant tickle in the back of my throat or even lower than that I'm coughing so hard I'm throwing up, my entire body is sore, and I can't sleep. Somebody please tell me what's wrong with me?
Avatar m tn If the cough is your only symptom, then this could be an allergy related cough, asthma, or even something like bronchitis. A cough lasting more than a few days should be evaluated. I suggest that you talk to your parent or guardian and let them know that you need to see a doctor who can then listen to your lungs and check your throat to see what is going on. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.
Avatar m tn So, back to the case, I don't know if our dog's coughing will start back up or not, but if I were you, I'd ask your vet to knock out your dog and put one of those microscope view-finders in his throat and down to his tummy, and see if there's something there to pull out, like the cigar blob thing my dog threw up. Then give him a mixture of milk and honey for a few days, until eventually he quits coughing. Can't hurt.
Avatar m tn However, just now she was kind of coughing then stopping to swallow then coughing. I think it upset me more than her. Nothing came up and she seems fine and back to herself now. This lasted less than a minute. She is definitely eating fine and seems to be drinking enough from what I have observed. She is passing urine and faeces as normal for her. Could this still be a hairball?
Avatar m tn Do we need to wait for the steroids for a few weeks to see if they'll be more help? We will be forever in debt for any help anyone can provide. Thanks in advance!
Avatar m tn am suffering from breathing problem and coughing, i have to take deep breath in every a minute and sometime dry coughing as well. its happening for 3 month and i have seen the doctore more than four times. i did chest x-ray and otherthing . doctore say my hert sound i s good and breathing as well.
Avatar n tn for the last 3 weeks i have been coughing up mucus. its a yellowy colour. i feel perfectly fine physically except for the coughing. i have asthma and allergies to dust and cats, both of which i live with. but i have been taking my asthma meds daily to keep it under control and havent had any attacks. my allergies havent been that bad either. when i need it, i take claratin and it gets the job done. i just dont know why i keep coughing stuff up?