Coughing for more than 1 week

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Avatar m tn Just came off of 50 mg of Zoloft for panic attacks, approx. 1 month ago. Zantac 150 as needed. Struggling with difficulty breathing, which leads to panic attack, which leads to reflux or some version of this chain of events. Questions: Why am I regurgitating / coughing up phlem everytime the weather gets cold? Why am I regurgitating every single day? Should I look at going back on the Zoloft as the anxiety has become 10x worse since I got off?
Avatar m tn I have been experiencing a variety of symptoms that have lasted about 4 or 5 weeks. Sneezing,coughing, headaches and such. My doctor says its not a cold because its lasting more than the average week so he has treated me for allergies. I have also been having gastrointestinal problems bloating, lots of gas, mild stomach aches but no diarrhea with the exception of 1 time. Along with an ache in my left thigh.
Avatar f tn Yay im offically 19 weeks today, 1 more week and Ill be half way there;) how far are you ladys?
Avatar m tn Anyone have all these with hypothyroid or do I need to be looking for more doctors? The doctors seem to say try this or that and come back in 3-6 months. I had heart stent surgey 1 year ago and on effient, lipitor, fish oil, aspirin. Please if anyone has any ideas or has experienced all these symptoms please guide me.
Avatar n tn I get winded having normal conversations with people Im 23, I dont smoke, Im over weight but not amazingly so. Its hard to explain to people that I cant even walk for more than a few mins without being out of breath, without it seeming like Im being dramatic.
Avatar n tn Yes, and then doc prescribed another different antibiotics for a week more. No improvement then doc prescribed an ENT specialist who said maybe it's fungal and 1 week medicines which didn't worked either. I asked him for do throat culture which he said isn't necessary and the antibiotics I took for 2 weeks were good enough to destroy any bacterial. Also visibly my mouth/tongue looked fine. Now at 150th day I got tested for mono and cmv.
Avatar m tn Hi I am 54 yo female, ex ICU nurse so know something about the heart but this is new territory for me. I am one week post close trying not to lift too much in weight or strain but have had central chest pain for several days now. Not acute, just aching and heavy. Some brief runs of AF and slight left sided heart sensation like pinching but the central pain is the most disconcerting. Could this be the clopidogrel? Am also more tired than before the procedure!
338963 tn?1253660822 as long as there's no fever or he's not making a "Whoop" sound or weez when he coughs, you should be ok until his upcoming appointment for well-baby check. But ALWAYS call your doctor to be on the safe-side of things. Don't ever hesitate to phone them with a concern.
Avatar f tn Family history: My sister & dad have rhinitis. My mom has chronic cough and her PCP said it’s allergic (don't have detail check-up). I had strong allergic reaction to Erythromycin (whole body & face swollen & covered by hives/rash) when I was a kid Since 2010, I started feeling congested at night (bedtime & early morning) and okay in daytime. Occasionally took Claritin because of tickle in throat but nothing serious. Normal daily life & sleeping is fine.