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Avatar f tn however lately ive been noticing hes been coughing while hes eatting. maybe once a feeding but still. then a little while ago he did it and almost choked and wound up coughing a lot! it scarred me. because then he got still and i could hear him breathing faintly but he like shut down. and didnt want to move. hes ok now but it kinda sounded like the same thing as when you drink something and it goes down the wrong pipe. is that normal for babies to cough during feedings. because i dont know.
Avatar n tn Ive been coughing and spitting out yellow to green mucus for 7 days now what should I do ?is this a normal cold ?
Avatar n tn For a few days I've been feeling so sick. I've had a headache, nausea, dizzyness, and lately all I've wanted to do was sleep. Like in class all I want to do is pass out. I can't eat without wanting to throw it up. I was wondering if that sounded like anything. Thanks!
Avatar m tn She prescribed Nasonex 2x2, Ipratropium bromide inhalation and Levocetirizine for 10 days. A follow up 10 days later, i was still coughing and she then prescribed Narivent which was so disgusting that i almost puked from it and Prospan (Hedera helix syrup). This did not help, yet again, and i was still coughing. Third follow up after 10 days was prescribed Nasonex again, salt water and a seretide inhaler.
Avatar f tn I have to wait a few days to get my 24 hr urine test back but I've read that some women they put in the hospital or some on bed rest but if they put you in the hospital until your due date can like you hubby spend a few nights with you while your there ??? Cause I would go crazy being there by myself and do they let you bring your own clothes ?
Avatar f tn So i just want some advice, im 32weeks and i have had a cough for litilary 4months now, it just wont go some days its so bad i cant breatg from.having a coughing fit and i have even wet myself a few time which was so embarrasing considering im on 19, ive been to the docotor several times n they just say oh its a cough you will be fine but i know this cough isnt normal whats could it be? Im worried it may be effecting my baby.
Avatar m tn hey thank you for the reply, i haven't been to the doctor but i seem to be getting better, the cough is mild now. but it's still there. I am gonna wait for a few days then go see a doctor if it's still there.
Avatar f tn I would say your cat sneezing for 3 days tells me that it's time for a vet visit. I wouldn't assume it's allergies. Allergies usually don't show up out of the blue in a 4 yr old kitty. How high are your vet fees? Mine is around $40. If you're paying much more than that, it's time to find a new vet.
Avatar m tn I asked him what his status was, and he said he was tested twice this year for his medical and he was negative. the next few days after, I started to cough with phelgum,( I do smoke a lot ) but no sore throat, or fever or enlarged lymph nodes or any other signs of acute hiv symptoms. what are the chances of me contracting HIV. I think am going to go insane with anxiety.
2136147 tn?1336405833 I finally was able to get her into a Pediatric pulmonary doctor and he ran a lot of test and finally he diagnosed her with Mild asthma and she is on meds and it took a few days but the coughing fits stopped. What he put her on was Flo vent two puffs in morning and two puffs at night and also In the beginning first week he also put her on albuteral at night before bed. this worked amazingly.
Avatar f tn Go to a doctor! You should have gone when it persisted for more than a few days. Coughing up blood could be a lot of things. The one that immediately comes to mind is tuberculosis. If it is, you'll need a year, I believe it is, of antibiotics (do take the ENTIRE course even when you feel better, if you do end up with this or we can end up with another drug-resistant strain). Even if it wasn't one of those two, coughing up blood is not a good thing.
996946 tn?1503249112 I posted on here awhile back about my dog, Barney, He'd gone through a bout of heartworms a few yrs back. Now he is having repercussions from it. He was put on VetMedin, Enalapril, Lassix and Diltiazem. My husband thought he seemed worse lately with coughing constantly, so he stopped the meds for a few days. Now Barney isn't coughing but seems a little unstable on his feet....he's 11 1/2 yrs old. Does anyone have any experience dealing with this?
20293666 tn?1494392823 It started out with a few coughing episodes throughout the day and within the first week I felt like I was coughing every 3 minutes. The coughing got worse at night and right when I woke up. I have been to see the doctor 4 times. I have been told it was a cold, I have been told it was GERD / acid reflux and I have been told it was bronchitis. I have been on antibiotics and Prednisone twice. I was also given an albuterol inhaler and none of these things helped.
Avatar f tn I’m asking because about few months after this, I came down with acute bronchitis, Mild diahrrea few days, mild sore throat. My dr gave me some antibiotics which I notice some acne break out on my chest and back. I’m worried here, the coughing still lingering for months now.
Avatar m tn s something there to pull out, like the cigar blob thing my dog threw up. Then give him a mixture of milk and honey for a few days, until eventually he quits coughing. Can't hurt. Your vet may even give your dog something guaranteed to make him cough up any blockage... but I just think removal would be the best way to go and easier on him and his throat. My own vet said, concerning another dog we had, that throwing up is very hard on a dog, so....
Avatar n tn I have 96 days HIV Anitbodies = Non Reactive it is 96 days now and I am still coughing a little bit, and my stomach is disturb. and i am seeing Acne and pimples on my Back and my abdomen and i am itching also little bit. Nausea and back pain started 2 weeks ago. Please sir help me and sir i was humping with a girl and we both wear wearing a trouser and i discharged in my trouser we both were wet this thing can transfer anything from me to her ?
Avatar f tn Sinus pressure, coughing and chest pain. For my previous pregnancies my ob said i could take plain mucinex. So i took it a couple if days this week and it has not really helped. So when looking for other options online I'm reading that you cannot take ANYTHING during the first trimester. So now I'm sick and scared since I've taken the, mucinex already and have also taken dramamine a few times due to dizziness and nausea. Should i be worried? Did i put my baby at risk?
Avatar f tn The pollen count is really high here where i live and after it rains she is fine for a few days and then when the pollen gets high again then she starts coughing again.Unless you have boarded her latley then i wouldnt really wouldnt worry about kennel cough unless she has been somewhere to be exposed.Is she up to date on her vaccinations?.Breeds with the flat faces seem to have more trouble this time of year with allergies.
Avatar f tn I have been sick off and on, more like on and on, for three and a half weeks. Many things going on so Ill start from the beginning. I orginally went to the Dr for dry cough and laryngitis. Was told I had bronchitis and was given antibiotics (bactrim). A week and a half later, I felt somewhat better. Suddenly two days later, I didnt go to the dr this time, I had sinus drainage hard core.
Avatar m tn i have had coughing fits for past 2 months. some of the fits have led to black outs for a few seconds. have visited doctors and the tests conducted and chest x-ray has been normal. have already taken 3 courses of anti-biotic but the cough has continued.
Avatar n tn t had a fever since the first few days. The coughing is still going on. Sometimes I have to bend over just so my chest and head don't feel like they are going to blow off.(not fun) I called my Doctor yesterday and finally got a return call today from his nurse. He told her that it hasn't been long enough yet and I need to give it some time, but if not better by next week then call back.
Avatar m tn The usual soar throat, t sinus problems, runny nose, coughing, but i got back up to health in time for school. But another symptom arose and has stayed with me for the past 2 weeks. A tickle in my throat. I don't know what's causing it, but it's just there. It's NOT making me cough at all, either. It's just an uncomfortable tickle feeling in the back of my throat. Any advice on what it is or how I can get rid of it? Thanks.
Avatar m tn Just a got a B low Job and 4 weeks later got reallly realllllly sickk... coughing, sweating, highblood pressure, phlem, shortness of breathe. Do I get tested? Im going crazy I keep telling myself what if she stuck me with something? but I would have felt it right? Im not sure anymore? and she didnt swallow she spit it out.
Avatar n tn I got rid of it with some Chinese Mediciine Tea called Ban Lan Gen. 15 Mg. bag 3 times a day for about 4-5 days. Then I switched to another Chinese Tea but it is not as much a medicine tea but for flu symptoms (says "For Curing Cough" on the bag), and I had that for about 3 days. The scary chect congested cough is gone. Ocassional phlegm but seems likenormal now.