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Avatar n tn Hi forum, I get bouts of coughing up and spitting out pure white flem hundreds of times a day weeks on and weeks off. It's the flem that causes me to cough just to clear it so I dont have a cough as such, just sometimes loads of flem. When it goes it just goes. Often in the morning when it is present the flem makes me want to vomit and a couple of times I have vomited a bit to get it up.
Avatar n tn lately i have been coughing up a lot of flem all day. Its green/yellowish, and it never seems to stop. I also have a very bad cough, especially in the mornings and at night. If i breath in heavy or yaln, it sets me off on a coughing ranpage. this has been happening for a bit over a week. what is wrong with me?
Avatar n tn I got a real bad cold/flew last feb-08,constant gurgal in chest ever since,chest xray clear,used nose spray for several months after sickness in feb,constant coughing to clear throught ever since,all night,cant sleep,bottles and bottles of musanex,wont clear up.
Avatar m tn I was in the hospital with a blood clot in my lung I hat 10 bag of hepurn nd then was put on warfin like twice a day I spit up dark brown flem shoulI be concerned I tol my Dr, but he didnn;t seem concerned. I also have a nasal drip or years Thank you This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Respiratory-Disorders/Brown-Phlegm/show/284762">Brown Phlegm</a>.
Avatar n tn I have been coughing for about 12 days, it gets worse at night, the flem is yellow, also I have had some night sweats and feel weak and light headed no engery. Today I started having pressure on my chest, What do you think I should do. I have not had a fever that I know of.
Avatar n tn i have had this cough for 2 months now and i would like to no that same question^^^^,when i cough it makes me vomit,and green and yellow flem comes out of my mouth i have been to the doctors and they have said its only hay fever or u have a lot of mucus , so they give me some tablets and the cough as not gone, i would like to what it could be and what could get rid of this cough i am really starting to worry now please some one right back
Avatar f tn how long will bronchitis last? I was sick for over a month coughing,shortness of breathe, flem, wheezing... all of those have gone away except the wheezing.. sometimes its worse then other times.. I previously smoked for almost 2 years but at max 5 or 6 ciggs a day and hookah..
Avatar n tn I've been coughing for about 2 months. I went to the doctor and he said that I had bronchitis, but it was pretty much gone so, he perscribed me cough medicine to supress the cough. It's been two weeks now and I have taken all the medicine, but still have the cough. Any ideas what it could be? -I don't smoke -I'm not around anyone that smokes -The doc ruled out allergies -The cough is sometimes with flem and sometimes without.
Avatar n tn My son has been coughing for the past 2 days he has been throwing up flem he is 5 months old is can this harm him or does he just have a cold
Avatar f tn I know its gross, but you're better off coughing it up than keeping it in there.
Avatar m tn But lately I am coughing up large amounts of mucus/flem and it is brownish/white and very hard in this normal? Do I report this to my doctor?
Avatar n tn Taking prednisone and just when the fluid is clearing in my lungs a bad convulsive coughing attack caused me to tear what I believe are some of the intercostal muscles (between ribs) the fluid is building slowly because coughing it up is excruciating. My question is, should I avoid food or drink? It seems when I even have soup it ends up in flem? The pain when trying to cough is a ten on a 1 - 10 and going back into the hospital is of no comfort. They've done ekg's, xrays, etc.
Avatar n tn Any way once off plane probebly the following day i was coughing up blood and flem, went to the doctors said probebly burst blood vesel in lung dont worry about it. anyway 6 weeks later back home the blood had gone but i was still coughing up alot of flem, always feeling it on the back of my throat. doctor said leave it a few weeks and see how you are anyway the same thing happend 18 months later when i went backgot the same, oh wait and see if it goes.....
Avatar n tn Every morning he has a terrible cough and it continues throughout the day-just more so in the AM. He is constantly coughing up flem. He has tried several cough medicines, nothing seems to help. His doctor has not been successful in getting it to loosen up. I am looking to see if you have any helpful suggestions, new direction to take etc...I am concerned more now because when he coughs he gets coughing so hard and the flem is so thick it actually makes him choke.
Avatar n tn for the past 3 months i have been suffering from flem in my throat .whenever i swallow my saliva i happen to feel the saliva in my thraot. the flem also doesn't come out. what is the solution ?
Avatar n tn my problem is that I have a constant feel of flem in my throat, and need to clear it or cough all the time. I have been taking mucinex, it's not helping. I also take zyrtec for allergies. I don't feel a post nasal drip going on. what could this be?
Avatar n tn I have a sharp pain in my left chest area and it hurts extremely bad if I take a deep breath. I am smoker so that doesn't help. Recently, I have begun to cough up bloody flem. I have begun taking vitamins to help my immune system fight this, but I am wondering if it will pass soon. I have to sleep partially sitting up as the pain is too unbearable to lie down, stomach or back. When it first started to occur, I ran a fever and began to vomit, since then the fever and vomit have passed.
Avatar f tn Does anybody know what my diagnosis could be, and how to treat it. The mucus is comming from my lungs and it is very thick...maybe even a mucus plug. I have to let myself cough when it gets stirred up to try to bring up the brown mucus.
Avatar n tn for quite some time now i have been Coughing up a yellowish-green / Greenish Brown Flem wad. I ony used to cough it up maybe once a week but lately its been a few times a day! Is there something wrong? what could it be from?
Avatar f tn I had chest X-ray last week which confirmed pneumonia. I had told dr I had been coughing up blood for several days and they asked if it was streaked and I said yes. I saw a description on a web page using the description of looking like a partially scrambled egg and that is what it really looked like, not really streaked but kind of mixed. Now I have been on 500 mg Cipro for 4 of 7 days prescribed but still am coughing up same type of blood mixture.
Avatar n tn He sounds like a cat when he breathes. it rattles in his throat. It seems to me that he has flem or somthing stuck in his throat all the time. We have tried steroids and multiple medications and nothing has worked. he cant slppe through the night and he makes me feel so bad. i feel like theres nothing that i can do. does anyone have any answers for me to help my son???Im asking for anything that would help him. Anything that might help him i will be willing to try.
Avatar n tn i am coughing it up in my flem i mean blood in my flem but also in my nose to i went to the hospital and he said it was just a chest infection but he didnt seem to sure but the next day it has got a little bit worse and i always think the worst any ideas?
Avatar m tn ive been coughing up green flem chest hurts feels like its been stamped on it goes through to my back last night i heard a noise in my chest that sounded like something deflating allso got abscess had all theese symptoms for about a week now what can this be plese allso got piarhoea in gums
Avatar f tn You should call your physician, coughing up blood can be a serious symptom.
Avatar f tn I have tried so many different products. I live on cough drops. Sometimes I will get a lot of flem in my throat. I have a constant sore throat also. I get so out of breath that later my chest hurts. Most of the time when i get through eating; I usually vomit. I hope you hve some suggestions for me. I smoked for 49 years. Thank you ver much.