Coughing every time i eat

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5116977 tn?1364223843 Every Time After I Eat I Feel Nautious. I Had My Daughter 5 Weeks Ago. Idk If It Has Anything To Do With That. It Started A Couple Days Ago. I Can Only Eat A Few Bites, Then I Feel Sick. But Havent Actually Thrown Up. Any Suggestions?
Avatar f tn Every time I cry, I throw up. This has been happening since the first trimester and I'm 31 weeks now and I still experience it. Anyone else go through this? It's terribly inconvenient!
Avatar n tn I was getting sick everytime I ate, then I started juicing, now I get tired when I eat. and I have no clue?????????????
Avatar m tn This morning I found blood in my phlegm when I was brushing my teeth. This is the first time I found blood in my phlegm. I am a non-smoker, non-alcoholic & vegetarian (often I eat eggs too). Kindly help. Thanks. This discussion is related to <a href=''>Blood in Phlegm every morning</a>.
Avatar f tn I usually post on the heart forum but in the past few days I have been feeling sick every time I eat. I have started having acid reflux also. My heart skips beats and races. I quite eating at night because it made it worse. I have has a weird feeling in my upper stomach and lower chest almost like the feeling that you get on a roller coaster. I am so frustrated with all this and cant seem to get an answer.
Avatar f tn that seems to be getting some better, but every time I eat...I sort of get a cough...that I dont have any other time...and get this feeling I'm gonna throw up. Sometimes, I do, and then I feel fine and the cough disapears again. I dont eat too much or too often(2 meals a day-every 12 hours) and the more I eat seems to make it worse. I'm confused as to what is going on???
1620623 tn?1298930297 your throat every time responds to food this way. Look for specific foods causing this and try avoiding it. You can go for a short course of anti histamines against prescription. Consult a allergy specialist and get your blood IgE levels. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn Every morning I wake up I spit up blood.No coughing no shortness of breath felling fine just spitting up blood.Please somebody tell me if this is serious.I have no health insurance and frankly scared to go to the doctor.
1620115 tn?1386431409 im tired of wasting my time in a doctors office for nothing exspecially when because the days when i have to think about going to the doctors are the days when i start feeling the most, i have ben told by many therapists doctors and psychologists that i have a sensitive mind so obviously anything thats bad for anyone can be 10 times worse for me in thought, im tired of my stomach hurting it hurts mostly obve my belly button below my chest all the time to some degree, i like drinking alc but eve
Avatar m tn Whenever I eat, I still feel like I can throw up at any time and feel like there’s something in back of my throat. I wake up almost every night gagging or coughing and have to get up and spit out gunk and then it takes a few minutes before I am able to go back to sleep. I have elevated my bed by my head and it does not seem to help much.
Avatar f tn I'm 5 months pregnant and I've notice that every time I sneeze I pee a little Is that normal that happened to me but I was further more my pregnancy
Avatar f tn I can't stop coughing. It hurts so much. Anything besides drinking water? I've sat up,laid down walked drank water like crazy... I don't even wanna spit after I cough cause I feel like it's been so violent I'll be coughing up blood... baby girls moving and I'm still having Braxton hicks but this cough is killing my throat.... didn't happen til about 2-3 hours ago and just seems to,get worse.... any suggestions?
1506789 tn?1289768905 im thinking that you have the flu or sometimes when the weather changes that can happend also, i would suggest medicine, soup, fluids, and hot baths its good to just let the hot water hit your chest to open your pores then vapor rub, works every time
Avatar f tn I am now 36 weeks + 3 days. We've been trying for over 3 years. I've been diagnosed with PCOS and insuline resistance, sent to the fertility clinic, tried all kinds of treatments - nothing worked. Then I stopped all treatments because they made me feel horrible most of the times and we completely changed our life style, we both lost significantly a lot of weight (weren't obese before, just overweight) and started doing regular ovulation tests.
Avatar f tn but I am much better post op even with the hiatal hernia...I only take H2 blockers if I am going to eat foods that I know will trigger a flare up but for the most part I am not on meds I just watch my diet. It is best to make sure that u do not have ne damage due to the acids and how much acids r really affecting u.
Avatar f tn Boost, chicken soup broth give me the same pain). It happens every single time I eat. If I have eaten something solid (mashed carrots, rice, chicken noodle soup) the pain usually peaks and I just vomit it all up. I still have pain after I vomit but it subsides over the next 4 hours or so. I have had a scope (no sign of ulcer), ultrasound (nothing unusual - no gallstones seen), and a CT (nothing unusual seen).
Avatar f tn Okay, so I'm a 17 year old female about to be 18 in a few weeks and for the past couple of days, anytime I eat, I feel sick. I feel like weak and I don't necessarily feel nauseous, my stomach just feels weird. I get really gassy. I burp and fart a lot lol. It could just be a piece of candy and I get the same reaction. I've been really tired or exhausted lately with a cough and stuffy nose and sore throat that comes and goes. I had a nose bleed yesterday that fell from the sky.
Avatar f tn I don’t want to be ill but it doesn’t look good to customers when you’re making their drinks sniffing every two seconds or having to wash your hands for the millionth time after coughing or sneezing. I don’t know what to do I hate being ill and I’ve frankly had enough of it.
Avatar f tn I just found out last week that I am expecting my first child. I'm 5 weeks pregnant and I am living a nightmare I was 9 days late for my period which I eventually got but today should have been done but I still see blood.. I ended up with the flu I'm coughing so much..I have body aches I get nauseas where I don't throw up my boobs are so sensitive I sleep so much that I don't want to get out of bed.. My eating is not good I eat maybe twice a day..
1386586 tn?1279620756 i cough so much i vomit i cant seem to eat cos it just likes to come back up.this year thou i have got this condition for the second time i only usually have it once a year and this years is worse.occasionally i forget what i was doing and am having violent headache is always there and last night i slept for 16 hours straight.
Avatar f tn Water isn’t the only time, but it will cause it every time. I am a female, 5’7”, weigh 145, take no medications or herbal supplements. eat foods low in fat and consume hardly any alcohol. I’ve seen an ENT who says, “You have a lot of mucous in your throat.” I’ve tried prescription antacids. They made no difference. I recently had an endoscopy and the GI doctor said I have a very small hiatal hernia but he doesn’t think that’s causing this problem.
Avatar n tn ve been having excessive fleam and white mocus specially at morning time, I have a hard time breathing and every morning I have to make myself throw up in order to be able to eat through out the day.. My doctor said it was allergies. Sometimes my chest hurts in the mornings.
Avatar f tn My baby boy does the same thing! I'll lay just the right way where he moves a lot and he'll stop when I press record! And when I want my husband to feel him he'll stop lol but when it's bed time and he hears his daddy he'll kick up and storm till his dad holds him lol then I'll touch him and no I'll feel nothing or one big hit. He reacts more and at night.
741515 tn?1262537139 I have been on a diet and I find that every time I eat my stomach bloats where it is very uncomfortable. I eat a lot of vegetable, fruits, and protein (tofu black beans, lentils, chick peas, red kidney beans, etc) The reason I am eating this way is because I have high blood pressure and cholesterol. I went through a program at my hospital where a dietician recommended this new way of eating. I am embarrassed when this bloating takes place at a restaurant.
Avatar f tn When my baby starts moving I always tell my bf to put his hand in my belly so he can feel it but it stops every time .
Avatar f tn I would definitely see a doctor soon about this. Chest pain with coughing are nothing to play around with. You could have bronchitis, I really don't know, but, I do think you should get this taken care of soon, it is better to be safe than sorry.