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Avatar n tn why would my 3 year old son start to cough every night when he goes to sleep it makes for a rough night and never usually carries on during the day.
11824068 tn?1421363761 Is it normal to hurt where he baby is when you cough?
Avatar n tn My sore throat is gone, but my coughs are killing me. Every night I can not breath easily , because a breath can lead to severe caughing. Last year I was the same. It usually take 2 months for me to get better. Is there a cure? Thank you in advance and appreciate your time.
Avatar f tn It all sounds very normal yes but always run any worries you have by your midwife just to put your mind at rest
Avatar f tn I have had a sinus infection within the past month and thought that I had gotten over it. Lately every time I talk for an extended peroid, or laugh, I find that I get a cough and after I cough I find that it's hard to breath almost like I've ran a marathon or something.
Avatar n tn If you cant summerge a moldy item in boiling water then you cant save it. I had every symtom from every sickness and i was in and out of the hospital for two years. I went from not being allergic to anything to literrally being allergic to everything. The doctors couldn't find anything wrong with me so they just said I had bad allergies but none of the medicine worked at all. Now I think I've got a hold of my issues, and Ive helped several people, hope to help others.
Avatar n tn Around the same time, I started getting an uncontrollable cough, which would gag me and make me throw up. It wasn't until a few months ago I noticed the pattern. It seems that within a week of me starting my period, I begin the coughing spells. I've been to my regular doctor, he said it was just a sinus problem, was draining down my throat causing me to cough and gag.
Avatar m tn Okay so I feel I'm suffering from HIV anxiety even though I had a protected exposure with little to no risk after reading symptoms I started feeling a tickle in my throat and was coughing.....seems now I am coughing for no reason throughout the day and ending up with a sore throat. I wake up in the morning and my throat is fine....but soon after I think about coughing.....I do and continue to do so through the day and then AGAIN I have a sore throat at the end of the day.
Avatar n tn Every time I eat or drink anything I begin coughing and am unable to stop for about 20 to 30 minutes. I do cough and sniff a lot of the rest of the time which I guess is from post nasal drip. I take claritin for allergies all year. I do not have any respiratory symptoms like heartburn. I am terribly embarassed to eat around other people which is impossible to avoid. I have very mild asthma and my pulmonologist sent me for a swallow test.
Avatar n tn In the last year I go through these coughing spells every morning without exception, that are productive, but it is continuous until I cough up a certain amount of phylem (sp). I will also get this cough at other times, but not as frequently. What can this be?
Avatar f tn I'm 36+1 and it hurts my stomach every time I cough. I would prefer not taking meds or anything from my Dr but has anyone done anything else for it?
Avatar f tn I have a horrible cold possible pneumonia going to the doc tomorrow how come every time I cough I have a sharp pain on my insion I had my decompression surgery in oct
Avatar f tn I am 12wks and have had a tickle in my throat thanks to Springs arrival. but every time I cough it really hurts in my lower belly. the pain only lasts a few seconds but can be mild or slightly painful. anyone else have this issue??
Avatar n tn Every morning for the past 9 or 10 months, my boyfriend has woken up with a really bad cough. He coughs up phlegm, has to constantly clear his throat, and has to blow his nose a lot. He doesn't smoke (never has) and is rarely around smoke. He doesn't have trouble breathing, and doesn't wheeze at all. It only happens first thing in the morning, and goes away after about an hour. It doesn't happen at any other time of the day.
Avatar m tn About 5 days ago, I started getting a tickle in my throat every night. I didn't think much of it, but since about two days ago the tickle got worse, and now it's all day. It's causing me to break down into violent coughing fits, and today I started losing my voice. Normally when I get sick like this, I have a lot of chest congestion, but this time, there's nothing. It's just a dry cough that doesn't even relieve the itch in my throat. Can anyone tell me what this is?
Avatar f tn Since 1991 from April to November I cough non stop. I have taken different inhalers over the years and am now trying Symbicort. I am under a specialist now and he has suggested I have reflux and he wants me to take medication for this. Since March this year I have had two courses of prednisone which seems to be the only thing to stop me coughing. BUT two weeks after I have stopped taking the prednisone I start coughing again.
Avatar n tn When I say uncontolable I mean she was coughing non stop for hours at a time. He put her on an antibiotic (zpack) and gave her cough medicine with codine. 5 days later she was not any better. Brought her back to the doctors and they did a test for whooping cough(have to wait 2 weeks for the results) and a chest x-ray, which was fine and put her on steriods. A week later she was still not better. She was seen by a pulmonary specialist this morning. They do not know whats wrong with her.
Avatar f tn Hi All, My daughter is 17 months old and since she was 3 months old, she has been either coughing, wheezing or congested. I used to have a local pediatrician who kept telling me that she was in day care so it is common. And so this went on and on. We are military, so I decided to switch pediatricians for another opinion. Now I have seen 3 different "so called" military pediatricians and they say she has baby asthma and have put her on a daily breathing treatment (nebulizer).
Avatar n tn Meanwhile he is on pseudofed, Afferin, an albuterol inhaler, 24-hour Claritin, Nasonex, and an inhaled steroid. Every time we see a doctor they add a medication, but insist on not subtracting any. The attacks are becoming more frequent-- at least every other night now (almost all are in the evening)-- and longer, with coughs deeper and closer together. It is possible that exposure to a stain for our fence started this, though it might be a coincidence that both happened at the same time.
Avatar n tn Thanks for taking the time to comment. That made me feel much better. I have less coughing each day and was hoping it would eventually be gone. Isn't quitting wonderful, though? Can't believe I waited so long! Thanks all for the suggestions. Biking uphill does get the lungs working.
Avatar n tn go to nature sunshine on the net and look up colloidal silver order this and take this for pneumonia as you would antibiotic (a teaspoon in a very small amount of juice 1/2 ounce) every eight hours for three to seven days until the mucus that you cough up is clear (not yellow,green or brown) when the mucus clears this lets you know that the infection is gone. Stop taking the colloidal silver even though the cough may still be there and you may be coughing up clear mucus.
Avatar n tn I've gone through antibotics, steriods, four bottles of cough syrup and nothing helps. I take a nexium every morning and I am taken one at supper time now to. Sometimes it seems to get bettter and I don't cough much and then it hits real hard and that's all I do. What do you think my problem is?? My doctor is going on that it is GERD. Shouldn't I have some tests or something to prove that this is the problem? This is going on the third month with no inprovement. I'm really getting tired of it.
Avatar n tn As a sufferer of chronic coughing & problems with breathing when in bed, I'd just like to ask if you have considered the bedroom's environment as it relates to allergins to your little one? Most people don't think about pillows, mattresses, stuffed toys or books in a room as 'problems', but I learned with myself & my son both that these all plays a role in making us sick. Thus slowly reducing our ability to breathe while trying to sleep at night.
Avatar f tn Hi, My Pug is almost 4years old. She has started coughing and gagging about 5-6 days ago. It happens every few hours then she is fine. She is eating and drinking without an issues also. It sounds as if she is coughing up phlem but nothing ever comes up. Her breathing is fine, never gasps for air and there has been no voimiting either. She sleeps most of the night with out coughing. It sounds like kennel cough but I am pretty sure it is not!
4607202 tn?1357112742 Hi i have a male cat 5 an a half years of age , he has been coughing more an more lately , nothing comes up an it is very hard for him to breath at times an other times he is fine maybe coughs one or two times a day .. im so worried that he has a bad illness , i have not changed anything in our living day to day activites like food, litter, the use of candles ( did this all his life would lite a few for a few for a hour or 2 every other 2 to 3 days ) we havent moved to a new enviroment ..