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Avatar f tn I havent had it the whole pregnancy, but at least for the last 10 weeks. Most days I wake up at 3 am and cant go back to sleep, and I dont nap during the day so I am drained. Today I woke up at 1 am :/ If you are coughing so much, have you asked your doctor if you can take any over the counter cough syrup? Also, are you sure you dont have some kind of infection?
Avatar n tn Try putting Vics VaporRub (or equivilant no-name) on your feet before you go to bed. (Put socks on, too, that keeps the rub on your feet longer and off your sheets!) I started getting the winter cough about 9 years ago after I moved to L.A. from New England. It's starts around Jan/Feb and goes through until Mar/Apr. I was miserable. Coughed all night and couldn't sleep. Would lose my voice from coughing.
Avatar m tn Does he fall asleep on his back if he does get him to sleep on his side , this could be sleep apnea or some sinus problem , maybe good to ask the doctor .
Avatar n tn Delsym is the strongest over the counter cough medicine that you can get. Tastes terrible but it works! Is there any congestion and if so where (chest,face). There are 3 different types of Mucinex, maybe it wasn't the one you needed.
7596124 tn?1394671431 I've been coughing every night for about a week now and it's causing me to lose sleep and puke. DoCtor said it's allergies but it's ONLY when I laydown. What can I do oor take?
Avatar n tn my daughter is 3 years old and ever since she has been a baby has had aconstant cough during the night sometimes resulting in her being sick we have tried inhalers antibiotics and lots of other medication but nothing has stopped this she sees a consultant every 8 weeks 2 weeks ago she fractured her skull and then a week later developed swelling on her head since she has had the swelling on her head there has been no coughing during the night just would like to know if anybody knows what this wou
250701 tn?1320974765 Still coughing my head off. I just don't know about this cough, It has just been lingering and lingering throughout the treatment. It really worries me. Gotta go to the lung Dr. this Thur. I know she is going to say stop smoking. I try and just can't right now. God Bless us all.
Avatar n tn re now on day 13, but have taken 5 days of z-pac, xopenex nebulizer and codituss cough med with codiene. Her coughing during the day is much improved but as soon as she lies down for bedtime the coughing begins. She coughed over an hour before falling asleep and then coughed almost non-stop from 1:30-6:30 this am. Still running a low-grade temp. No wheezing but is this asthma, allergy, virus? Are the guinea pigs causing all of this?
Avatar f tn My 3 year old daughter is gaging alot and when she goes to sleep she wakes up coughing so hard that she throws up. she also gags over everything. Lately she has been getting sore throats and runny nose, she started school, but the coughing at night has been going on for a long time, nobody smokes, and we have no pets. Could this have anything to do with her tonsils?
Avatar f tn One Benadryl pill helps me sleep and during the day I drink plenty of water. What causes the throat block when I tried to cough?
Avatar f tn Look up pregnancy rhinitis. You can have allergies during pregnancy. I had it and had to take claritin and benadryl during my pregnancy. My throat itched I sneezed all the time its caused because of the extra hormones.
1967331 tn?1327880044 I finally get one back 2 sleep after giving breathing treatment for uncontrollable the other wont stop kicking me..... I have knees in my belly and knees in my back..... Is this what i have to look forward to as a single parent of 2?????? If so im going to have lots of sleepless nights :-( but on the other hand wouldnt change my boys for a world full of sleep.
Avatar f tn Im so tired aswell all i wont to do is sleep and have sore breast?? Im a proper worri wort is it natural to be so tired and sore.??
Avatar f tn he isnt allergic to anything and the only symptom he has is the cough..he isnt on any medications and is generally very healthy..cough supprerssants help in that i think they knock him out..but he still wakes up with bouts of the coughing, sometimes until he throws up...during the day he's coughing at all....
Avatar f tn I have had a cold for a few days now with some pretty hard coughing. I have some sore abdominal muscles but seem to be on the mend (I hope!). After coughing at times, I have had some small amounts of stringy mucus (sometimes like egg whites). Tonight, I had a very small clump in my underwear, tinged slight yellow. Can coughing cause preterm labor or dislodge the mucus plug? I have had three children, all full-term, no problems with preterm labor.
Avatar f tn I was given an inhaler and Tylenol with codeine just for at night to help me sleep. I also suggest a good humidifier one that you can see the "steam" basically make yourself a tent, drink lots of water, and get the vicks handheld breather thing (sorry drawing a blank of actual name....) you put vicks pads in it and breath it in and nd it helps calm coughs and non will help open sinuses. I've had bronchitis 3 times this pregnancy.
4121556 tn?1350428560 I am not in a position to make a judgement call regarding euthanasia. Only you, your family, and your regular veterinarian should be involved in that discussion. Regarding the coughing, the most common cause is a degeneration of the mitral valve within the heart. The veterinarian who sees your dog will be able to diagnose this via an exam and some xrays. The xrays will also help rule in or out cancer, parasites etc.
Avatar n tn This could have been due to a nose bleed or due to bleeding from the mouth, from gut or due to coughing out blood during sleep. It is difficult to determine the cause on net. Consult an ENT specialist and your PCP regarding this. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Until recently, my 6 year old son has been a very good sleeper, sleeping in his own bed, and getting a good nights sleep, 10-11hours each night, however, just recently, after he has been asleep an hour or so, he starts screaming and coughing and finds it hard to settle, this can go on for a good few hours. He wanders sometimes during this, and has little recollection of this in the morning.
Avatar n tn I too have had a cough for 7 weeks straight - went on a cruise in this time 87 temps laid in the sun, tried to drink it out one night, been to the dr 4xs already they have had me on z-pak, anti, cough syrup, cough pills, puffer, nasal stuff, over the counter meds, zzzz-quil to sleep, night quil and motrin for the pain in my rib cage from coughing. From coughing so much with the bad attacks I loose my bladder now from this ongoing issue. Feels like i have something in my throat.
Avatar n tn It started since February . End of february they stopped to coughing and it gone away. But after one week since they were better, it started sudenly. I am worring why it hapening again in short period of time. My 3 age son coughs at night a lot and during day same.