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Avatar n tn I got a cold runny nose, itchy eye, stuffy nose,sneezing and coughing always feeling out of breath.
Avatar f tn Not to detract from your situation though.. I once had a too runny nose also - then had surgery to staighten a deviated septum and open the nose some without removing turbinates. I was good for a few years, then started getting beat-up by the dryness condition. -But the point is I know where you're at, and it is annoying. In my present condition, I see some improvement when eating - apparently because the salivary glands are stimulated and the nose-throat are better moisturized.
Avatar f tn So i have the common cold, sneezing, runny nose, itching throat, and coughing up mucus.... My dog sleeps with me every night, n i share most of my food with her, i just wonder if she will catch my cold??
Avatar m tn are Respiratory things like runny nose, sinus infection, coughing, sneezing considered ARS?
4234155 tn?1352858962 t go through bad withdrawals at all. But past few daysmy nose running, I sneezing and coughing. I think it feels like I am getting a head cold but thinking maybe just part of the withdrawal process? Or maybe both? Is it normal for this 8 days in?? Pretty annoying anyway. But both my boys have runny noses and sneezing to, thats why I think its just a cold. But other than feel ok, no cravings today :) looking forward to tomorrow, going ice skating!! One day at a time!
Avatar m tn My symptoms started a month ago when i had a fever, throat pain, coughing up yellow mucus and a runny nose, so i decided to visit my doctor which prescribed Klacid 500 mg (Clarithromycin), which i took and after a few days the runny nose stopped and my throat no longer hurt, however, i was still caughing, which a follow-up to my doctor gave me Valdocef (Cefadroxil) which i also took but the cough remained.
Avatar f tn I have had a cough ever since i became pregnant, it still wont go away i have been sick the past 6 weeks with coughing, runny nose and sore throat, could this affect the baby? And how can i get rid of it?
755905 tn?1234175995 soo for a week now she had a stuffy nose that turned to a runny nose with fever no hight than 100.F..then it turned to her not eating! she will eat here an there but nothing like she was b4 being sick! i am literally sick to my stomach! we recently had a new addition but she love her baby brother dearly! alway's helps mommy an all an always gives him kisses on forehead..what is going on? is this not wanting to eat normal?
Avatar f tn wednesday morning, the first day after completed the z-pac, i was running a fever and still coughing and runny nose, and then throwing up. i hurt all over, like a have the flu. it is day 2 after finishing, and i am still achy and coughing and runny nose. i had to call off work yesterday because of how awful i felt. what can i do? is this normal? i don't normally take antibiotics so i have no idea how they work. thank you....i am at the end of my rope.
Avatar f tn I have a 3 yr old little girl who has been experiencing extreme mucus and coughing spells for over a month. It all began on January 9th when she came down with the common cold. It lasted about 10 days and she was back to normal. The only thing is that a few days later she developed a deep dry cough that would not let up. I looked online for home remedies to cure a cough in children and the Tea & Honey did help "some". The cough went away and then....She woke up with a runny nose.
Avatar f tn I only had a sore throat present throughout the whole day. On Monday I had flu like symptoms. Runny nose, coughing and sneezing. It was very bad and there no remedies that helped. This morning I'm still the same but my throat doesn't hurt as much but the runny nose, coughing and sneezing is still present. I have kept a close eye out for herpes symptoms but none are present. No tingling lips, nothing odd inside my mouth, no red gums and no marks around my mouth or face.
871111 tn?1248992972 Then a litter after the runny nose appeared, she started coughing. It was a dry, non-productive cough, almost like a "cack" sound. She was given doxycycline (100 mg) tablets, for kennel cough. This did nothing. I took her back and paid a whopping $140 for "chloramphenicol ophth oint 1%" however I was given the drug in a pill form, which I was instructed to wear gloves when handling.
Avatar m tn As far as I understand it, lisinopril (like all the ACE-I) may produce dry cough but normally no runny nose, also if you are taking it for 3 months and it is now when you have those problems, chances are that it is not lisinopril. Jesus.
Avatar f tn Background: 21 year old female, IBS, food & environmental allergies, on birth control, anxiety medication, and allergy medication. 4 weeks ago I went to my student health center at the college I attend. I had a sore throat with white tonsils. They strep test came back negative and was sent home to rest. Still believe I had tonsillitis, the girl I sat next to said she had tonsillitis and a week later was when I became sick.
Avatar n tn Starting from 02/23/2008 (the 37th day after last exposure), I started coughing with productive thick dark yellow mucus, runny nose, sore throat. However there was no fever until 03/02 (the 44th day after last exposure). Here are the descriptions of my symptions: Day 1 ~ day 8: productive coughing, thick dark yellow mucus, runny nose, sore throat (No fever) Day 9: fever with 102.8F maximum.
Avatar f tn Ive had allergies my whole pregnancy its called Pregnancy Rhinitis im 28weeks 4 days ive been coughing,sneezing, stuffy nose runny nose this whole time and it won't go away til I have the baby it got so bad by Christmas I had to go to er cuz of sore throat for over a month and ear aches all from coughing for so long.
7301641 tn?1391016954 I have had a stuffy nose, sore throat, coughing, and runny nose for the past 2 weeks is this normal or should I call and talk to my doctor?
Avatar f tn Also, he had a very runny nose during the day and a very stuffy nose at night. Over the past couple of days the runny and stuffy nose symptoms have continued and the coughing is getting worse. The coughing is especially worse during the night. His stools don't look exactly normal either. They have been darkened and sometimes have a really dark reddish tint to them. He also has not been eating as much and as well as he normally was, but he is still drinking as much as usual.
Avatar n tn what can i buy my dog over the counter to get rid of muscus?
Avatar m tn t have a runny nose or cough while awake. It could take some time for the drainage to pool and cause the coughing. Taking out the tonsils won't help with this either. ( I am a chronic allergy sufferer and this is what my doctor told me as a child). Unfortunately, doctors seem reluctant to test and diagnose allergies in young children. My poor son had to wait until he was 12 before I could give him some real help even though he suffered from age 2 and up.
Avatar n tn When I got home last night, I blew my nose and It was red. When I woke up this morning and blew my nose its still red. I also have a really bad cough. What could be the problem?
Avatar m tn My Mom and I discovered that taking an Elderberry supplement capsule first thing in the morning helps with the coughing, sniffing, runny nose, hacking and choking. We usually don't need to take more than that. But, if the smoke from the fires around us cause us trouble, we take another one. Works like a charm. Sure hope it works for you.
Avatar f tn 8 days so far (didnt start until 15 days in) muffled left ear: 3 days so far (didnt start until 20 days in) vomitting: 2 days fatigue: throughout total duration: 22 days so far my cough alternates between wet and dry, sometimes there is yellow/white phlegm. in the mornings, i experience heaving/gagging when coughing. in the beginning, it hurt to swallow and i experienced a deep barking cough (especially when lying down), but its starting to ease.
Avatar f tn Ugh for the last 4 days I have had this annoying cold, sore throat, coughing and sneezing and it only got worse today when my nose got all stuffy and runny at the same time and iv been sneezing so hard I pee myself, I'm soooooo over this iv taken Tylenol but its clearly not helping is there anything else I can do?