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4041825 tn?1359292686 I'm so sick of coughing and hacking to no end! The cough syrup I'm using isn't working, nor are the cough drops, chloraseptic spray, gargling salt water, vicks vapor rub....ect ect. Any of you ladies know of a home remedy to get rid of a cough? My ribs and my belly feel like they're about to split! Plus I can't sleep.
746512 tn?1388807580 I am dog sitting for a couple of weeks right now and the dog is miserable. He has some sort of unknown allergies but is on a low grade food (beneful) and horrible smelling skin. He is beet red in his ears, armpits and abdomen. The skin is also hyperpigmented in spots, flaky and has similar texture to elephant skin (wrinkled and swollen). He also has a sweet horrible odour (especially earss) so I'm assuming a yeast infection.
Avatar f tn My tiny four pound Maltese/Poodle cross has been coughing and I was wondering if someone has any ideas. He is about 8 1/2 and has had issues with his behavoir. He won't let us have him groomed without him trying to bite us or get his nails trimmed, so every four months or so we have to have him knocked out to have this done. I wasn't sure if this was some of his problem from the stuff they give him or what, but he does it alot especially at night.
4121556 tn?1350428560 My dog coughs as though he has something stuck somewhere, I cannot see anything, he eats quite well, Could it be lung worms or could it be a tumour? he often vomits.bile.He is old now, and his back legs are going, should he be put to sleep? euthenasia?
Avatar f tn I tried taking robitussin dm because thats what my doctor recommended me to take,but its just not helping..have any of you ladies tried a home remedy that worked? I cant sleep and my stomach hurts from all my coughing.
Avatar n tn I've heard of a temporary increase in coughing. This article agrees. It suggests simple things to try. Maybe Cepacol throat spray would help since it numbs the throat.
Avatar f tn Well, there is something called the Thomas Recipe. It will help. Look up the member "goingtomakeit", click on his name. It has listed in his journals. I would post it here, but it is long.
Avatar f tn I just went to the washroom and whatever skin tag/wart that may be on my perineum is bleeding since I applied the tea tree oil.......I have no clue!
Avatar n tn hi welcome to the forum sice your tight onmoney tell us what is bothering you the most and will try to treat your worst symptoms like for restless legs walmart carys highlands restful legs its only like 4 bucks and works wounders if thats got ya as fro most symptoms a simple hot soak in the tub will do the most for you ebsom salt helps it cheep and forces magnesium into your system vitimin b-12 will help with energy again walmart 6 bucks but give us som feedback on whats tormenting you and will
Avatar n tn Has lose hair in this area. Looks like a big swollen boil. How should we treat it, or if there is a home remedy, or vet should see him?
Avatar f tn I been on steroids , antibiotics, name it. Is there anyone who knows of a home remedy I can try to stop coughing and help me with my acid reflux.. Its been over four months am coughing non stop..
Avatar f tn My poor husband has a cold. Anyone know a good home remedy to get rid of his coughing?
Avatar f tn Dry and prolonged coughing for 1yr baby from last 3 months. Any good home remedy for it?
694466 tn?1227677802 Was your dog vaccinated for kennel cough within the last six months? Next question: When was your dog's last heartworm test? This blood test should be run annually on all dogs. Is your dog on heartworm preventive? When was the last dose that you gave? It is not possible that she contracted heartworms from the kennel. If your pet has not been on heartworm preventive, it would be a good idea to take her to the veterinarian for a blood test. Is she sneezing or coughing?
996946 tn?1503249112 If this were my dog, I would simply keep him as comfortable as possible at home until he is ready to be done with life.
Avatar f tn we have a labrador pet at home age is 10 years. He has been diagnosied with hyporthyroidsm since 6 months. Doctor here suggested to give him a dose like in the morning 400mcg and in the night 400 mcg. Could you please suggest the normal dosage of thyronorm?
Avatar n tn I have been taking antihistamines before bed and it seems to help calm my cough. I have a rather difficult anxiety problem when it comes to doctors so I try to home remedy what I can and only see drs if totally necessarry. Is there anyone who can help?
850661 tn?1245666056 I guess cough syrup is out when one is pregnant, but my grandpa used to give me one tablespoon of honey mixed with a little lemon juice when I had a bad cough when I was little. It was one of those home remedy type things, but it always worked for me! Hot tea with lemon & honey might also ease the coughing. I hope you feel better soon.
Avatar f tn My 11 year old dobie, Dixie, is in kidney failure. She's drinking alot of water, is hardly eating anything, and urinating all the time. She is my husband's constant companion and the "child of our marriage". Just when I think that the end is any day now, she goes outside to hunt moles and then eats some chicken and carrots. We love her so very much that we are beyond heartbroken. Is there any home remedy that would perk up her appetite?
Avatar m tn My 5 year old miniature schnauzer is 5 years old. She has started coughing and is becoming more frequent. It is almost a panting cough? She also has a bad odor. Which has been going on for a month or two.(odor). I have listened to her chest with a stethescope and she is breathing fast and it sounds thick and dry. I thoguht it was maybe just a case of dust because we mulched leaves (oak and pecan) and we didn't have a bag on the mower and it got pretty dusty.
Avatar f tn I'd try a hairball remedy to start. Usually a dry hack is a sign of a fur ball issue. You won't always see the end product, often cats will swallow that result.
Avatar f tn I know garlic should help , its a home remedy. chop some, you could put some lemon on them or honey and gargle it on your throat and pass.