Coughing blood with mucus

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Avatar f tn Only every now and them I feel like I have mucus so when I cough a little bit of mucus and blood comes up and my throat burns for a bit. Did I cut my throat and just not realize it or is it something else?
Avatar n tn i can taste infection when i swallow and i keep coughing up mucus that has blood in it, what does blood in my mucus mean?
Avatar m tn I went to the hospital a month ago, done a chest x ray again, it came clear, done colonoscopy, gastroscopy, and upper endoscopy which said my membrane is vulnerable with spotty bleeding at touch, but it didnt explain blood in mucus. So after that i went to a Sinus and nasopharynx MSCT scan. it showed that my left maxillary sinus is complety full of tissue, which was spreading to the nasopharynx and theres a mass 3cm large and 2.5 wide...they said CT didnt show a tumor or metastases.
Avatar n tn Hi, Continuous cough can make small cuts inside an irritated throat and sometimes little blood can come out along with mucus. You should control the cough with some cough syrup and the blocked nose can be easily cleared by inhaling medicinal vapours like Vicks VapoRub.
Avatar n tn been coughing for a couple of weeks little bit of fever very tired went to a walk in clinic a couple of days ago and the Doctor said it was mostly allergies gave me antibotics,congestion,cough syurp,nasal spray....this morning when I woke up I was coughing up blood in my phlegm the first 3 times then it cleared up....
Avatar m tn Hemoptysis or coughing up blood could occur with tuberculosis. The other causes could be due to lung tumors, bleeding disorders or due to side effects of medications. The other causes for long term cough besides asthma are GERD and post nasal drip from allergies. GERD is gastro esophageal reflux disease where the stomach acids come back into the esophagus and spill into the wind pipe causing cough. Treatment with antacids will help neutralize the acids.
Avatar f tn Hi I've got a bout of flu and last night had several coughing fits (with mucus discharge). At some point it may have become blood stained but I didn't notice until this morning when I coughed hard and ejected reddish brown phlegm, about one inch in size. I thought it could be due to coughing too hard but I'm worried it may be something serious. Can someone help please?
Avatar n tn And the next day, I started coughing up small amounts of blood, sometimes combined with mucus, sometimes just blood clots, the blood seemed dark, not pink, and I didn't cough blood all the time, I would cough some blood, then it stopped, and maybe much later that day, or the next day, some more blood..
Avatar n tn for about 2months now I have had a cough, lots of mucus, wheezing, when I cough now i pee on myself which is embarrasing.
Avatar n tn Barbara533 Have you tried an antihistamine? rushtyyyyy green and yellow flem should not be coming up from allergy unless it is stomach acid. Usually allergy is clear mucus. I'm not a doctor but I wonder if it is a bacteria infection. Sorry I don't know the correct answer. Maybe the doctors are correct too. I just personally haven't heard of colored mucus from allergy. Allergy can cause mucus that can lead to bacteria infection too. See another doctor.
Avatar m tn recently i had fever(3days ago),i had headaches,loss of appetite,tonsillitis and mucus formation.i am healthy now but now my mucus is not yellow it is somewhat red in color.a blackish red blood is to be seen.Also i am having problem when i take deep breath i get a momentary pain in my lungs.Am i dying?
782115 tn?1245684075 You are right to be concerned about the blood in your boyfriend’s sputum. Coughing up blood is definitely abnormal, under any circumstance. Given his age and long smoking history, the blood was probably due to his having chronic bronchitis. If so, that would be serious now and, even more so, later in life. This blood should be considered serious and, at a minimum, he should see his doctor and have a chest x-ray.
Avatar n tn How long this has been going on for? Also do you smoke? Is the blood present as a pink mucus or as diluted blood (ie with saliva)? Do you have trouble swallowing large amounts of food? Regardless of the answers to the above questions, if you are coughing up blood for more than a week, it must be examined, a simple chest X-Ray and bloodwork would rule out anything serious.
Avatar n tn Second day I started to get a sore throat and started coughing really hard with a lot of dark green mucus coming out of my coughs. My nose usually stayed runny all day but usually at night when I'd go to sleep it wouldn't run. But I started coughing and sometimes there's blood in the mucus when I cough up, little amounts in the mucus. My temperature was 99.8, but recently around after day 5 my soar throat went away.
Avatar n tn I am a 24 year old female, with no previous health problems... About 10 months ago, I woke up in the middle of the night because my chest was rattling, like it was full of mucus. I bent over the sink to cough it up, and it was pure, fresh blood. I was pregnant at the time, so I immediately went to the ER. They performed a chest X-Ray, blood, work and a CT scan.
Avatar n tn Guys, I'm 29 weeks tomorrow and I seriously feel like I got hit by a train! I was thinking it was just allergies, but now I'm running a low grade fever. My throat is killing me, my head hurts, and I can't stop coughing (sometimes producing mucus). I have been taking Tylenol cold but it just masks it for 4 hours or so. What else can I do to get better? I have two other children to take care of and my husband is having surgery in two days!
Avatar m tn Then i was taking those for about 3 days when i caught a cold again, runny nose, fever, cough and throat pain, again coughing up yellow (greenish) mucus. This time we went to another pulmonologist which diagnosed me with Tracheobronchitis, Morbus refluxualis gastro-oesophageus, Sinusitis acuta alia, Tussis but she also gave ma diagnosis Asthma so she can prescribe me montelukast and Prednisone.
Avatar f tn She is not coughing, and there is no mucus mixed with the blood. I took her to her pediatrician he referred me to an ENT, the ENT referred me to gastro. specialist. her lungs and sinuses are clear. today they will do a CAT scan. if they can not find a source for the blood that will put her to sleep and each specialist will take a deeper look.
Avatar f tn My symptoms - I had a sore throat, coughing up mucus, mild temp, sneezing etc, about 4 months ago, ever since, the symptoms keep recurring, mainly coughing. mild crackles in my airways upon waking, which is cleared by coughing up mucus. I have been to my GP quite a few times, have had three different types of anitbiotics, a chest Xray and lung funciton test. Have also been tested for whooping cough and other types of viruses, which are all negative.
Avatar m tn I have had a cough for 3-4 months and i have been coughing up flegm. For about a couple of weeks, i have been having pain in my ribs (right side) so i need to know if I need to get this checked out or it could be something serious and should go to the ER. Thanks.
Avatar f tn today i blew my nose there was blood there too. I am not coughing that much. I only cough if I feel the mucus in my throat--but no trouble breathing, no pain, ..I am a nervous wreck about the blood though,,should i go to emergency room..its sunday...I will call my dr tomorrow. there isnt always blood on tissue but sometimes there is..a small is freaking me out..please help..
Avatar m tn About 3 weeks ago, I came down with what I thought was the flu - body aches, coughing up mucus and 103 fever. I went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bronchitis, given antibiotics and prednisone. 2 weeks later, I'm still coughing constantly, but it's dry - no mucus, can't sleep and found I've lost over 10 lbs. My appetite is down, but I have been eating.