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Avatar n tn If there is bleeding elsewhere, coughing up blood, dark colored stool, bleeding gums while brushing teeth, an examination of blood components would be a good first step. Stay positive.
Avatar n tn But the big scare I have is when I take out my tampon, which I change about every hour to 2 hours, there are blood clots on it. Then when I am sitting on the toilet, more blood clots come out, and also when I wipe with toilet paper. They aren't HUGE like everyone else is saying, but they are bigger than a quarter, and it's never happened before & I started my period for the first time when I was 14. What should I do? Or is this all normal?
937826 tn?1261337479 I have another questions I have been doing alot of coughing been coughing up alot of plehm but for the past half hour I have been coughing up blood not a smear of blood but a half dollar size amount of blood each time should I worry about this.
Avatar n tn what could be the cause of coughing up blood have been doing this since June of last year and doctors cannot get to the bottom of it, this is very concerning to me what could it be, they have ruled out tb, mono, valley fever, have even done a bronochsopy nothing showing up
Avatar n tn Can you feel blood clots? I have had pains on the inside of my thigh close to my knee that runs upward about six inches, in my neck and head, and the inside of my arms that feel like blood clots working through the vessels. I also have chest pains in or around my heart. I am in otherwise good health, gave birth to 2 boys (3 and 11 mos) and I'm only 24. I know this isnt normal but is it something I should be concerned about?
Avatar n tn Hi everyone, yesterday I brought my wife home from the hospital (7 days) after she was admitted for having blood clots. She has a blood clot in her upper arm/shoulder area, and a blood clot in each lung. The ONLY risk factor she has towards blood clots is that she is on birth control. She has been on Yasmin for around 4-5 months now (she was previously on orthotricyclin). My wife is 25 and a non-smoker.
Avatar n tn I am a female in my mid twenties that has a recently diagonised ASD. My question is this...what are the chances of blood clots crossing the defect and causing problems? I woke this morning with bad shortness of breath and chest pain. The pain is there just when I take a big breath in and it is more of a squeezing pain than anything else. No coughing but I am very tired and winded and also no pain in my legs or calfs. I am on 75mg of paxil. I see my Dr.
Avatar f tn One week after the surgery he felt pain in his chest, he couldn't breath and he was coughing with blood. We went to the emergency , they did an XRay and CT test and discovered blood clots in both lounges- pulmonary embolism. He stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was discharged five days ago. after they did eco and dopler tests . Now he is taking 5 mg coumadin and fragmin injection a day.
Avatar n tn I woke with 2 blood clots in my mouth and had fresh blood in my saliva for 1 hour after (no coughing) this was 4 days post an upper endo. which was wnl. now i have left sided belly pain going across diaghpragm and awful taste in my mouth decreased appetite pain worse with lying down.
Avatar m tn i went to the hospital and i had a EKG a chest xray and a chest CT (cat scan of the chest) they said my lungs and heart were normal and i have no clots or anything like that.. then i went to my primary care doctor he also diagnosed me with anxiety.. so im taking welbutrin, citalopram, trazodone, and xanax for when i have a serious panic attack. which i believe that i do have anxiety and panic disrder, HOWEVER i have been short of breathe for about two months..
Avatar n tn And the next day, I started coughing up small amounts of blood, sometimes combined with mucus, sometimes just blood clots, the blood seemed dark, not pink, and I didn't cough blood all the time, I would cough some blood, then it stopped, and maybe much later that day, or the next day, some more blood..
Avatar f tn Other causes of acute onset shortness of breath would include asthma, pneumonia, and blood clots to the lungs. You made the right decision to see your doctor as soon as possible. In the future, should similar symptoms recur, you should seek immediate attention.
645331 tn?1224009865 im just out of hospital (2nights) with possible blood clots in my chest. they couldn't x-ray me as i am 3 months pregnant. they took blood tests and are convinced that i do not have a blood clot it may just be bad muscle pain. when i got home i took a coughing fit and heard and felt a huge popping noise in my chest and severe pain after it.. it is very painfull to move certain ways, breath and cough. have i got broken ribs?
Avatar f tn I'm terrified that as soon as I finish, the whole thing will come back. What could have caused those huge old blood clots and all that bright yellow mucus? My Dr. thinks the infection must very deep in the nose and I still am producing excessive mucus thats white but hunks of green still literally just appea in my mouth. I don't know if coming from sinuse which is more likely or lungs since my asthma is not controlled well dealing with all that mucus everyday.
Avatar n tn It raises the question of other diagnoses, namely pneumonia and blood clots to the lungs. High blood pressure and a fast heart rate may well be due to your “really bad stress”, but occurring in conjunction with chest pain and shortness of breath all your symptoms could be due to pneumonia, especially if you still have fever. Your concern about the blood in your sputum, the constant chest pain and severe palpitation is warranted.
633537 tn?1222560808 they admitted him and checked for heart problems and possible blood clots. the answer was no to both, but they continued to give him shots near his navel for blood thinning. he was told he had bronchitis and a touch of pneumonia. after 2 days he was released,but his chest still aches and he is still coughing. i am worried about him since he is 67 yrs old and had been shot during a vietnam tour and part of his liver and stomach is gone due to that trauma.
Avatar f tn My husband has been coughing up blood for 14 days. I took him to the ER day 1 and his CT scan, chest xray, and labs all normal. He took a zpak with no results. He says that he typically feels "fine" otherwise. The episodes, I have noticed, seem to be more severe at night and in the morning. When we presented to the ER he did have a low-grade fever and his bp was 179/95. He normally runs around 120's. When he originally began coughing up blood he was doing hanging leg raises.
Avatar n tn I am constantly straining muscles from the intense coughing, I've coughed up blood twice. I finally had a CAT scan and it shows that my lungs are fine, except from some harmless scarring from prolonged coughing. Antibiotics have no effect on the cough. I've used Tussionex (codeine cough syrup) for years, but drs. don't like to prescribe it, so I use it when I can't stand it any more to make it last. The cough leaves me so exhausted, and my muscles painful, and it's almost impossible to sleep.
Avatar n tn I had black clots of blood sometimes a day or two after my episodes of coughing up blood. I never saved my blood, but last Nov 23 i spent the night in the hospital in Boston, coughing up tons of blood and no-one wanted to save it, they just glanced at how much i was coughing up. To me it seemed like so much since it was all night but they said it was still probably 1/2 cup, which if you're the one coughing it, it's alot.
2004810 tn?1365157211 Procrit has been around since the 90's I think and has in certain patients with kidney and other issues can cause blood clots leading to strokes. For those otherwise healthy, except for Hep C it seems to work reasonably well. I am 5 weeks, 5 shots in and it has stopped the hmg dropping and raised it from 9.2 to 9.9. I will say the shot itself kind of hurts and compared to the Interferon shot, leaves me feeling sick and weak for 48 - 72 hrs. Be glad when this is done.
390388 tn?1279639813 Your arteries are becoming inflamed at that reading and you will start to experience high blood pressure as well as be at risk for blood clots in your heart arteries. You need to strive for a fasting blood sugar reading of no more than 100, and believe me, if you ignore that advice, there are consequences of heart, eye, kidney disease. I'd advise you to contact your health professional and report the bp reading/blood sugar results asap.
Avatar n tn I have had exact same symptoms as you, im 24/F blood always in my saliva in the mornings and rarely sometimes during the day my throat is really dry in the morning and at night i am always thirsty for this reason and had no luck with doctors since they told me it was allergies but i have no allergies or nasal problems i got an ultrasound done on my throat with nothing wrong, i always check my teeth and gum's in the morning for bleeding but find nothing, now i find clumps of blood clots in my sal
Avatar n tn I have a friend that just found out she has blood clots on her Atrial pacemaker lead. She is very concerned and has not gotten any answers as to what caused this or what they are going to do to fix it. The doctors say this is very rare and don't seem to have any answers for her. I know it can be very serious if the clot breaks loose. The clot has gotten larger over the past several months and more have formed on the lead. Did you get any answers about this from your doctors?
Avatar m tn . More likely it is a respiratory issue. Blood clots in the lungs (pulmonary embolus). The pain is very sharp and stabbing in nature, has a sudden onset, and is worse when taking a deep breath (referred to as pleuritic chest pain). Another possibility is having a clot in the pulmonary vessel. You should see a doctor is elminate those serious condition. Or it could be costchondritis. That is inflammation of the cartilage related to the skeletal rib cage. Usually as a result of an injury.
Avatar n tn One time, I awoke chocking because of the blood in the throat. I AM NOT COUGHING - it is like the blood just suddenly appears. I have had several tests including a cat scan, a chest x-ray, sinus CT scan, blood tests and a bronchoscopy. All test results come back normal. I was a smoker but quit 20 years ago. Why can't my doctors find the source of this blood? It is bright red and has several small clots in it - it is at least a tablespoon of blood.
Avatar n tn Dear Lynn3: Sorry that your having such symptoms. Blood clots travel away from the heart in the arteries and toward the heart in veins. It would be very unusual for a venous clot to travel from the head to the neck. They are usually very small and would get stopped in the lungs. A clot in the temporal artery would induce a stroke. The normal MRI essentially rules this latter out, and the former is extremely unlikely.