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Avatar m tn Only cough at night. Some night less, but last 2 nights was very bad and he lost his voice this morning. He is on Singulair for allergy, but it gives him rash so we go for Claritin every evening. He also has albuterol inhaler and Flonase. However, it does not work sometime like the last 2 nights. The flonase really made it worst so I stop. He has this about a year off and on, but worse when the weather change.I have air filter and huminifier at home as well.
Avatar n tn and usually go all day even outside and in ballet together w/o a cough.. but at night, it is non stop and becomes fluid like.. as for the dr saying not to worry-- we have been there and this time we will follow the drs orders and wait 2 weeks but we told her, that is it.. we are not going back to the almost death -- that happened to her before.. but unfortunately all of my friends in this boat, are getting the same --deer in the headlights-- explanation!
3166874 tn?1343999162 A Senior dog Coughing at night or early morning (After laying down) is indicative of CHF (Congestive heart failure)......Don't panic! This condition is very common and can be controlled for years w/medications....An EKG is the place to start.....If your Vet is not able to provide one, then you need to see a Canine Cardioligist....Let us know what the Vet says & good luck.....
Avatar f tn Thank you for your answer. Doctors do not do anything for me. I have coughing at night and in the morning. I have dyspnea, and today I got diarrhea, possibly due to an antibiotic which ended on last week. I am using lactic acid bacteria all the time. Today my INR rose to 3,3 (should be 3-3), I don't know why. It is not yet caused byt the diarrhea. I have sweeting now but no fever. I am waiting for electric cardioversion. I don't know when it can be done, there is a queue.
Avatar f tn What can I give him to help him sleep and stop coughing at nite? He also coughs at nite and throws up.
Avatar m tn m a 23 year old male, who takes Singuliar, 10mg, daily for asthma symptoms. However for the past few nights, I have been wheezing and coughing in bed at night to the point it disrupts my sleep, leaving me dragging the next day. During the day I do not wheeze and cough, just laying down at night in bed. Should I go see my doctor, or is this something due to change in weather (it has become noticably cooler in this area the past couple days), or something the medication will correct in time?
Avatar f tn Have you been tested for TB? Usually the fever goes up at night and you get fatigue and cough. But, also a chest infection would give you this high of a fever. So getting a sputum sample for culture to see if have an infection would be a good idea. Did you or do you have a sore throat too or just the lung symptoms? Did you ever see white spots or pus in the back of your throat? It doesn't sound like you had strep throat when they tested you for it.
1161604 tn?1388875598 Thanks I really hope so too...I'm on miserable puppy right now. I just want to curl up and sleep but I can't...a) I have DS2 and b) my sinuses and coughing prevent me from getting comfy and falling asleep.
Avatar n tn I was watching Mystery Diagnosis and they had a similar story to yours the child would vomit once per night and then fall right back asleep and wouldn't have any memory of it the next day. They did a sleep study and discovered that she was actually having a seizure that would induce the vomiting episode. She was put on medication for seizures and it stopped the vomiting. Just a suggestion.
Avatar n tn but then the coughing gets better during the day. This coughing has been lasting 3 weeks..and the severe coughing at night which wakes me up has been about 4 days. Is this a sign of HIV or STD? I did have oral sex , unprotected from a few escorts...
Avatar n tn I am having 4 teeth removed on Friday morning. I grind my teeth at night and am concerned this will reopen the blood clots while I sleep. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn My 5 year soon is not been well, since 5 month ago, he had had ears infection and temperature every month, been tired, been under penicillin, he gets better but not well, and during all this time he always have a cold, running nose and post nasal drip, and also he started sweating and waking up at night very confused and frighten, I took several times to the GP and I request a blood sample, they took to check whole white ,red cells and Tirhoydes and kidneys and liver funtcin everything was fi
Avatar n tn If it is, antihistamine will help, and washing all your bedding in hot water and bleach and drying on high heat will help atleast temporarily (If it helps at all, you need to wrap your mattress in heavy plastic and seal completely with duck tape - and you may need a new mattress as well, and you also need to spring clean your room.) GERD would also do that, and sometimes that's its only symptom.
Avatar f tn I don't have much knowledge with this condition, perhaps others will come to your aid, I hope so. About a week after I had my 5 stents inserted, I suffered this and it did scare me until I realised what it was. I panicked the first time because I suffered a bad episode of arrythmia after my procedure and I thought it was happening again. Mine too came on late in the day, any time from 6pm onwards and lasted ages. The only way I managed to stop them was to have a sleep.
Avatar f tn I have had a fever sometimes during the day and every single night for a month now. Not high 99.8-100.6 but during the day and night I am SO achy and tired!! I am on 800mg/3 a day for 2 weeks now and have 2 more weeks to go....I also have MS and Celiac......does any of this make sense to you?
Avatar f tn t at the store. Chances are there is something he is coming into contact with late night/early morning at the house. If it's environmental, there is information all over the web about how to care for the surroundings. If it is food, you'll have to continue tracking and isolate the item(s). Sometimes food allergies can be "heard" in the voice...voice is fine, consume the allergen, secs/mins later voice becomes "phlegmy.
Avatar f tn If you don't have white spots in your throat (indicating strep) or yellow or green mucus, I would say it's just a common cold. I always feel worse in the morning and at night in terms of my allergies or when I'm sick.
Avatar f tn Prilosec for the acid/heartburn but to stop the choking at night try to eat more in the morning and at lunch and keep dinner light and early...
Avatar f tn I was given an inhaler and Tylenol with codeine just for at night to help me sleep. I also suggest a good humidifier one that you can see the "steam" basically make yourself a tent, drink lots of water, and get the vicks handheld breather thing (sorry drawing a blank of actual name....) you put vicks pads in it and breath it in and nd it helps calm coughs and non will help open sinuses. I've had bronchitis 3 times this pregnancy.
Avatar n tn but spend anywhere between 2-8 hours coughing at night.. it is not a dry cough, in fact he seems to be bringing up a lot of mucus.. people have described it as an old mans cough and I would agree. it all started when he has a severe throat and chest infection... which cleared up with antibiotics, but the cough stayed.. this was 6 MONTHS AGO.. and he has not had one night since where he hasnt coughed. I have taken him to the doctors more times then i can remember..
Avatar n tn but spend anywhere between 2-8 hours coughing at night.. it is not a dry cough, in fact he seems to be bringing up a lot of mucus.. people have described it as an old mans cough and I would agree. it all started when he has a severe throat and chest infection... which cleared up with antibiotics, but the cough stayed.. this was 6 MONTHS AGO.. and he has not had one night since where he hasnt coughed. I have taken him to the doctors more times then i can remember..
Avatar m tn is actually worst in the evening and at night? Had to jump up about half an hour after going to bed last night to puke a little, and gagged on my toothbrush the night before. During the day it's really not so bad as long as I'm careful about what I eat and don't eat too much, but at night it's uncomfortable and hard to sleep.
Avatar f tn Hello I am currently 8 weeks and started getting morning sickness at night. What can I do or take to sooth my stomach?
4476664 tn?1361632949 I have been getting sick at night rather than the more common morning. Is this normal??
Avatar n tn My older son 11 had a bad cough for about a month about 2 months ago and gave it to my middle son who is 9 and has been coughing similarly at night time mostly for the last 30 days. What concerns me is that there are no other symptoms with all three boys. No fever, no snot, no sore throat, just the severe cough that now has my two year old unable to sleep and coughing so hard he yells the cough out. What could this be??? And how do I help him???
Avatar n tn I am taking 2 puffs of QVAR in the morning and night, half a tablet of reactine and singular at night, and Avamys in the morning. During bouts of coughing, I have tried taking my ratio-salbutamol puffer but it doesn't seem to help. Over the years I have tried a variety of puffers to no avail. Since we are now at the end of November it seems as if most of my allergic triggers are gone, so it seems to rule out an allergic cause.
Avatar m tn clock and keeps me coughing till morning Sometimes I cough so much i cant breathe and i feel as if I am going to pass out.There is no mucus and it seems to start with a tickle in my throat and i can feel it in my chest . How can i get relief so i can sleep ?