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Avatar f tn The dentist told her that almost all of her teeth on her upper jaw will be extracted and every tooth will be bone grafted before they give her dentures. is bone grafting really necessary before dentures or can we get away without it? It will cost us $330.00 per tooth and they need to remove 8 . It's really expensive so is it really necessary or can we do away with it?
Avatar n tn My insurance is saying that alveoplasty is only necessary when the gum is being prepared for dentures (I am not getting dentures) and that a standard extraction includes a smooting of the bone to promote healing. I am wondering if it is standard practice to say that the alveoplasty is a separate procedure from the extraction. As you may have guessed, my insurance will not cover the cost of the alveoplasty ($248) because they don't believe it should be billed separately.
Avatar m tn have him ask his dr about an antibiotic and then after the infection is gone his dentist can get a better picture of what the root of the tooth looks like and can decide if an extraction is the best way to go.
Avatar m tn The first thing needs be done is extraction of hopeless teeth, which requires professional evaluation. However, extraction of tooth frequently is influenced by financial affodability, particularly in the U.S.At your age, non-recuable teeth are probably due to caries, in stead of advanced periodontitis.if the reason for extraction is non-restorable tooth, multiple extraction in one visit tends to give you more post-op pain.
Avatar f tn I had 27 teeth pulled four days ago and a full set of dentures put in. My teeth were all badly infected at the time of extraction. Now I have this foul smell/taste in my mouth and when I remove my dentures for cleaning I noticed that there is a white substance in most of the extraction sites along with my stitches. I rinse my mouth with salt water and clean my dentures two or more times a day. Is there something wrong? Or is the white substance and smell just part of the healing process?
1012542 tn?1313354880 Remember even with dentures you can choose the color, and keep going back until they fit correctly. My husband had all his teeth pulled, and dentures, and it was the best decision for him. You would never guess that they aren't his real teeth, and he has such a good fit, that he has to use 2 hands to get them out, and he uses no type of adhesive.
Avatar f tn This needs to be addressed with your dentist to determine that nothing else is going on. Your dentures were put in over fresh wounds fron the extraction of the teeth, and if your face is swelling you need to make sure there is no infection. If this is an allergic reaction, he is your best source for alternatives.
Avatar f tn (8 fake capped and 8 real) all other back teeth have been removed about 4 years and I have partials Upper and lower. once the 16 teeth are pulled putting immediate dentures in. I was given two option to do this... A oral surgeon and go under Anesthesia or my dentist and just numb the area. I am really nervous! I don't do any kind of dentist well at all my hands start sweating and I stress out ever time I go to any dentist. So my question is which choice should I make.
Avatar n tn i know people who purchased dentures with them and none of them have been happy with the care or quality. there are lots of low cost dental mills out there with inferior products. this is one of the cases where you get what you pay for. its better to go with an established local practice instead of one whos primary dentists end up being new and/or foreign who buys dentures in bulk instead of having a lab that makes each one to order.
Avatar m tn m thinking that they want to pull them and make sure that everything heals correctly and that there are no complications with pulling the teeth because they are in a very serious state of decay and some of them may actually be very hard to pull (one of which is nothing but the root of the tooth remaining which is well below the gumline) Now, those are just my assumptions at the moment and i know what they say about assuming, so that is why i plan on calling them in 2 hours when the phone lines
Avatar n tn the way bone heals is over the period of first 4-6 weeks the initial bone healing takes place when the extraction sockets heal and gum grows over to close those gaps....the bone changes but the denture stays the same therefore at this time(i.e after 6 weeks) you need some thing called a soft reline to accomodate the lost bone. Over period of six month u continue to loose the bone at slower rate. After six months either you should make a new denture or get a hard reline for it to fit better.
Avatar f tn Hello! My Dad had all of his teeth removed in 1980 when he was 31 yrs old. They fitted him with dentures but he claimed the dentures made him gag when he put them in so he refused to try to get used to them. He is now going to be 60 years old and for the past 30 years he has had NO TEETH! Ironic thing is, NOBODY can tell her doesn't have teeth because he has always had a moustache, which covers up his upper lip and disguises any sign that he may not have teeth.
Avatar f tn With dentures, its a prosthetic so its important to talk to your dentist about your concerns as the dentures are made. The color of your teeth, the placement of your teeth, fit of the denture, etc will all have an effect on your use and cosmetics of it. Feel free to msg me here to follow up with any questions or concerns you may have. Right now, its important to let the gums/bone heal so that the denture will fit better. When does your dentist plan to start making them?
Avatar f tn I was told I lost bone and my tooth could not be salvage. Its been 2 days since the extraction and I noticed that I have an impairment in my speech; a lisp.Is this normal ? Is my mouth getting accustom to the new area? Will it go away? Any advice/help is appreciated. I am worried this will become the way I speak. Thank you in advance!
Avatar m tn s determined non-restorable,root canal treatment and crown lenthening is a waste of time and money.You may consult with a restorative dentist first.If the tooth is indicated for extraction, you can have immediate implant or delayed implant, depending on the clinician's preference and experience.consultation with an implantologist is advised.
Avatar f tn )to have 17 teeth ectracted. All 4 wisdoms, an impacted tooth, and all of my top teeth. They put in my dentures, but they keep coming off, I don't know what to do b/c I'm supposed to keep them in for 24 hrs. Very difficult to swallow, feel like I'm gagging all the time, plus my mouth is still very intensely pooling with blood, as well as coating me and places around my house.
Avatar m tn I am scared to death of going to get extractions for dentures. I have a few teeth that are broken off at the gum, and one below. How do they remove these? This and fear are the only reason I haven't made an appointment.
Avatar m tn That makes sense. So, talk to your doctor then. Sorry about the teeth extraction. I'm sure this impacts you greatly to have no teeth. What do you do for eating?
Avatar n tn Hello, I am relatively young and have had to have all my teeth pulled due to chronic decay and infection...I was told part of this was due to severe dry mouth because I have had to take many medications for years. Any way I finally gave in due to the infections and had immediate dentures...after many impressions and fittings. I have a wonderful dentist.
Avatar n tn I went there on Wednesday and had dentures put in on the top and a partial on the bottom. My total cost was 525.00. That includes everything.
1600546 tn?1297775526 I need dentures and I am worried about it. Cost is very important for me seeing how I am a single mom of 3. I was needing to know what other people's personal experiences are with dentures at a young age. (I am only 23) I am worried about people knowing and how they are going to act. I am also worried about how they pull out your teeth. Can they pull them out the same day and that way you don't have to walk around without teeth? I found a place that will make both plates for 370.
546753 tn?1305117498 i have had extensive work done on my teeth including bridges and caps. the only thing you get in prison is your teeth pulled for $3 a visit. there was a 9 month wait for fillings so most of us who had short sentences had to have teeth pulled making my bridges useless. also my teeth are getting loose 1 fell out and 1 more is problem? where can i get free or discounted dental care in the danbury connecticut upper westchester a nd putnam counties in new york.
Avatar n tn First let me say I was so afraid about getting teeth pulled and getting dentures put in and I found so much comfort in reading all of the discussion comments. It really helped me get through all my fear and understand that I’m not alone in this journey. I just felt so compelled to write about my recent denture experience for anyone else that may be going through it too.
1160039 tn?1262824011 I too like you have had years of dental problems and I had all of my back teeth removed (12 in total) and partial dentures fitted 2 years ago. I was only 38 at the time and I am not at all ashamed of my situation! I was just wondering if you did get sorted out? I would so much like full dentures as i am having problems now with some of my other teeth now and it's really ruining my life. I look forward to hearing from you. With very best wishes, Joanne.
Avatar f tn Hello! Does anyone have any idea what has/is happening to my teeth? Im 43/F. In mid 2013 my teeth started decaying badly...yes all of them. It seemed like they were rotting from the inside out. For example when a big price would break off the white (outside) of the tooth looked healthy but the inside (center) would be brown and rotted. This eventually ended up with all my teeth being broken down and gone. Their all down to the gun line and some teeth have been covered by my gum growth.
Avatar n tn I was informed by my dentist that for different reasons I'll have to have all of my teeth pulled. Traumatized, I did some research trying to find dentures that doesn't look so artificial as the ones that we see around for decades. Finally I found two labs in California with great pictures that promise a "natural, perfect smile" BUT, when I contacted them to know about the cost, they just refused to tell me, saying that, only the dentist could know about it...