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Avatar f tn I am going to Canada in 10 days. Wish i could buy a bottle of sub up there, but I don't think it is available without a script.
717440 tn?1292747342 lets try this again Attention News/Health Editors: First New Opioid Dependence Treatment in More Than 30 years (N)SUBOXONE(TM) approved by Health Canada and available as new, effective and safe treatment option for patients with opioid drug dependence KIRKLAND, QC, Dec. 11 /CNW/ - Schering-Plough Canada Inc.
Avatar f tn Anything over 16 mg of suboxone a day will not affect you any differently. Sub has a chemical component in it to prvent OD, and your body reaches a saturation point @ 16 mg. I did a sub detox 2 yrs ago, and the longer you are on it, the harder it is to come off. Its ridiculous for a dr to give you that many at one tme. I did a 7 day detox, and it went like this...4 mg, 8mg, 8mg, 4mg, 2mg, 2mg, 2mg, along with anxiety me and anti nausea med.
Avatar n tn I do not believe that it goes by any other name, though the meds in Suboxone are buprenorphine and naloxone. In my experience, Suboxone totally gets rid of w/d symptoms including those you listed. The mental aspects will continue to have to be dealt with but the physical are nonexistant. I actually felt 100% better the day I started taking it (after about an hour - due to the w/d I was in by that time) Suboxone.
Avatar n tn I forgot to mention that while taking me off the suboxone in those 10 days they also took me off of a 15 year dependence to klonopin. I was a mess. I was delusional and was told I was trying to jump off of my balcony. I do not remember anything. I ended up in a south Fl. County psychiatric hospital. I have never experienced anything like it. I will never take klonopin or any benzodiazepine again!
401095 tn?1351395370 noticing he made a mistake because i was going insane now (about 30min to 1 hour after being dosed), my doctor had the nurse inject me in the butt with 4 vials of valium (2 x 2 vials, 1 in each butt cheek) because of the fact that i was bouncing off the walls and literally ready to jump out the window because i DID NOT want to go through with the procedure.
Avatar m tn (I know Buprenorphine is not new, but in the context of treating opioid addicts in the U.S., Suboxone is a relatively new treatment.) I also have access to a psychiatrist who says it is very smart that I do a lot of research on my medications and get advice from people in similar situations. In the last few months, all I've ever wanted to find, was somebody like Robert_325, who has been on the "patient's" side, but also has some experience in helping other people.
Avatar m tn read hours and hours and knew going in the risks of using suboxone. I'm looking through rose colored glasses at this point. My plan is to use what I have as a tool for 5-7 days and then jump and simply deal with what happens. Alot of gravol, immodium, and prayer after that. I've become stronger over the past 4 days. Less afraid of what's ahead, less afraid of wd (tail end of it anyways). I'm motivated, determined and excited for my future. I'm nervous about PAWS and I'm afraid of relapse.
Avatar n tn You shouldnt even be thinbking of ultra rapid detox for 15 hydrocodones per day......there were several deaths in Canada that shut the procedure down in North America for awhile.....its expensive at $8000 and more per shot....there have been renal problems and incontinence associated with the procedure for awhile.....the best reports come from Australia where the Government even underwrites the cost of the procedure....
Avatar m tn Also,have you looked in the health pages,upper right of this page? There's a lot of info in there on this subject. Do some research on your own so you can make a good decision here...
Avatar m tn My point is, in these pain mngmt clinics where they test and judge you on one test, kicking you out or cutting you off without a second test from a separate lab is cruel and totally b/c of the $$$ it saves the HMOs. I live in Canada, so it's different here...still...fight for your rights! can you imagine a positive HIV test while pregnant (never shot up, been with same guy for years etc...)? don't stand for it!
1684282 tn?1505701570 Unfortunately the list can go on and on… The procedure became somewhat controversial, because of the spectacular stories that were heard from time to time, also because no pharmaceutical company was behind it and making a lot of profit (aka Suboxone). However for the professionals who have been involved in it, Addictionologists, Internists, Anesthesiologists – are all believers. They do it because they know it works. Patient after patient, as long as there is a will and a commitment...
429155 tn?1205676864 30, back to bed, and after a lot of thrashing about, holy of holies I sleep for 3 hrs, wake up and dressing gown is drenched in sweat, back to bed get another 1hrs sleep, then up at 07:30. It's now Monday. Monday 0945.Am feeling a bit better now, go see boss at work to explain ( goes ok ). then have a drive round, I find I am noticing things I took for granted before, things are in much sharper focus. Although I had real bad stomach cramps, the Flu like symtoms have all but gone.
Avatar n tn You don't want to come back here in a year with a 20 pill a day habit and in the shape that most of us have been in. MrM hit it on the head and his advice along with Percs and Hippy should be taken very seriously. Drug addiction is not a pretty site my friend at all. You are at such a low dose now that just giving them up will be a breeze. A little flu like **** for a couple of days and you will have your life back.
Avatar m tn One guy posted a very positive experience saying he was using 200mg Oxycontin per day and after 10 hours of sleep and two days of recuperating in a hospital, he never experienced W/D other than being weak and having diarrhea for a few day afterward. I am only just starting to taper from 140 mg of oxy per day so I know this will be no picnic. Just would like to hear from someone on this board who has personal experience with the rapid detox.
717440 tn?1292747342 Oh and also do you have benefits through your work because a lot of them will pay for rehab up to a certain amount.
Avatar n tn I don't have allergies of any kind and I'm in excellent health and I can learn to live with the smell of fresh baked bread in my nostrils.. I mean it could be owrse.. still I think I should get someone to check this out especially as I read about Phantom smells being a possible side efect of brain tumors...
Avatar f tn when you don't really need them? ect... If you had a bottle of pills in front of you right now, what would you do? Be honest with yourself and I think you will get your answers. If I were you I would give the pills to grandma. Remember that taking them "just as perscribed" can still get you addicted. I used a 3 day rule when I started on pain killers and I made it 4 years without getting addicted. I didn't take them for more than 3 days in a row.
Avatar m tn The dea is in my pain clinic. Also came to my house wanting me to wear a wire to my drs. But I agree. They get you addicted but want nothing to do with helping you get off. People don't realize how fast they can get addicted. I learned the hard way myself. Major surgery hospital over week continued them at home for a few days when to stop and bam addicted.
Avatar m tn Without effective, stringent policies to regulate industry’s interactions with medical students and faculty, drug companies are granted the ability to be present in medical schools and play notably influential roles in the clinical training of medical students. If we want the best doctors in Canada, our medical schools need to revise and improve their policies to regulate conflicts of interest between medical faculty, residents and the pharmaceutical industry.
Avatar n tn i dont have a zip code, i live in canada, pls tell me that suboxone is available here.
Avatar f tn Wednesday the office mngr of my doc's office called asking me if I knew Suboxone was not covered by my drug plan...she said it would cost between 300 - 400 and there was no point starting if I didn't hve the money to continue...By wednesday I was in some w/d and I got scared...wouldn't have taken much to put me over the side. So I thought no I can't afford that much, so my appointment got cancelled....
Avatar n tn everyone here is here for the same reason adn we are all in diff stages of getting off of them or in diff stages of recovery .. Suboxone is not the ONLY way to get off either, keep that in mind....good luck ... pls keep in touch! peace!
212348 tn?1199668246 HI , as a matter of fact i was discissing thatr drug with my pharmacist this morning, im Canada,Toronto in queastion this grug as of yet is not ready for release,it was used earlier in conjunction or in placs of Methadone.The issue my pharmacist raised is it can only handle a habit of he said 20mgs, ive heard from other professionals 30mgs,but in either case it seems low,i wonder what a bag of Junk is in mgs.Any how i hope it works for you.
2126606 tn?1346348724 You may have seen some of your darkest days. Perhaps you reached the very depths of despair while battling opiate addiction and or dependency. But there is hope that you can recover fully. Opiate abuse and addiction can wreck lives. It can take hold of you both physically and mentally with a grip so powerful you may do things you never thought you would out of desperation. It can cause you to steal, lie, cheat and dishonor yourself and those you love.
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425312 tn?1279969779 If you find yourself really struggling with energy after being on the aminos you can add L-tyrosine to the mix in the early part of the day.. up to 1,500mgs.. This is not usually used in the treatment of pain pill addiction and can over stimulate some people I would say only take it if you are still struggling with energy after starting everything else.. If you find yourself having some anxiety the amino L-theanine is like natural valium..
Avatar n tn I had really bad back pains so I was put on t3 but it was not strong enough so the Dr put me on what we have in canada 0636 or TEC in the US theys are called Percoset I think here in canada EndoSet " Oxycodone ". I did these and I got hooked, I like the feeling and in my town they are so easily accessed, they started going for about 2 bucks a pill now today they go for 5.
Avatar n tn It sounds like this situation is weighing heavy on you and I understand why you don't want to cause a riff between you and the child, but in the end it's a call that you or one of your colleagues need to make. It's anonymous and it may be the best thing that ever happened for this family. Teachers in Canada are mandated reporters when they suspect abuse and/or neglect. Good luck!
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