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Avatar n tn my doctor said i need an mri scan as a result of suffering with many symptoms for many months- he said i will receive a letter. does this mean he will book it for me or refer me? i live in the uk. anyone know anything about this?
Avatar f tn OK, so here is the story, I had an early Mc in December and am now pregnant again (I think 5+5 weeks, midwife has put it down to 9+5 due to irregular periods) my question is, in the UK... How long does it take for the date of the early scan to come through? I am almost desperate to see this baby's heartbeat.
1218873 tn?1300091216 Over here in the UK, we generally don't know what the cost of tests and drugs are, as they are covered by the NHS. But over the past 12 months I have started to learn a bit of what thing cost, and it appears that even if you go private they are considerabley cheaper than in the US which to me dosen't seem quite right.
Avatar m tn i have had done mri scan done it shows one small disc is moved but doctor said to me is not worth to operate he recommend massage of spine and back gp will send me to neurology to check nerve system but im still concern about doctors in uk .
Avatar n tn I know your question is based on needing to know where to get a private MRI scan, which i am unsure of!! Maybe try finding some in your local directory? Best of luck!!!!
Avatar n tn I live in the uk. Is there a private mri scan centre where I can book an appointment for a thyroid scan?. Also does anybody know where i can have a thyroid re-uptake test done privately?.
8793709 tn?1409594060 here in the UK, NHS arranges the scan and midwife appointments for free with your nearest birthing center / maternity hospital. When it comes to birthing and hospital stay, what part is free and what expenses do i have to bear from my pocket? I don't have medical insurance here in the UK. but i have a house and medical insurance (which covers my pregnancy) in Switzerland, where i'll be provided with various comforts and medical attention if i give birth there. so ...
Avatar n tn Not sure where you live - I am in the US and I haven't had any problems getting copies of tests, MRI scans etc. Whenever I have an MRI, I am given the disc right then to take to my neuro's office. My neuro is sent the written report of the MRI results. When I see my neuro for follow up, I bring the MRI disc. He looks at it then, and reviews it with me. I only get a copy of the radiologists report if I ask for it. Sorry you are feeling stressed out.
Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
2202709 tn?1338755799 Bubbles, I would call the doc's office and let them know it says ct scan instead of MRI. MRI's are needed for MS findings. It could be a mix up or they may have a reason for ct scan. I've had a sinus ct scan to find cyst etc.but the brain and c-spine was both MRI's. Still lifting you in prayer and best of wishes for answers.
620923 tn?1452915648 E after several days keeping us in they carried out another MRI scan this time of the whole back which showed 3 areas where fluid is in her spine which is causing the nerves being irritated and causing all this numbness and pain. They also did a x-ray and a brain scan which was ok. Now the neurologist have advised that she takes several different pain killers along with morphine for the next 6 months and then will do anther MRI scan.
987762 tn?1331027953 The main reason is that they are VERY expensive. MRI equipment varies in cost, depending on the strength of the scanner. Scanners with more strength produce more detailed images so these scanners usually cost more.
495035 tn?1221753092 Have had two MRI brain scan done in two days and cervical. Demylination is what the neuro wrote and primary T ?whatever primary T? is any ideas anyone? I haven't got the results yet will take a few days.Still have the headache worse in the mornings and earache in both ears, last couple of days have had 'buzzing forehead inside' when i move my head i really dont know what that is ,does anyone else get it? it only lasts for few seconds at a time.
5894884 tn?1386969571 Alot of hospitals do like training ultrasound techs and ask for volunteers, i saw loads of ads up last time i was pregnant. I didnt have a 3d scan i dont regret it. Only reason i would have one this time round is to determine the sex sooner as that kills me not knowing.
Avatar m tn I'm from the uk. But we have a waiting list for the Neuro appointment. I've already waited 3 months so far and even on the urgent list I've to wait another 8 weeks, surely you being a doctor knows fine well this this is ridiculous and for someone going through these symptoms should he been straight away ?
Avatar m tn I had an MRI of the brain back in May, to investigate various cognitive / neurological problems I've been experiencing since the start of 2009 (mild confusion, memory problems, muscle twitching, etc). This came back normal (I have neither copies of the scans , nor the radiographers report - just a letter from neurologist saying all findings were normal).
Avatar n tn Hi. You don't say which country you live in, which will make a difference. In the UK where I live we have the National Health Service. We all pay towards this service through taxes so that seeing a doctor is "free" at point of contact. The doctor can then refer a patient to a specialist like a dermatologist at no extra cost, but waiting times can be very long.
Avatar f tn I'm from Wigan, 11 weeks today from the first day of lmp. I haven't had a scan yet, it's next Wednesday. I'm far too excited after reading all your comments!
Avatar f tn I am from UK and usually they won't give you your first scan until 12w then another @20w that's the only 2 we get unless there is complications and they need to check on baby etc
Avatar f tn Ditto what UK said. The amount of radiation is very small and localized, and there are no side effects to the test. Honestly, it's really very boring. I don't remember feeling enclosed, at least not like an MRI. One thing you want to be sure to tell the techie is if you feel at all nauseated when they give you an injection that makes the gallbladder contract. That's when they measure how much bile the gb expels and they can measure how effective your gb is operating.
Avatar n tn An ultrasound and an uptake scan are different tests. :o) Didn't know FNA's were so expensive though...ouch.