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Avatar n tn I guess the source of my stress is that feeling that AIDS is everywhere and easily contracted..I would appreciate any insight.
Avatar m tn Thank you for responding. Where can this be done in South Africa and how much will it cost me? I made a decision that im now regretting because now the man im married to now needs a child.
Avatar f tn while not fully awake with amnesia for the event, and risks of falls. A Harvard study of 1700 nursing home residents, with a mean age of 81, found that use of Ambien and its cousin drugs were associated with a 66% increased risk for hip fracture within 30 days of starting the drug for sleep.
Avatar n tn Im very worried....that I might progress to the aids stage and die without anyone knowing what of because of the gestation period.I had sex with a hooker 7 months ago but i have been sick ever since.
Avatar m tn i am reading a few threads here that say in South Africa the standard window testing period is 6 months , i live in South Africa and have been in contact with the AIDS hotline , rest assured that in South Africa the window period is 3 months , i have also read that 6-8 weeks is a good indicator ...
Avatar m tn Dear doctor, Can HIV antibody be detected in last stage of AIDS patient by elisa test.One of my relative had several exposure in 9 years ago with prostitude when he was in a UN mission in africa. Some web site for example google books says antibody can not be detected at advanced stage of infection. Is it right.........He is suffering from some infection for months........His elisa test is negative.........please answer.....
Avatar n tn I would like to assess my risk factor relative to the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in this region of the world and the potential of a remaining window period. Also, am I being absolutely excessive in testing?
Avatar m tn Hiv is not that bad in Africa as people believe, i am born and raise in Africa and in my hole life of 24years only two people were diagonise positive from my community so relax man Africa is not equal to hiv, just wait and take an antibody test at 3month.
Avatar f tn Also hiv subtype 2 does home access catch it? I know mostly in west africa but we do have a high west african population in ohio? And last but not least can a miss step in the test like not letting the blood dry the full 30min affect results thank you and advance...
Avatar n tn Since it was with a mixed race prostitute from Africa I started to worry because in Africa there is HIV and AIDS.I tested 5 times through the laboratory and realised a negative status.I told my story indirectly to a medical microbiologist as im still worried because I have a rough layer of white on my tongue which feels like dead cells.The microbiologist said there was no 100% chance of someone being truely negative.
Avatar m tn I am 37 and had a sterilization in 2005/6 and now i want a reversal.....what is the cost and my chances of falling pregnant before I turn 40?
Avatar f tn That is only the cost of the Incivek - you still need to add in the cost of interferon and ribavirin and any additional rescue drugs you might need. I figure my regular treatment cost over $200,000 in total. Thank God for insurance.
Avatar m tn Hello dr i will not ask about the risk of hiv i know i am not infected but i am asking questions if you could answer them it will be appreciated as you are expert you know that there is a huge number of people who are infected with aids in the world do you think that they all got the virus through sexual relations.
Avatar f tn in america right, i am from africa and it is compulsory, lol, by law, lol. If a woman is pregnant she MUST be tested for hiv. It is just so different how things work here.
Avatar n tn Can I continue normal relations with my wife without any fear for pssing on the HIV? also please consider as I am doing all these test in africa... one of the most medically backword countries...
Avatar m tn "Heard about a new form of HIV especially from africa that cannot be read by any of the tests out there is that true? anyone has that update? I suspect a possible exposure about 10 years ago. I have been sick for the past 3 years with breathing disorder, abdominal pain, chest tightness, tightness in stomach head and noise, tiredeness and weakness sometimes. Did a Full blood count, a few chest xrays, ct scan, and HIV clearview test last week, they all came out negative.
1100695 tn?1257661924 To the people that fear they have HIV I reached a stage in my life where I was already having thoughts of suicide in my head,I'm from South Africa, I knew I was done for. I made up my mind to stop guessing and get tested. Over the years I had numerous symptoms which still are here: 1. Lymph nodes (preauricular, occipital, axillary, inguinal) 2. Night Sweats 3. Rash inside mouth 4. Ear infections, ringing ears 5. Thrush .
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