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1754670 tn?1312378295 Have heard abt the surgery of replacing teeth with better teeth. am planning to replace my upper teeth so i can get the perfect smile. I do have my concerns however, how long do these new teeth last? How long is the healing process?
Avatar m tn I am considering having some cosmetic surgery done, veneers in the front. My teeth are nice and strait, but my canine teeth are a little big, kinda giving a dracula look. I have heard bad things about having veneers done and also heard they dont last very long. Are there any serious complications with veneers? How can I find a refutable cosmetic oral surgeon, via internet?
Avatar n tn s the best chirugian of Mexico, I know many people who has had cosmetic surgery by him. My uncle had a car accident and he lost part of the head skin. This doctor treated him and now, i swear you cannot see any difference as how he was before his accident. he's really amazing. If you're interested, i can give you his name, so you can search it in google. Lots of americans "believes" what they see in their movies about Mexico.
Avatar m tn Hi, I am male, aged 18 and currently frustrated because my dentist apparently can't fit braces on my teeth. I really need the braces, and the dentist has frequently tried to dodge around the subject when I've asked them about it. Their excuse is "your teeth are too brittle and fitting braces could damage them even more", this isn't my fault as I have always looked after my teeth, but my adult teeth grew through badly and the enamel quickly wore down weakening my teeth.
Avatar f tn Black triangle may be present after tooth replacement. Papilla regeneration surgery may be needed to achieve optimal cosmetic results. Alternatively, if tooth #8 and 9 are pontics, it's much easier to fabricate a natural looking tooth. Full ceramic crown is not a good restoration for implant, because the implant abutment is metal, which may compromise the shade of ceramic crown.
Avatar m tn t escape the aging process. So I was looking for cosmetic surgery of some sort, nothing too major. I made an appointment with the Colorado Dermatology Institute for a consultation, but am wondering if anyone can suggest a minor process like chem peels or something, before I go see the doctor, so I can ask him about it.
Avatar m tn so please give suggestion that should i go for a cosmetic surgery?is cosmetic surgery is safe..? i heard about a dermaroller technique for acne skins and other skin should i go for a dermaroller technique?please help me..i m very worried and i need a treatment before i marry.
Avatar n tn Hi there, The exact treatment of your condition can be decided only after a dental examination. Cosmetic bonding is useful in treating discolored teeth, crooked teeth and to restore chipped teeth. Dental bonding materials have different life-spans and their durability also depends on many factors .The patient’s oral and overall health, post-bonding oral care, and the type of cleansing agents used in the mouth all can affect the life span of this treatment.
Avatar m tn If you are dealing with a missing tooth, yellow teeth, teeth with multi color or any other teeth problems, cosmetic dentistry can be a boon for you. It is quite necessary that a person's teeth are in good condition, aligned properly for a great smile which is a way to self-confidence. One should visit a cosmetic dentistry.
Avatar m tn for option 2, it looks like a temporary solution, do I need to repeat the same surgery every several years? or, what consequences I might get? Thanks. I am still young, in my 30s. Thanks.
Avatar m tn Scar tissue developed leaving me with what appeared to be a permanent fat lip. About a year and half ago, I had cosmetic surgery to eliminate this. For the first six months, it looked great. You could hardly notice that anything had ever happened to my lip. After the first six months, the scar tissue started to show again, and has developed since then.
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Avatar n tn The number of teeth to be veneered depends alot on your smile and the number of teeth you show. Usually it is the first 6 to 8.
Avatar n tn I need solution for my ugly teeth. I was not able to laugh my teeth look yellowish. Plz help to whiten my teeth. I need permanent solution for this.
Avatar n tn I consulted with a plastic surgeon about having liposuction on my cheeks. He said that the problem was not excess fat in my cheeks but the alignment of my jaw and referred me to an oral surgeon. My concern is that an oral surgeon will notice the erosion of enamel on the back of my teeth (my four center, front teeth are all yellowed - I've seen pictures and it's nasty), know that I have an eating disorder, and then not just refuse to do the surgery but also tell the plastic surgeon.
Avatar n tn I haven't been to the dentist in years, but the last time I went I was told I needed my wisdom teeth out. I didn't even consider it because I heard it costs thousands and I had/have no insurance. Since then I have had 2 chipped teeth (1 bicuspid, 1 1st molar) that seem to be a result of crowding due to 3rd molar eruptions. I have taken pain killers almost daily for weeks and I know that is unhealthy so I'm starting to get concerned.
Avatar f tn Replacement of canine to canine one time will yield best cosmetic outcome if treated by a competent cosmetic dentist.
Avatar n tn as far as I know only the essential things, so check-up twice a year, and repairing teeth, not the whitening, since that is cosmetic, not medical
Avatar f tn Pockets of 8/9 seem pretty hopeless--10 means completely hopeless and apparent removal. The flap surgery will help, but I highly doubt even after the surgery that you will be able to save the teeth with such high probing numbers. See if your local dental school could offer suggestions and advice. It is difficult to make such a drastic decision such as tooth removal as such a young age.
Avatar n tn PLEASE DON'T DO IT! I had Restylane inyections to both my lips and nose and it looks amazing and extremely natural. It is far more expensive than metacril, but it is absorbed by the body and the risks of allergic reactions are very low. I got injected at 5pm and that same night i was killing at a birthday party. I live in Chile, and over here, many people go to Peru and Argentina for cosmetic procedures.
Avatar n tn I have had my teeth gum swollen with puss. Some one suggested me to put some salt on it. I did put salt on the gum and the next morning the puss is gone but my tooth became grey/dark. It has happened nearly 3 yrs ago. Is there any chance of curing it now??
Avatar f tn Hi my 9 year old nephew just found out today that he has no adult teeth apart from 2 front teeth and now has to have 11 teeth out. What could his next step. When could have false teeth in or is it possible to have implanted teeth in. And at what age could be done.