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572651 tn?1333939396 I just gave myself injection #10 of the Copaxone. I'm just wondering if the stinging/burning sensation at the injection site ever goes away... does your body get used to being injected with this toxin and stop reacting? Tonight I tried the heat pack for 20 minutes before the injection but it didn't make a difference. I am still sitting on an ice pack (yep, it was a hip shot!) for relief. It stops in about 30 minutes but sure is uncomfortable. any clues for me?
Avatar f tn The only thing that I notice with Copaxone is the injection site reaction. It does burn. Sometimes I get a welt, a lump, or some hives (all of which are normal for this drug.....). If you use an warm compress before injecting and a cold pack after it really helps. The drug company should send someone out to show you how to use it and explain all of the side effects. I know what you mean about finally knowing something but still feeling kind of helpless. I have been there myself.
400099 tn?1282958464 Well, I started copaxone again today. I hope it works well. The shot isn't too terrible which is good. And thank God, no huge welts. So here's hoping I can continue for quite a while on this stuff.
400099 tn?1282958464 I started using copaxone 20 mg a year ago and i had hot flashes sometimes,few days ago about an adverse effect after an injection of copaxone 40mg,I started with copaxone about 3 weeks and did not have any side effects but 4 days ago after my injection my entire body had a hot flash,subconsciously I started screaming and had problem breathing,it felt like the veins on the back of my neck were boiling,I kept scratching my neck and face because of hives!
1637739 tn?1371692306 I’ve noticed members here post a common pattern with Copaxone injection site reactions. There seems to be an initial 'honeymoon' period that lasts a few weeks. During that time, we each seem to think we are one of the fortunate few who aren’t going to experience much for site reactions. Unfortunately, it appears our bodies use this time to ramp up defenses against Copaxone and/or the preservative contained in the solution.
Avatar n tn I just started taking Copaxone, last Friday. The injection site reactions are the biggest side effects with Copaxone. I've had no other side effects other than a little bit of anxiety after a shot was given and a feeling of something being different--which has gone away. The injection site reactions looked pretty impressionable, at first. The first five days they were about the size of a baseball of red area with about a half-dollar sized fluid-filled middle area.
Avatar n tn My question is what side effects does any one have to this stuff. Injection site is to be expected but the general body feeling. It is driving me nuts. I appreciate any remarks and comments.
Avatar f tn I started using copaxone 20 mg a year ago and i had hot flashes sometimes,few days ago about an adverse effect after an injection of copaxone 40mg,I started with copaxone about 3 weeks and did not have any side effects but 4 days ago after my injection my entire body had a hot flash,subconsciously I started screaming and had problem breathing,it felt like the veins on the back of my neck were boiling,I kept scratching my neck and face because of hives!
Avatar f tn Also, I have been having headaches behind my eyes for quite some time, this one just happened to be really awful, and I associated it with my 1st Copaxone injection. I know the Copaxone won't reverse the damage done, but just the thought that it will slow the progression is wonderful!
7463086 tn?1391012363 Just read that the FDA has approved Copaxone to be given at a higher dose 3 times a week as apposed to a lower does every day. This med is one that I was considering starting for treatment. Does anyone have any thoughts or informationabout the dosage or even the medication?
Avatar f tn I have been on copaxone since September. No reaction but the itchiness at injection site drives me crazy. My neuro said it was normal and to get used to it.
1168718 tn?1464987135 I haven't been on Copaxone very long but weight gain is not an issue for me so far. I am having injection site reactions which they told me will get better the longer I use it.
1168718 tn?1464987135 Hi guys, this is a question for us users of Copaxone. I am wondering if anyone knows the reason we have to pinch up our skin before doing a manual injection? I am asking because some of my sites are easy to do that, but some are not. I have just been injecting , like anyother needle, and my reactions are minimal. Am I doing something wrong? With the Autoject, the reaction sites were just to sore, and lumpy, and I'm trying it this way..... \\\\\\\\So, what do ya think??? Thxs...
1391915 tn?1280637007 ) The reactions will sometimes extend to older injection sites that had originally been fine. Adjusting injection technique sometimes helps. It may be necessary to temporarily use anti-itch creams or pills. Often it takes sticking with the program and waiting the reactions out to have the what-to-do questions answered. The severity of local reaction does calm down again with time. Other than site reactions I've had no problems. No systemic side effects after nearly 150 injections.
790496 tn?1315619257 Does anyone out there have any suggestions on taking copaxone? 1 Which is the easiest site to inject? 2 I heard to warm site 1st and then ice after? 3 What time is the best time to inject am or pm? and does it have to be the same every day? 4 What is the chances of some reaction? 5 When you start is it a smart idea to have someone around in the house just in case ther is some sort of reaction? 6 Does anyone get the reported flu-like sx that they report and how long does it last?
Avatar m tn And as a result almost a year of injection copaxone treatment ms that I don't know what to do with. I hate to throw it away but am not sure if I have another choice. Does anyone know of any other options?
1168718 tn?1464987135 Hi all, Tomorrow we start with the copaxone injections. Kinda nervous, but, so liked and found it helpful, with Paula's comments and everyone that answered her. I am going to try just the manual injection.............. I find it complicated to figure out the self injections, but, that is my own mind playing games with me. I'm sure it is not complicated, but the regular injections seem just easier.
1710955 tn?1309450073 // Michael, you might want to warm the area before injecting rather than ice it. Some people have had good results with that. It has also been suggested to use witch hazel pads (or lotion on a cotton ball) to help ease sting or discomfort after injection. I keep some in the 'frig. I don't need it often anymore but it works well when I do.
704043 tn?1298060444 As Q said, copaxone does not cause heart failure. If you are going to have a post-injection reaction to copaxone, it will happen immediately and not 30 minutes later. Every medicine in the world has potential side effects - you just have to weigh the possible bad problems against the good the drug might do. Again, please talk to your doctor about this - perhaps an antianxiety drug would be useful.
352007 tn?1372861481 He called shared solutions and filled out the paperwork for Copaxone 40mg injectables. Unfortunately, my medicaid health insurance denied the order (3x's a week) and approved of the Copaxone 20mg daily injections. They told me yesterday after a year to see the response and if it meets their requirements, they will allow me to move to the 3 x's a week (40mg Copaxone). How nice of them. So my question is, anyone on the daily injections? How is it?
429700 tn?1308011423 I have recently found that using the alcohol prep before injection, makes the injection site reaction worse. I will now soap and rinse the injection site if I haven't just taken a shower and the little lumps and redness are almost a thing of the past. Usually I take the injection soon after a shower, knowing that my skin is clean. I am told by a nurse that an alcohol prep is always used before injections, due to the risk of a staff infection.
1225331 tn?1333369369 Kelly, I don't know about the sensation of having a heart attack being caused by an alcohol wipe after the injection. It sounds silly so who knows maybe it is true. I do remember from my days on Copaxone something about not wiping the site after the injection but I think it was to avoid more of a skin reaction at the site. Oh well I just really wanted to congratulate you for getting through your first injection!! Good job the first time can be a bit scary and now it's behind you.
1936411 tn?1333835449 Figure 8 a rubber band to the barrel to keep it ready to trigger. Once placed, you only need depress the button to inject. This eliminates the tendency to press too hard into the skin to compress the barrel (and therefore inject too deep). I often tuck a towel between my chest and arm to extend the 'batwing' area to make it more accessible. This tip probably works best for older injectable users - everything hangs more for us! Just grab, support and inject.
1983221 tn?1333509785 Tonight I manually injected myself in my lower back, it went fine except that a few drops of the Copaxone dripped back out of the injection site... has anyone else experienced this? Shared Solutions is closed today so I will call tomorrow but I'm curious if anyone has experienced this and how I can correct this the next time... Thanks!
Avatar f tn Tomorrow pick the furthest most site way on your arm from the last weeks injection site. You might want to even try a manual injection? After each daily injection I press firmly on the site with a cotton ball for 60 seconds and then ice it immediately. I don't know if my body has just gotten more use to the shots or what but the painful injections and soreness have diminished greatly over the months. Good luck!!
Avatar f tn It seems to be the technique most often left out by injection coaches. You can read more about member experiences with Copaxone by typing it in the small search box (above right) that says "Search this Community". Good luck and let us know how it goes. Different questions sometimes come up as therapy continues.