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Avatar n tn Rebif had one to lower your copay or give you the drug free for a year. I know that Copaxone has a form of financial assistance that you can apply for. I'm applying now to see if it'll help (no income or medical insurance here, yay). If that doesn't help, I'd talk to the doctor or his/her office to see if they know of any programs or call the MS Society. There are tons of programs out there. National MS Society website
335728 tn?1331418012 ( At this point in time she said oh yea that's why I remember your name, I'm so sorry about your dx, and I sent your enrollment form to shared solutions last week so you could get the nurse and auto injector.) I happened to know shared solutions did not get it till end of day Friday.
Avatar m tn However, new treatments are on the horizon - my doctor told me that they are hoping a new pill form will be available by the beginning of next year, and many others are constantly in testing through clinical trials. The best way to treat this is early, so please don't hesitate to consider the medications. No one, and that INCLUDES your doctor, can tell you what to expect or how long it will be until your symptoms may progress to include something else.