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Avatar f tn I have a few years before I am medicare eligible but am wondering what Copaxone costs if one has Medicare. Any one know the cost?
Avatar f tn The latest I heard was that Teva has petitioned the FDA to require new phase 2 and pahse 3 studies for the Copaxone generics "since the process and formulation of the generics hsa not been proven to be as safe or as clinically effective as the Teva formulation." There is a several million dollar hit ot getting a generic to market. "Teva is pulling out all the stops to protect Copaxone, which provides 25%-33% of the pharmaceutical company's profit.
Avatar n tn Mind everyone,I had to quit a $45,000 year job, very independent, and full of life. Now I am disabled and depending on friends and love ones. I have no way of getting the Copaxone until I am approved for Medicaid and Disability. I wish someone would have been able to tell me what to expect when I first received the news. I wish all of you Better Health and Love and Support.
645390 tn?1338558977 I'm on Copaxone and have a $30.00 co-pay. Shared Solutions called me and wanted me to know that they would pay the co-pay for me. I'm still waiting for the application. Also, the drug company that Copaxone comes from also has a plan to cover the co-pay. The price of Copaxone is 2500.00/mo that my insurance covers.
Avatar m tn Hi Elaisn and Craig I get my Copaxone at my neighborhood CVS, very convenient. I do have to order it every month because of insurance but you may be able to get it on automatic refill . I had my first injection three days after dx.. My friends who is a nurses and since I did not want to wait even one day for the Shared Solutions nurse app. , we got on their web site , saw how the injections are given and did it.
1460567 tn?1285784560 Does anyone out there use Copaxone and have Medicare Part D. If so what is your co-pay?? I need to chose soon and need some ideas as to which option would be best in Part D.
Avatar m tn I am signing up for Medicare and discovered my contribution on Copaxone will be approximately $5000 a year. On my old insurance my payment was $600 a year. Living on a fixed income I won't be able to continue Copaxone if I don't find help, shared solutions doesn't help with people on Medicare. Anyone have this problem?
1876457 tn?1322409189 Can anyone explain the way Medicare works with part d coverage for copaxone? The term catastrophic coverage has raised my eyebrow a smidge. I'm awaiting a call back from shared solutions and their "medicare" expert team. If im understanding the sales lady right, she informed me I would be responsible for the first $4700 approx.?
620048 tn?1358021835 As long as I didn't live in a certain state (I don't remember which one) and as long as I wasn't receiving medicare, you qualify. I would call them. All I had to do was fill out a really easy form that they faxed to me. I had my paperwork that I qualified within a couple of days. My medicine gets sent to me from Walgreens Medmark in the mail. A paper inside says I owe a $25 copay, but we don't have to pay it. It's 100% free. Good luck!
969286 tn?1253763991 The first phase is where I pay a copay for my meds, generally $10 for generics and $30 for brand name. My Medicare plan picks up the rest. This goes on until the combined, total cost to me and my insurer reaches about $2500. The thing to note is that this point is the "combined" cost to both (ie. the total cost of the med). "Special meds" require a 30% copay. More about this later. At about $2500 one reaches the "donut hole". Then the rules change.
147426 tn?1317269232 Then the question was what to do. None of the neuros at my center think highly of Copaxone, and my symptoms were pretty stable. Not being on a DMD made it easy to pretend my disease wasn't serious. I'm sure many of you are thinking that this was truly dunderhead thinking for a physician. Yep! Guilty. Denial is a beguiling and attractive way to slip along while giving sage advice to everyone else.
Avatar m tn Instead we stayed with the state insurance (premiums calculated by income), $2-$5 co-pays for meds (though a lot have been free), $5 office visit co-pays, nothing for steroid treatment visits, and my Copaxone costs a whopping $1 a month. BL, sorry to go on a tangent :-) My biggest advice for your friend is to talk to her local department of social services and see if she qualifies for any state insurance help. If not, they may be able to steer her in the right direction.
Avatar f tn Teva's marketing is expensive as is the whole Share Solutions organization which is to get and keep as many MS patients on Copaxone and to find out about problems with the drug before the FDA does. In ten years DMDs will be in pill form and more expensive so the price of the injectables will seem like a bargain to the insurance companies.
Avatar f tn I have had 2 relapses while on copaxone so my neuro also decided to skip the interferons and gave me the choice of Tysabri or Gilenya. We both decided to keep Tysabri in our back pocket in case Gilenya didn't work out for some reason. So, tell me...How did you spend those 6 hours waiting? I need some ideas in how to occupy my time ore else I might get into some mischief. LOL! I'd definitley be interested to see how you are doing after a week and two weeks after starting.
1876457 tn?1322409189 I was curious if anyone has received help from any agencies covering it fully and/or mostly? Ive contacted Medicare, my prescription plan, teva, and my doctors office. I just received a basic health plan card from my state but again....not covered under the current formulary. Am I dreaming that im going to be able to obtain this medication at under $100.00 per month???
398059 tn?1447949233 I am not having problems anymore with getting Copaxone as I did before disability Medicare. I just happen to have extra because I was given some when a friend of a friend who had MS past away and had some left over.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed in 1996 and have been on the injectable Copaxone since 1999. I also am on a plethora of vitamins and supplements in addition to a few Prescription drugs. I lost 25 pounds after my husbands accident running non stop and felt the best I have felt since I can remember. My neurologist also helped me with some other tests and holistic approaches that I know are helping. Losing the extra weight is surely a plus.
572651 tn?1333939396 Teva gives money to these groups and pays for studies on Copaxone. I can not imagine a better business model. In the end Copaxone is the weakest of the CRABs but it has the least side effects and least potential for a lawsuit for long term damages. As far as marketing it comes out on top. Being a Drug company dealing in MS drugs is good because you basically have a captive audience. Especially for Copaxone you have no choice at the moment. At least with Intrerons you have three choices.
494976 tn?1302714301 He is bright, very involved in meetings, conferences, and research. After 10 1/2 years I've taken Copaxone, Rebif, Mitoxantrone, Tysabri and Ampyra. Aside from the last two which I'm certain are working, neither of us knows if C/R/M helped in the least. They could have slowed progression, but there's no way to know. Suzie, in reference to if he has PRMS, or RRMS, the lines are blurry, and some drs.
147426 tn?1317269232 It sounds like Medicare will cover it (????) We'll see. They actually send a kit for the specimen draw to your home and then send out a traveling phlebotomist to draw it, package it up and ship it back to Massachussets. If the antibodies are negative or in low titer, he suggests that we continue with the Avonex and begin monthly 1-day steroid infusions. This would continue indefinitely.
Avatar f tn Since MediCAID is a state funded assistance program (unlike MediCARE which is a federal program), what they do and don't pay for may vary from state to state and sometimes even from county to county. For the best information, I'd suggest you contact your local Social Services Office that you applied for the Medicaid through - they should be able to tell you if the medication is covered, or at the very least, be able to tell you who to contact to find out. Best of luck.
664341 tn?1282119550 I got on medicaid then, and it helped with the costs of the neuros, and the tests, of course, but I was still in limbo for a long time, as some of my tests came back normal. The most evidence of MS that they could see was from my MRI, but my neuro waited six months, and then ordered another brain MRI to compare the two. While waiting on results, I became pregnant with my third baby, and didn't make it back to the dr.
Avatar m tn I use to be on my parents insurance and didn't really think that my MS was all that bad and then I started thinking more and more and it's bothering me know that I cannot get my copaxone for the MS. I have a little girl that cries cause well I am going through some issues that I didn't go through before and I just don't know what to do.
645390 tn?1338558977 2 MS nurses lead it, and there was a MS advocate, who is a social worker that also brings information. It has been going strong for 12+ years, really good group. They also had muffins, candy and bottles of water, need I say more LOL. Anyway, they told us that Betaseron, the company that makes it, I cant remember the name, will be doing away with co-pays. They will accept what the insurance gives, and will not expect any more from the patient.
Avatar f tn My husband has been on Betaseron, IVIG, and Tasabyri. He built up antibodies on the betaseron and tasbryi.
Avatar f tn and went into 5 minutes of how the process proceeds with medicare and how they will send it to my pharmacy and I just let her run, she did not answer MY question at all. Like half of the people you talk to on the phone, she only heard the first half of the sentence and immediately went to forming her answer..........Sailersong would understand this! so.......when she finished this and was satisfied I understood, I went for broke 7.
Avatar m tn call the companies, I found that many offer financial assistance. Biogen and Copaxone do for Tysabri and I think the new oral pill does. Don't know which medications you refer to or if they are MS meds, but do contact the companies. It's worth a try, my first 2 years of Tysabri were free if I needed them.
Avatar f tn And the others will not even believe that I have MS even though I take Copaxone. It is all useless. There is life and there is quality of life. I am VERY very tired. Anybody know of any new treatments out there to try? Thanks for just listening. Sometimes that can be such a big help.
1323278 tn?1298126088 In 2009 the fee for people with a Medicare card is $32.90. The fee is $5.30 for people with a Medicare card and a pension or concession card. If you are not eligible for Copaxone® through the PBS, for example if you are a visitor from overseas, your neurologist may write a private prescription. You will have to pay the full cost to the pharmacy that dispenses your medication. The cost is likely to be over $1000 per month.