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Avatar f tn I was on this medication for one year(august 2008) and then went to pain management where I got an injection and my pain subsided. This doctor weaned me off the pain meds and ever since then, I have been suffering I have ZERO energy, had to take medical disability am pretty much homebound and most days can't even function enough to do any housework or cooking. If I take my 17 daughter to a dr.'s appointment it takes the life out of me for days.
1337425 tn?1278177587 The really good news is that it didn't hurt at all like the last injection, and only took about 15 minutes instead of an hour for the first one, and the needle didn't hit my spine this time. My pcp gave me a prescription for gabapentin, and it actually seems to be helping quite a bit with the pain I've been going though. It was so bad that I had to spend more than half the day just laying down with an ice pack on my neck. wow, I just realized I'm on my 81st day of being opiate free ...
363110 tn?1340924019 I take a daily vitamin as well as 5mg of folic acid since we are TTC for baby #3 (i'm not currently pregnant and won't fine out for 2 more weeks so this injection is timed perfectly) The Neurontin helps my pain immensely since it's due to nerve damage and my muscle's also tightening up. I'm on Flexeril for that but the insurance won't cover the amt I'm supposed to be on 4xday so I am on 3xday.
Avatar n tn I also use a little trick I know to remove tylenol from Vicodin and Percocet, so have consumed virtually zero tylenol for the past 10 or so years. Of course, I'm due for a physical and I will be very interested in the liver test. I must say, though, that after 27 years of constant narcotic use, I seem to be in pretty good shape. I should add that I have never been a consumer of alcohol other than very, very rare social beers, literally one sixpack in the last, oh, ten years.
522415 tn?1242941355 Look, I am taking Opana ER, Percocet, and Lyrica for pain and that doesnt include all the other meds for all the other symptoms... It is alot and I dont take it lightly. I take it to try and survive this ****. Dont let the non-understanding people make you feel guilty or bad about taking the meds that YOU think you need. Nobody else is in your body but YOU!
1968463 tn?1374761413 so ice never worked for me, in fact one time I went for cortizone shots in my ankle, they sprayed it with a freeze type spray b4 the injection and I got frost bite from the spray...there was a mark there for a full yr.
181549 tn?1277211196 I just wish I knew what will work for me. Percocet?, but apparently my tolerence for meds are high so it has to be strong what ever it may be.
Avatar f tn Have been told I need a double level fusion at c4/5 and c6/7. I am scheduled for next week. I just don't know about this....everything I am reading seems to suggest that this operation is really not that successful. Most still have pain, and a huge percentage of people have worse pain/symptoms than prior to their surgery. While I do have pain right now, and it isn't pleasant, at least I KNOW what it is.
Avatar n tn Is it true that there is no cure for bulging discs? Surgery is out of the question for me, as I haven't even tried the physio yet. But from the other sources I've read on internet researching, physio is rarely effective for this problem. I sure don't see a lot of talk about thoracic disc problems. Is this condition hopeless? I shudder to think of living with this pain (or worse) for the rest of my life.
Avatar n tn I started with my love handles but for some reason when I went in for a second injection they thought I was getting my love handles AND my lower abdomen treated. This kind of worried me because this whole procedure is so expensive and I thought they would keep track. Well, ended up getting 2 areas done for the price of one. I think this was an honest mistake on their part. I even mentioned to the doctor that I was only to get the love handles worked on but he didn't seem to care.
Avatar f tn Then in 03 I herniated some discs, was off for about a year and found an office job worked there for about 2 yrs, My pain started to get worse, I took pain medicine but caused by intesine problem to get worse, so then I had to stop pain med which really didnt help, and went to pain managmnt, gave me gabapentin 500mg didnt work, had cervical injection, for bulging discs, didnt help felt like needles down right arm and hand felt evern worse, I have severe back pain in middle of back all pain is o
429155 tn?1205676864 Oxycontin.- While awaiting the scan results I was given oxycontin for pain relief, this seemed to do the trick for 2 weeks, 10mg 2x a day, then things hurt again so up the dose went 20mg 2x a day, then 40mg 2x a day, then 80mg 2x a day and up to 120mg 2x a day, recognise the scenereo anyone??..
Avatar n tn So, finally, in November 2006 he referred me to a Pain Management Dr. who tried the Sacroiliac Steroid Injection. It helped my right side for 1 week, my left side for 2 weeks. He has now asked me to think about an implant of the spinal cord stimulator. I've heard good and bad things about this implant and it frightens me. I think I may try to get a 3rd opinion, actually a 2nd opinion from a Dr. at the University of Chicago.
Avatar f tn hi, i went to the doctor for my u/s this morning, my doctor said that trigger shot will happen tonight as well as 6 vial of Bravelle!!!! so i have to wait for the nurse to call me to confirm the time of the Hcg injection as well as the dose for the last shot of stimms. My retrieval will be this Saturday. Getting nervous here!
Avatar n tn after ranting and raving and walking around my coffee table enough times to run a marathon, i gave her another hot bath around 2 am. after that i gave her two more percocet which let her sleep for a WHOLE HALF hour. Very dissappointing..i was kinda hoping it would knock her out for the night. She JUST fell asleep so i'm walking on pins and needles in hopes that she'll stay asleep for at minimum, one hour...I on the other hand am exhausted. I feel like i'm dealing with a 5 year old child.
Avatar n tn I have become addicted to Pain Medication from Lortab to Vicodin to Percocet. I WANT OFF ! I have no more pain medication, it's all gone. How do I become the person I want to be - PAIN MEDICATION DRUGE FREE. I am dead serious, I need help and don't know what way to turn. If you've been through this give me your insite.
Avatar n tn What she is doing is she started me out with taking 7 vic's for 5 days, then I'll go to 6 for 5 more days, then 5, 4,3,2,1. I hope this will work for me. This forum has also helped alot. I'm trying to open myself up to people. THis might help you as well. I am also going to councilling and I'm taking ativan 2mg. for the anxiety that most people face when withdrawing. I wish you all the luck. Keep posting and let us know how you're doing.
1397648 tn?1288146526 I actually hallucinated on them and they lingered for days. I did talk to others that have had surgery and they didn't have the same reaction , so it may be just me. I had essentially 2 nurses taking care of me in my room, one for general house keeping and care and the other a cardiac nurse. Both were professional and caring to the max. I also, being a single guy, developed a crush on my nurse in the OR, but I'll save that story for my buddys.
Avatar n tn I know some people who have done it and they say it worked well for them. But for now, I've added Claritin D (12 hr) to my daily pill-poppin regimen and it seems to have lessened my squirts. Of course now, this will be a new addiction! I know exactly what you mean about going cold turkey too! Anxiety sets in when I don't get my "fix." This of course makes breathing that much harder to bear.
Avatar n tn than i found pain mgt doctor he advised me for facet joint injection n it helped me a lot + going for IDD Therapy after which i was able to stand n walk on completation 20 sessions now i fell much better in regards to pain but i have numbness n tigling on right thigh and burning circle sensation. i take lyrica 150mg twice to aid sleep.
1531526 tn?1330739676 Up until then I hadn't barely touched advil for migraines I suffered from. I think I was given like 60 at a time. I only took them when I absolutely had to, and all they did was help me sleep through the horrible pain. They didn't know if I would even walk again. That was how bad my injury was. In the hospital during the recovery of my 3rd (I've had 6 to date) surgery, before the PT came to help me navigate on crutches, they gave me 2 5/500 mg Vicodins.
Avatar n tn How long does hydrocodine show up in your system for a drug test. I take this drug for the pain I get with Lymes Disease. I'm starting a new job and they will ask for a drug test. How soon do I need to get off of them so it don't show up on my test. Thanks.
485259 tn?1326312778 Don't plan on doing much for at LEAST a week or two. If you are lucky like some, you'll be up and at 'em. But if you're not, then you won't be disappointed and frustrated. 2. Make or buy muffins. Especially bran. You will need them. Don't ask me why. Ok...why? Because your meds will constipate you and make your stomach hurt. AND you will be too tired to make food. You can buy stool softeners too, but they don't make for a tasty breakfast... 3.