Contractions vs period cramps

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Avatar f tn You said it's where you get period cramps, does it feel like period cramps? Get in the bath, see if that helps, pay attention to the cramps/pain... can you time them? If you arnt 37 weeks yet, do all I just said but if the pain doesn't go away in the bath, call your docto/L&D.
Avatar f tn Do contractions ever feel like period cramps? I've been having cramps and low back pain off and on all day could it be small contractions?
Avatar f tn She said everything seemed fine so I was content. I woke up this morning with cramps. Period cramps so it's consistent pain. Everyone says contractions are on and off so I assume it's not preterm labor or anything. I don't want to be a hypochondriac and call the dr over normal cramps. I just haven't had cramps at all this pregnancy and then I get them after yesterday. :( I'm still feeling baby kick like normal so I don't know!
Avatar f tn Can you feel contractions in your back????
Avatar f tn Contractions feel like period cramps while you dont really feel any pain with braxton hicks.
7758733 tn?1402593020 Before I got pregnant my period cramps were really intense. They were to the point I am in a fetal position in tears. And my bh contractions are almost to that point. They are in my lower back and my lower stomach. They stop me in my tracks. My tummy gets hard. And it lasts like 3 min. Where as actual contractions I was told that they are more frequent then that and they hurt worse. But there are those people who don't get the painful ones.
7913021 tn?1418052220 That's exactly what contractions feel like
Avatar f tn Braxton Hicks are more uncomfortable then they are painful like regular contractions.
131073 tn?1252454452 Was anyone crampy before they started full on contractions? They are very low cramps and feel like my period is about to start. They only thing I have to go on is the m/c I had last year. I did cramp with that very very badly which turned into contractions. I don't know if this is different though...?
Avatar f tn Ya, if ur having real contractions ur in labor. And there's many different things people believe make u dilate...some people say its the pressure of the babies head and some say it's Oxitocin being released that causes u 2 dilate or nothing rlly causes it except ur body preparing 4 birth.
1577200 tn?1331729319 the early cramps you get like at 34+ weeks feel like menstrual cramps but last time i checked you dont generally have a hard time focusing on breathing when you experience menstrual cramps.. the thing with labor contractions is that you get a break in between.. which really helps to get through them.. of course some people are not as lucky and have contractions that last 1 min 30 seconds and come every 2 minutes a part so really there break is 30 seconds.
Avatar f tn In my experience, bh are a tightening, and are uncomfortable but not necessarily painful. Contractions are more like bad period cramps. But im a ftm and have only had contractions a few times, they started at 37 weeks im now almost 39.
4165941 tn?1353992228 Ive never felt braxton hicks before but I'm having really uncomfortable pains, I'm 31wks+6d, its like strong period cramps in my back then travels to the front. I can't tell if my stomach gets harder but my boyfriend says it does. Ive been having them for a little longer than 20mins now nd they come every 2-5 mins. Does this sound like braxton hicks, or should I be worried?
800427 tn?1324949319 Its not excruciating pain so im not that worried its just bothersome...ive had worse period cramps then this. the tightening just makes my cheeks flush and i dont feel so good. also, i was wondering...if the baby is breech would i be feeling some kicks really down low below underwear line low? (idk if he is breech ive just been getting some low blows....
Avatar f tn I didn't know what the contractions felt like until I actually had them the day I went into labor. Some women describe them as period like cramps that get stronger and worse. I've never had period cramps so that didn't help. It started out feeling like pressure in my vagina - I honestly kept feeling like I had to pee but you can only pee so much! It progressed into feeling like someone was pushing outwards from the inside of my vagina. Then the contractions got longer and actually painful.
Avatar f tn 38 weeks pregnant and I've been getting period like cramps all night keeping me awake. They aren't regular yet, but does your stomach always tighten with real contractions? Seems the cramps come and go but there's no contracting. Sorry for silly question I'm ftm!
Avatar f tn With my 1st I labored till I was 6 cm it felt like period cramps when I did fill them but the dr put something in my iv to help me fall asleep bc I was to excited 2 meet my lil one n coulsnt fall asleep an what ever it was it stopped my contracions and I had to have a c section.. it was a few days b4 thanksgiving and he was trying to rush to go on vacation the next day so he knew what he was doing...
7249862 tn?1392256289 I have had three kids I'm pregnant with my fourth I had all three of my kids with no epidural With my first they gave me a shot of demeral in my butt haha it's supposed to take the edge off it didn't really do anything it lasted about 30 mins And with my others to I had no drugs at all the labours were painful of coarse but all my labours were very quick!
Avatar n tn I agree with jrd325 - feels more like contractions than menstral cramps. At 40 my options for birth control are getting fewer, I sure hope these cramps go away. Anyone had bad cramps for several weeks after???
Avatar n tn The pills give you severe pain(so I was told) they work by making you have cramps or contractions. This option is sometimes chosen over the d and c due to the risks involved with the procedure. Only you can make the choice in the end though.
Avatar n tn well 28 days from my last bleed on Thursday the 3rd August 2006 i had another bleed again with period cramps and am still passing dark blood today (7th August) again I went back to my doctor and was told that he couldn't explain it either and said oh well don't worry about it.. I went bonkers at him and told him that I was worried about it and I had a hysterectomy so I wouldn't bleed anymore. Asked him to examine me, He tried, but was unable to do so properly because of the amount of bleeding.
349463 tn?1333575176 I have a question about BH vs cramping and when to call the ob. I'm trying to make it one whole month without having to go in between appointments. I know it's silly, but seriously I feel like such a nerd calling and going in all the time. So here is the deal. Friday I had BH all day then they let up Saturday morning. Since then I've been really crampy. Like period crampy off and on, but not having the BH. Question is should I call or not?
Avatar n tn 30 am I had cramps and I knew that the miscarriage had just started. It was 6 hours of intense pain, contractions and cramps. I discharged what I thought was the tissue, then the pain decreased until I was feeling fine, like a delivery. That night I had once more pain and more tissue/clots (I didn’t know anymore). The next day again in the morning and at night. Then, the weekend seemed to be everything going fine, I had a bit of pain and blood but with ibuprofen it was doable.
Avatar n tn This post is heaven sent. I am dealing with the same thing. I miscarried at 8 weeks; 6 weeks ago our first pregnancy. My period is really kicking my ***. I feel like it is the miscarriage all over again, clots, pain, extremely heavy flow. This first period almost feels like closure for us. The waiting truly is the hardest part. I feel all your pain, and send all my love and good thoughts for strong recovery. Bless you all!
Avatar n tn my first IVF attemp failed and I am now on day 11 of FET. Ihace had the cramps and felt like period coming...Praise God no period yet. This is like the longest two weeks wait of my life. Will test on Tuesday Sept. 23. CANT WAIT! Praying for everyone. It will surely be a miracle.
Avatar n tn Lots of baby dust to you all. Cramps don't mean yes or No. I had cramps and mine did not work while my aunt had no cramps and hers worked...Goodluck to you all.. Bajan Girl how was the ultrasound?
Avatar n tn I was just reading about endometriosis the other day and I found that it is known to cause painful periods, digestive problems including gas (if it is intestinal endometriosis, where cells of the uteran lining begin to migrate to areas of the GI tract), dizziness and clumsiness around the time of your period, severe cramps, bloating, etc. and roughly 10 percent of women have it! That's a lot... Here are some links: http://www.
120255 tn?1197070547 A lot of women describe real contractions as starting like mild period cramps.... during this period of time your whole uterus tightens up. I've heard from some women that they couldn't tell when their uterus tightened up, they just had pain. I however have had contractions and to me it feels like my whole stomach hardens and gets tight. If it's a BH contraction you won't feel any pain with it. Although sometimes you will have pain with it and it's still not active labor.