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7758733 tn?1402593020 With my son, I threw up a lot in the first trimester. and never had any constipation. Pretty easy going pregnancy! Loved it! pregnancy right now with my daughter is exhausting and painful. I never threw up but had 24 7 nausea all day everyday. always constipated. and utis all the time.. its painful to walk. and I just want to sleep all the time. I don't have an appetite at all and have to force myself to eat. at 26 weeks now I have only gained 7lbs.
Avatar n tn I had me colon removed because of the cronic constipation and bloating and pain 6and feet gone! I now am tired all the time and have constipation any help please!!!
Avatar n tn Well now you will be doing a #2 and a #1 at the same time. Also you will never again suffer constipation. - modify your diet to include lots of fibre such as pulversied fresh vegetables to which bran has been added. Also pulverised fresh fruit to which bran has been added. Make home made muesli (soak organic oats + bran in milk and add grated fruit/nuts - it looks like wet cement but it tasts OK). No junk food, no white bread, no colas etc. Only brown wholemeal organic bread etc.
622511 tn?1373575103 Beta blockers are taken to BLOCK the receptor sites for epinephrine and norepinephrine thereby reducing the force and frequency of premature contractions. If you are taking a beta blocker to reduce PVC's and an SNRI at the same time it seems to me (not a doctor mind you) that you are shooting yourself in the foot. And, no you are NOT a hypo!!! :-) Yeah, I got it. You are a normal guy with a difficult to deal with rhythm disorder....we ALL get it.
Avatar n tn For weeks afterward, I still had pain, through to my back sometimes, belching, and eventually severe (what felt like) contractions in that area. Bowels had always been normal before then, but since go between constipation and loose/frequent bm's. Had ultrasound, C/T, CBC, and HIDA scan within in few weeks. Ultrasound was negative, first radiologist read C/T as an enlarged liver, second opinion of same C/T read normal. HIDA scan showed abnormal Gall Bladdar function at 14% secretion.
Avatar n tn I am having my lg intestine removed in about a month and having my sm intestine attached to my rectum due to my digestive tract and the fact that I have chronic constipation....I am looking forward to this because (I just had surgery a little over 2 months ago for my intestine in my rectum they thought that was the cause of the constipation) I am hoping that I will finally be able to "poop" without the use of a laxative Good Luck to you!
299260 tn?1304219705 They gave me medicine and the contractions stopped, so I went home. I am off work now, but I am having contractions again this morning only closer together. It's so early, though!! They told me they wouldn't stop the delivery again, but just let it happen if it does. Which makes me so scared. :( I just want my little one to be healthy and I feel so wretched for complaining about how uncomfortable I have been... I would appreciate your thoughts and kind wishes. --Worried mama...
Avatar f tn so i have to fight constipation, but even if i drink a lot of fluids every day, take fiber suplement, eat soup, salads, apples, i still don't have soft BM. I hope i'll be better soon. And good luck to you all.
Avatar f tn As a lyme mother, you are more likely to find you get no contractions, attempts to induce will not work and you'll end up having a cesarian. My boy was 2 weeks late and I had "cesarian" thrown at me with no time to read up on it. DO read up on it, the more you know beforehand the better. Lyme spirochetes will be in your breast milk. Do not consider breast feeding for one second.
Avatar n tn This happens to a lot of women. The prostaglandins (substances that cause the muscle contractions that push out the menstrual blood) can cause intestinal spasms. This can cause bloating, flatulence, and an increased number of bowel movements. If you start taking Advil or Aleve the day before your period starts, it'll cut down on prostaglandin production, and should reduce your symptoms. Taking Gas-X and/or a half-dose of Imodium AD may also help.
Avatar m tn I have also taken Imodium - and that solves the issue pretty well - although has lead to constipation (sorry to be so detailed). Today I had an intense 60 mile ride. It felt like cramps were coming on even with the Pepto afterwards. I took 2 GasX tablets and I have been good since. I will probably add the GasX to my pre-workout regimen and see how that goes.
Avatar n tn ugghh I am so frustrated I tried going for a walk today and the contractions (for lack of a better term) got so bad I had to stop. And umm, brooklynn86 I had sex last night and I do believe it made my cramping/back pain worse today.?? I wouldn't recommend it until the cramping at least lessens. I have read that it may take up to three months for the cramping to stop. But, who wants to live like this until it does?
Avatar n tn Keep an eye on what upsets you or look up on line about food combining and check PH foods vs acidic foods. Do some walking or light excercising and do not eat atleast 4-5 hours before bed. If your hungry have only a light protein snack. This even now is still a work in progress for me but I feel a lot better. I am trying to figure out whether getting this has caused what I suspect to be a succeptible area or pocket somewhere that may or may not heal with time?
Avatar f tn I recently suffered a miscarriage at 8 weeks. I induced the expelling of the tissue by getting a prescription for Misoprostol to help speed the situation. My body was not recognizing that the pregnancy wasn't viable. I cried for 2 days straight before deciding on taking the medication vs. the D&C. My doctor said we could start trying 1 month or after my first AF. Has anyone gotten pregnant before them & had success?
325477 tn?1250554909 Dreamgirl- glad to hear you gus are feeling great, probably the tailbone pain is r/t to belly's weight. BH are Braxton Hick early contractions during pregnancy. Zuz- The unit where I work can be tought sometimes r/t pt's circumstances, but overall I would not be somewhere else, I love it there. I have not heard of Treanda but there are so many chemotherapeutic agents and so many treatments as there are medications aroound the world.
Avatar n tn Post operative was where the problems were. The worst part was being so dry which to my belief, caused constipation. There was minor pain in the heart due to the ablating. There was no problem with the groin area. Removing the catheter and starting the bladder working again was a challenge, but I was also able to get that going. The initial urinations (male) were painful but subsided after about 4 times. Did anybody else have post op constipation due to anesthesia?
Avatar n tn Anyway, about 3 weeks ago I began to feel PMS symptoms, swelling, bloating, constipation. I also began to break out which usually occurs 1 week or so before. Since Sat. May 30th, I have been experiencing cramping that usually comes later in the day and lasts a couple seconds. These cramps have been constant since the 30th. Also, my skin has cleared up. I have also been pretty tired and especially today with a slight headache. So it almost feels like I'm on my period without the bleeding part?
Avatar n tn I blamed them on low blood sugar but never really knew for sure. I have rythmic movements in my legs while asleep, but they feel like contractions or jerks when they wake me up. Sorry, no answers. But I'll be watching to see if someone else comes up with something.
Avatar m tn -Variable penis texture and weight (flaccid+firm vs. lighter-than-normal vs. almost normal, etc.). -Occasional itching on the left and right side, near the base. -More visible veins throughout the penis. -Left-side vein prominence. One left-side vein is much darker than I remember, and stands out the most amongst the aforementioned prominent veins.
Avatar n tn Can anyone recommend pain relief (this issue is killing me and I am now off work) that does not increase chances of constipation? I have had 2 surgeries for anal fissures and cannot risk getting constipated. I have been on morphine pills for 1 week and it is not taking the edge off and it is slowing my whole system down. Thanks for any suggestions.