Contractions in early pregnancy

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Avatar n tn I would for sure go in and get checked. I started preterm labor around 27 weeks with my first pregnancy (twins) they gave me shots weekly to stop it but I only made it to 32 weeks.
Avatar f tn She had a rough time with first pregnancy and had to have a c-section because she couldn't dilate past 7 and baby's head was large. For about the 3rd time in about 3 weeks she has started contractions. First two times they gave her meds to stop contractions and said she was dehydrating and now this third time they say she is having contractions but isn't dilating so and not dehydrating so sent her home from ER and told her that some women have contractions thru much of their pregnancy.
Avatar f tn It could Braxton hicks contractions but you should talk to your Dr. I started having contractions really bad if I am active at about 22weeks with this pregnancy and went to the hospital and found out I have a irritable uterus and have to be very careful with what I am doing. I am on restricted activities. It's best to be safe call or go in.
Avatar f tn i started getting them early in this pregnancy, i think somwhere around 20 weeks, let your friend know if shes not drinking enough water it can cause her to have contractions, so make sure she stays hydrated, and like heartagram if they get painful have her call her dr or go to the er, but they are common in early pregnancy
Avatar f tn 30-31.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing them as well since week 34, now I am 36 weeks in and get them at night as well. I don't think you're going to go into labor early, your body is is just preparing for babies arrival and dilating for the big day!
Avatar f tn I felt nothing my first pregnancy! Even when I was induced the small tightings/contractions at the start I didn't feel. I'm currently 36 weeks and get the worst braxton hicks ever I'm crying I'm in so much pain at least 3 times a week.
Avatar n tn She definitely does need to go the hospital yet, the real thing may still be days away. I had Braxton Hicks contractions for the last 3-4 months of my pregnancy, some were painful and took my breath away. They definitely helped the birthing process since I got some of my labor out of the way early.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry I cannot help you since this is my first pregnancy, but I just wanted to respond and see how you are doing. I hope things are okay.
Avatar n tn And for me it only feels like menstral pains in early labor, then the full blown contractions are different. If it gets more painful you should call your doctor though, cause everyone is different!
Avatar f tn I think they are Braxton hicks, because you are still 31w but if you start feeling the pain for longer time, stronger and stronger and not ceasing you could possibly be in early labor but hold the pain this your body is preparing for your baby's arrival.
9947022 tn?1407990795 So i just left the gym and walked the treadmill with a good incline/speed. I definitely felt what i think were early labor contractions going off what people/l&d teacher describe. They were pretty consistent, close and always around a minute long. Shortly after i stopped, they stopped though. I did actual work outs through my whole pregnancy, so i know it's not that. Does this happen to anyone else? I am 39 weeks.
15354850 tn?1440719633 Most likely BH contractions. If they don't grow stronger and more frequent in time then nothing to worry about. Try drinking more water and rest for a few minutes if possible. They should die down. BH is totally normal just your body preparing for the real thing. Any contractions that build and come every 10 minutes for over an hour would be cause for concern since that's usually the true beginning stages of full blown labor.
Avatar f tn I've never heard of a contraction at 15 weeks though, definitely ask your doctor if they're painful. And all 3-4 OB's I've looked into in early pregnancy told me NO lifting anything over 30lbs, so I wouldn't just to be safe.
Avatar f tn Oh, you'll feel it. It's just hard to feel the difference between early contractions and Brackston Hicks. That's probably what they mean.
2169899 tn?1354677656 so this morning when I awake I was fine thought it was over and now im having contractions in the front now...there not painful just really tight uncomfortable coming and yall think I should head to l&d to be evaluated or its normal...
Avatar f tn Jan21 I had a bad seizure found out I have a spot on my brain and epilepsy can't find out more till my baby boy gets here in may the week after my seizure I started having contractions and bleeding got to come home to pretty bed rest the contractions had stopped till the last three days I have had contractions 3-4 an hour they r starting to get uncomfortable but not painful just need some advice please
9062363 tn?1402524675 I think I'm having bh but it's been allll day off and on pain in my back but my stomach doesn't harden the pain is getting worse as the day passes .
Avatar f tn I've been getting false labor contractions a lot as well as braxhicks, my midwife told me the braxhicks you will feel on the top of your belly, for me it's like the feeling of tightening my abb muscles, where as the contractions are at the bottom of your belly and for most women they start out feeling like period cramps with minor back aches, so far that info has helped me a lot :) just waiting for labor!
Avatar f tn I felt my contractions really felt them when I went to go in the shower and I didn't notice but my water broke and trying to lay down with my legs down would hurt so bad.
Avatar f tn Ive been getting irregular contractions since 11 pm its now 2.05 in the uk. I get the pressure on my tights and around my back and cramps in my abdomen all the way to the lower abdomen. Im thinking its intense braxton hicks because they come and go bt also stop for a while and then come and go again. Sorry for tmi bt I also had dihorrea 3 times in a short period of time and the need to pee and each time a lot comes out.
Avatar f tn Not everyone gets them so you might never have them.. I didn't in my first pregnancy. This one I get them, it's just uncomfortable..